Read Binary Files Saved by 'Igor Pro' (Including 'Neuromatic' Data)

Provides function to read data from the 'Igor Pro' data analysis program by Wavemetrics. The data formats supported are 'Igor' packed experiment format (pxp) and 'Igor' binary wave (ibw). See: for details. Also includes functions to load special pxp files produced by the 'Igor Pro' 'Neuromatic' and 'Nclamp' packages for recording and analysing neuronal data. See for details.

DOI Release Version CRAN_Status_Badge Build Status The IgorR package for R provides routines to read binary files generated by Igor Pro.

This includes both the standalone .ibw Igor Binary Wave format (v2 and the latest v5) and the .pxp Packed Experiment Format including both waves and variables. In addition the package provides functions to read files generated by the Neuromatic analysis suite written by Jason Rothman for Igor Pro.


Standard Install

Install the release version from CRAN


Github Install

To install the latest development version from github

# install hadley's devtools if required
if(!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')

Development Install

To checkout a version that can be used for development (RStudio is strongly recommended), in your terminal application.

cd /some/suitable/dir
git clone

In R

install.packages('devtools') # install hadley's devtools
# ready for release
build_win() # test for Windows


Details of the ibw file format were derived from the Igor Technical Note 003.

For those interested in the source code, ReadIgorBinary.R provides code for standard pxp and ibw files, while ReadNclamp.R provides routines to read packed experiment files generated by the Nclamp data acquisition package.


IgorR 0.8.1

  • Fix namespace and canonical URL issues for CRAN

IgorR 0.8

  • fix bug in reading igor waves with embedded non-null terminated strings (#3)
  • fix bug in reading igor pxp files with names that are not valid R names e.g. begining with an underscore. (#2)
  • Thanks to Troy Margrie, Mateo Velez and Charly Rousseau for the reports/test data
  • Minor description fixes for R 3.2.0
  • dev: switch to tests in tests/testthat (making them an optional install) but keeping some igor waves required for examples in inst/igor
  • dev: switch to new style travis config
  • dev: upgrade to roxygen2 4.1.1

IgorR 0.7.2

  • minor doc fixes

IgorR 0.7.1

  • Fix encoding issue of Igor pxp files containing high bytes. Pointed out by Brian Ripley on Solaris, fixed across all platforms with help from Ashley Manton.
  • Fix error on R<3.0.0 caused by use of new keep.source argument for parse().

IgorR 0.7

  • Add support for extracting history, procedures and plain text notebooks (contributed by Thomas Braun). See ?read.pxp ExtractText argument.
  • dev: added support for travis continuous integration
  • dev: repo now includes man files to allow devtools installation
  • dev: disable unreliable test of date-time parsing

IgorR 0.6

  • Some significant speed optimisations without any change in functionality up to 2x faster for small waves (<1Mb) on my system
  • Now imports bitops, tools

IgorR 0.5-4

  • Add regular expression to restrict ReadAllNclampLogTables to log files
  • Package documentation

IgorR 0.5-3

  • Minor fix to error checks in tsp.igorwave

IgorR 0.5-2

  • Minor fixes to remove outstanding NOTES from R 2.15's check

IgorR 0.5-1

  • Option to return Igor wave data as time series when reading pxp files.
  • Fix problem with empty waves often encountered when reading waves in PXP files as time series.

IgorR 0.5

  • rename ReadIgorPackedExperiment and ReadIgorBinary functions to read.pxp and read.ibw, respectively.
  • Fix an encoding bug on Windows MAC->macintosh (pointed out by Brian Ripley)
  • Teach read.pxp to read string variables with non ASCII characters
  • Teach read.pxp to read only waves matching a regex
  • Teach read.pxp to read structure only for waves when requested
  • Documentation changes for github

IgorR 0.4

  • First version on CRAN

Reference manual

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0.8.1 by Greg Jefferis, 4 years ago

Browse source code at

Authors: Greg Jefferis with contributions from Thomas Braun

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports bitops, tools

Suggests testthat

See at CRAN