SciViews - Standard Dialog Boxes for Windows, MacOS and Linuxes

Quickly construct standard dialog boxes for your GUI, including message boxes, input boxes, list, file or directory selection, ... In case R cannot display GUI dialog boxes, a simpler command line version of these interactive elements is also provided as fallback solution.


= svDialogs News

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-57

  • Added requirements (zenity) in the DESCRIPTION file.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-56

  • The native Mac dialogs did not work any more, solved for 10.5 Leopard and above by querying the name of the application by its id (Rgui).

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-55

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-54

  • Dependencies to tcltk and svMisc are eliminated. Consequently, all functions that depend on Tcl/Tk are eliminated too. It concerns guiDlg(), guiDlgFunction() and other associated methods or functions. The new dlgForm() function should be used instead.

  • Temporary objects are now saved in SciViews:TempEnv instead of TempEnv.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-53

  • Added support for JGR in dialog boxes under Mac OS X.

  • The menuXXX() functions can manage menus and submenus in JGR.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-52

  • menuXXX() functions do not generate files in \tmp dir on Linux, unless in interactive() session, and with explicit user's acknowledgement. Moreover, the user name is not used anymore as part of the name of the temporary menu files generated (cf CRAN policies and following B. Ripley's request).

  • Code to manage menuXXX() items on Mac OS X is considered still experimental (on R-forge, not CRAN) and is now commented out. Will be further developed in a future version of the svDialogs package.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-51

  • NEWS file reworked to use the new Rd format.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-50

  • Slight changes in flexible dialog functions according to notes generated by R CMD check (2.15.0), i.e., partial matching of argument env(ir) and use of .Internal in eval.with.vis; replaced by the actual function withVisible().

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-49

  • Added dlgForm() for flexible form dialog box. Only the Linux implementation using yad and the textual version are currently implemented.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-48

  • Argument message is changed to title in dlgDir() function, to match corresponding argument in dlgOpen() and dlgSave() and also to indicate it can only be a single line of text!

  • Added msgBox() and okCancelBox() function for simpler message box handling.

  • dlgOpen() is now implemented and its textCLI version also accepts single and double quotes around file path (allow to drag&drop from, e.g., nautilus to gnome-terminal in Gnome Linux), on the contrary to file.choose().

  • dlgFilters is similar to Filters matrix under Windows, and it provides a series of default file types and filters for dlgOpen() and dlgSave().

  • dlgSave() is also implemented, but it uses choose.files() on Windows, which is merely designed to open file(s) instead of providing a file name to save to.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-47

  • Now, menuAddItem() implements 'enable' and 'disable' in action to change the state of an existing menu item.

  • On Windows, using an action as 'enable' or 'disable' on nonexisting menus just does nothing (on the contrary to the original winMenuAddItem() which creates that menus with the action being 'enable' or 'disable', respectively).

  • '$ConsoleMain/' is now accepted as a synonym of '' in all menuXXX() functions, according to corresponding winMenuXXX() functions.

  • The menuXXX() functions now check for bad synthax with the special menus $ConsoleMain, $ConsolePopup, $GraphMain and $GraphPopup: special menu not followed by at least one submenu.

  • The console context menu is now implemented too, and '$ConsolePopup/' menus allow for adding submenus to it.

  • Addition of menuNames() and menuItems(), working the same way as winMenuNames() and winMenuItems() under Windows.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-46

  • The functions to handle menus in Linux are completely rewritten to use a menu configuration file that a modified version of myGtkMenu (named ctxmenu) can read and interpret to display the corresponding menus.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-45

  • Similar custom menus as winMenuXXX() functions are added and allow to add custom menus on the Mac (both and terminal) and for R run on a Gnome desktop, providing the system is configured to manage such menus, see ?menuAdd.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-44

  • The guiDlgXXX() functions are reworked into S3 methods and their interface changes. To avoid any confusion, they are renamed dlgXXX().

  • dlgMessage() is reworked into native dialog box, but it looses a couple of options during the process (title, icon, parent). The previous code is now moved to svDialogs.tcltk.

  • dlgInput() is reworked the same way, and it looses the 'parent' argument that was not implemented yet, anyway, and the 'title' argument that is now always "question" in order to match winDialogString() function for Windows.

  • dlgList() is also refactored that way. Its interface is completely changed to better match the arguments of select.list() and to make it a direct replacement for that function.

  • dlgDir() is completely rewritten, as well as, dlgOpen() and dlgSave().

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-43

  • tcltk R package is moved from depends to imports.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-42

  • guiDlgFun() is adapted to the new help system provided in R 2.10.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-41

  • When the path contained spaces, guiDlgOpen() and guiDlgSave() returned them in pieces.

== Changes in svDialogs 0.9-40

This is the first version distributed on R-forge. It is completely refactored from older versions (on CRAN since 2003) to make it run with SciViews-K and Komodo Edit (SciViews-R Console not supported any more).

Reference manual

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1.0.3 by Philippe Grosjean, 7 months ago,

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Authors: Philippe Grosjean [aut, cre] , Paul Hibbins [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Imports svGUI, utils, methods, rstudioapi

Suggests covr, markdown, knitr, testthat, spelling

System requirements: zenity, yad

Imported by LLSR, Observation, Sojourn, vmeasur, ypssc, zooimage.

Depended on by cgam, svDialogstcltk.

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