Create a Mini Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected Packages

Makes it possible to create an internally consistent repository consisting of selected packages from CRAN-like repositories. The user specifies a set of desired packages, and 'miniCRAN' recursively reads the dependency tree for these packages, then downloads only this subset. The user can then install packages from this repository directly, rather than from CRAN. This is useful in production settings, e.g. server behind a firewall, or remote locations with slow (or zero) Internet access.


miniCRAN v0.2.11 (Release date: in development)

New features:

  • None

Other changes:

  • Use pkgdown to build documentation site
  • Speed up unit testing by mocking internal functions

miniCRAN v0.2.10.9000

New features:

  • NULL

Bug fixes:

  • use instead of for MRAN url (#104)

Other improvements:

  • NULL

miniCRAN v0.2.10 (Release date: 2017-10-21)

New features:

  • Added package option minicran.mran which sets default preferred MRAN url (#72)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed 'Error in basename(prev)' when calling addPackage() (#99)

Other improvements:

  • Fixed typos in vignettes (@ryanatanner PR#93 and PR#94)
  • Added note on system requirements of curl and XML (#98)

Changed maintainer to [email protected] #103

miniCRAN v0.2.9 (Release date: 2017-07-20)

  • The igraph now gets imported (previously it was a Suggests)
  • Use tools::CRAN_package_db() to read package description on CRAN
  • Extend test suite coverage

miniCRAN v0.2.8 (Release date: 2017-06-19)

  • New function addLocalPackage() to add source or pre-built packages from a local directory (#23).
  • Updates for R 3.4.0 on macOS (#82; PR #84; PR #86) @vnijs
  • Improve documentation for pkgPath (#85)
  • Fix bug in makeRepo() when creating repo with multiple package types

miniCRAN v0.2-7 (Release date: 2016-08-19)

  • Apply fix when using makeRepo() from a local miniCRAN. (#76)

miniCRAN v0.2-6 (Release date: 2016-06-26)

  • Allow using makeRepo() to create a miniCRAN repo from an existing local miniCRAN, i.e., the repos contains file:/// prefix. This enables a use case in the AzureML package. (#76)
  • Easily manage packages for all three Operating Systems (#24)
  • Fix inconsistent use of Rversion in addPackage() (#42)

miniCRAN v0.2-5 (Release date: 2016-04-12)

  • The function plot.pkgDepGraph() now displays legend only for edges that are actually in graph
  • Make consistent use of Rversion argument (#42)

miniCRAN v0.2-4 (Release date: 2016-03-27)

  • Changed copyright to Microsoft

miniCRAN v0.2-2 (Release date: 2015-03-25)


  • Additional vignettes and documentation

miniCRAN v0.2-0 (Release date: 2014-12-16)

License change:

  • New licence: GPL-2 (changed from Apache 2)

New functionality:

  • addPackage() to manage incremental package additions
  • addOldPackage() to add (source version) of specific package version
  • updatePackages() to check for and download package updates

miniCRAN v0.1-1 (Release date: 2014-10-01)


miniCRAN v0.1-0 (Release date: 2014-09-16)


  • Updated documentation, vignette and examples
  • Simplification of function arguments

miniCRAN v0.0-21 (Release date: 2014-08-18)


  • Changes to defaults in plot.pkgDepGraph() to move legend to left of plot area.

miniCRAN v0.0-20 (Release date: 2014-08-18)


  • Modified examples to reduce running time, mostly using \dontrun{} sections

miniCRAN v0.0-19 (Release date: 2014-08-17)


  • Changed license to Apache 2
  • Small documentation improvements

miniCRAN v0.0-18 (Release date: 2014-08-14)


  • Added additional section in vignette to demonstrate makeRepo()
  • Added additional examples

miniCRAN v0.0-17 (Release date: 2014-08-13)


  • Added function addPackageGithub() to read DESCRIPTION files for packages on github

miniCRAN v0.0-16 (Release date: 2014-07-23)

Minor changes to pass CRAN incoming checks. First version on CRAN.

miniCRAN v0.0-15 (Release date: 2014-07-23)


  • Added examples for plot.pkgDepGraph
  • Added package vignette

miniCRAN v0.0-14 (Release date: 2014-07-22)


  • Additional control in arguments to plot.pkgDepGraph()

miniCRAN v0.0-13 (Release date: 2014-07-21)


  • Fixed more inconsistencies between pkgDep() and makeDepGraph()

miniCRAN v0.0-12 (Release date: 2014-07-16)


  • Fixed inconsistencies between pkgDep() and makeDepGraph()

miniCRAN v0.0-11 (Release date: 2014-07-12)


  • Added plot method for makeDepGraph
  • Removed dependency on igraph, now SUGGESTS igraph instead

miniCRAN v0.0-10 (Release date: 2014-07-01)


  • General improvements and bug fixes.

miniCRAN v0.0-08 (Release date: 2014-06-05)

New functionality:

  • New function makeLibrary() downloads files into a local library
  • Function makeRepo() now creates a proper repository structure for source, win.binary, mac.binary, etc.


  • It is now possible to specify the argument enchances=TRUE in pgkDeps() to include packages that are enhanced.

Documentation changes:

  • Added instructions and demonstration code for making a local repo in makeRepo(), including instructions for using the local repo.

miniCRAN v0.0-07 (Release date: 2014-05-28)

New functionality:

  • New function getCranDescription() that scrapes information from the CRAN website for each package.

miniCRAN v0.0-06 (Release date: 2014-05-27)

New functionality:

  • New function makeDepGraph() to create an igraph representation of the selected package dependencies
  • New function makeRsyncInclude() to create include file for use with rsync (experimental)

miniCRAN v0.0-05 (Release date: 2014-05-22)


  • Enhanced error checking for pkgDep(), e.g. checking for non-existent top-level packages.
  • Modified pkgDep() to selectively includes suggests dependencies
  • Improved error messages
  • New function pkgAvail(), a wrapper around available.packages()

miniCRAN v0.0-01 (Release date: 2014-01-30)

First commit.

New functionality:

  • pkgDep()
  • makeRepo()

Reference manual

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0.2.14 by Andrie de Vries, a year ago

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Authors: Andrie de Vries [aut, cre, cph] , Alex Chubaty [ctb] , Microsoft Corporation [cph]

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Task views: Reproducible Research

GPL-2 license

Imports graphics, httr, methods, stats, tools, utils, igraph, assertthat

Suggests devtools, knitr, rmarkdown, testthat, covr, withr, mockery, testthis, roxygen2

Suggested by deepdep.

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