Tools for Spell Checking in R

Spell checking common document formats including latex, markdown, manual pages, and description files. Includes utilities to automate checking of documentation and vignettes as a unit test during 'R CMD check'. Both British and American English are supported out of the box and other languages can be added. In addition, packages may define a 'wordlist' to allow custom terminology without having to abuse punctuation.



  • spell_check_package() now also checks and in the package root
  • Enforce latest hunspell and libhunspell, which include updated dictionaries
  • Treat all input as UTF-8. Fixes some false positives on Windows
  • Ignore yaml front matter in markdown except for 'title', 'subtitle', and 'description'
  • Markdown: filter words that contain an '@' symbol (citation key or email address)
  • Properly parse [email protected] field for ignore list (issue #2)
  • Use tools::file_ext instead of knitr:::file_ext


  • Internally normalize all case of lang strings to lower_UPPER e.g en_US
  • Only run automatic check when 'spelling' is available and NOT_CRAN is set


  • Breaking: Package spell-checker now uses language from DESCRIPTION
  • Require hunspell 2.9 dependency (better parsing and dicationaries)
  • Change default lang to 'en_US'


  • Initial release

Reference manual

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