'SciViews' - Unit, Integration and System Testing

A complete unit test system and functions to implement its GUI part.


= svUnit News

== svUnit 0.7-12

  • Rework of Author field in DESCRIPTION file.

== svUnit 0.7-11

  • Temporary objects are now saved in SciViews:TempEnv instead of TempEnv.

  • runTest.svSuite() does not create .TestSuiteEnv into .GlobalEnv any more. This object is now stored in SciViews:TempEnv (CRAN does not allow to assign in .GlobalEnv).

== svUnit 0.7-10

  • In runTest.svSuite(), a <<- assignation is replaced by assign(..., envir = .GlobalEnv).

  • Vignette svUnit is now moved to \vignettes subdirectory. DESCRIPTION and NEWS files are reworked.

== svUnit 0.7-9

  • Vignette svUnit reimplemented in LyX 2.0-0.

== svUnit 0.7-8

  • Option added to skip instead of fail missing documentation examples.

== svUnit 0.7-7

  • The test list was only repeatedly running the last test defined. Fixed.

== svUnit 0.7-6

  • Refer to last test environment through a local identifier. Closes #1327.

  • Strip attributes from context fields when saving them temporarily.

== svUnit 0.7-5

  • XML-encoding entities in protocol_junit.svTestData. Closes #1147.

== svUnit 0.7-4

  • Backquoting of test name in evaluation instruction, allowing to use syntactically incorrect names for tests.

== svUnit 0.7-3

  • Loading of svUnit sometimes failed during checking of the SciViews-K Unit plugin installation in Komodo Edit/IDE. Corrected. Thanks Claudia Beleites.

  • The unitTest.svUnit man page now uses require(svUnit) in a mechanism that ignores the tests in case svUnit is not installed in a machine where R CMD check is run.

  • errorLog() now briefly reports statistics on all test run when used in interactive() mode. This is more appropriate when the tests are run by using example(unitTests.), while it does not change original behaviour (silent execution of the tests, except in case of failure or error) during the R CMD check process.

  • The package vignette is updated to reflect these changes.

== svUnit 0.7-2

  • Added a unitname argument in runTest.svSuite() to select one test unit to run in the test suite. Thanks to Thomas Wutzler for submitting this patch.

== svUnit 0.7-1

  • Upgrade to the Komodo SciViews-K Unit plugin version 0.7-1.

== svUnit 0.7-0

  • Typo correction in guiTestReport.Rd.

== svUnit 0.6-3

  • The task callback mechanism introduced in svSocket 0.9-48 is now used to all running the task after R code send by socket clients is executed.

== svUnit 0.6-2

  • There is now a vignette for the svUnit package.

== svUnit 0.6-1

  • Correction of a bug in Windows relative to path separators \ versus /, especially usinf tempdir().

  • Correction of a bug that prevented to list runit*.R files in the unitTests subdirectory of a package under Windows.

== svUnit 0.6-0

  • The package does not depends any more from RUnit. It has his own checkXXX() function (they are compatible with those in RUnit 0.4.17, except that here the checkTrue() function is vectorized, but they operate very differently),

  • svUnit functions and objects are renamed svSuite, and there is a reworking of objects to end with svTest, svSuite, svTestData and svSuiteData, and many new methods for those objects (print, summary, stats, metadata, makeUnit, runTest)

  • print.svSuiteData and summary.svSuiteData are completely reworked.

  • svSuiteList() now accepts additional, dirs, manages an exclusion list and has an argument 'loadPackages' to force loading packages provided in the list.

  • Names for test units is now runit.R, like in the RUnit package. Same for the test functions which are test.R (used to be runit..R and test.<name.R).

  • The temporary directory is now emptied from old runit*.R files before making new ones, but not any more after running tests. That way, we avoid running old test definitions, while keeping the latest one available for inspection.

  • koUnit_xxx() functions have been added to manipulate the R Unit GUI in Komodo from within R.

== svUnit 0.5-0

  • Added guiTestFeedback() and guiTestReport() functions.

  • A couple of other little changes.

== svUnit 0.4-0

First version compiled as a package and distributed on R-Forge.

Reference manual

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1.0.6 by Philippe Grosjean, 7 months ago

https://github.com/SciViews/svUnit, https://www.sciviews.org/svUnit/

Report a bug at https://github.com/SciViews/svUnit/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/svUnit

Authors: Philippe Grosjean [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

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Suggests svGUI, datasets, XML, RUnit, knitr, markdown, covr, spelling

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