Statistical Tools for Filebacked Big Matrices

Easy-to-use, efficient, flexible and scalable statistical tools. Package bigstatsr provides and uses Filebacked Big Matrices via memory-mapping. It provides for instance matrix operations, Principal Component Analysis, sparse linear supervised models, utility functions and more .

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R package {bigstatsr} provides functions for fast statistical analysis of large-scale data encoded as matrices. The package can handle matrices that are too large to fit in memory thanks to memory-mapping to binary files on disk. This is very similar to the format big.matrix provided by R package {bigmemory}, which is no longer used by this package (see the corresponding vignette). As inputs, package {bigstatsr} uses Filebacked Big Matrices (FBM).


Note that most of the algorithms of this package don't handle missing values.


# For the current development version

Small example

# Create the data on disk
X <- FBM(5e3, 10e3, backingfile = "test")$save()
# If you open a new session you can do
X <- big_attach("test.rds")
# Fill it by chunks with random values
U <- matrix(0, nrow(X), 5); U[] <- rnorm(length(U))
V <- matrix(0, ncol(X), 5); V[] <- rnorm(length(V))
NCORES <- nb_cores()
# X = U V^T + E
big_apply(X, a.FUN = function(X, ind, U, V) {
  X[, ind] <- tcrossprod(U, V[ind, ]) + rnorm(nrow(X) * length(ind))
  NULL  ## you don't want to return anything here
}, a.combine = 'c', ncores = NCORES, U = U, V = V)
# Check some values
X[1:5, 1:5]
# Compute first 10 PCs
obj.svd <- big_randomSVD(X, fun.scaling = big_scale(), 
                         k = 10, ncores = NCORES)
# Cleanup
unlink(paste0("test", c(".bk", ".rds")))

Learn more with this introduction to package {bigstatsr}.

Bug report / Help

Please open an issue if you find a bug. If you want help using {bigstatsr}, please post on Stack Overflow with the tag bigstatsr. How to make a great R reproducible example?

Use cases


Package {bigstatsr} uses package {foreach} for its parallelization tasks. Learn more on parallelism with {foreach} with this tutorial.

Large datasets


bigstatsr 0.9.0

  • Use mio instead of boost for memory-mapping.

  • Add a parameter base.row to predict.big_sp_list() and automatically detect if needed (as well as for covar.row).

  • Possibility to subset a big_sp_list without losing attributes, so that one can access one model (corresponding to one alpha) even if it is not the 'best'.

  • Add parameters pf.X and pf.covar in big_sp***Reg() to provide different penalization for each variable (possibly no penalization at all).

bigstatsr 0.8.4

Add %*%, crossprod and tcrossprod operations for 'double' FBMs.

bigstatsr 0.8.3

Now also returns the number of non-zero variables ($nb_active) and the number of candidate variables ($nb_candidate) for each step of the regularization paths of big_spLinReg() and big_spLogReg().

bigstatsr 0.8.0

  • Parameters warn and return.all of big_spLinReg() and big_spLogReg() are deprecated; now always return the maximum information. Now provide two methods (summary and plot) to get a quick assessment of the fitted models.

bigstatsr 0.7.3

  • Check of missing values for input vectors (indices and targets) and matrices (covariables).

  • AUC() is now stricter: it accepts only 0s and 1s for target.

bigstatsr 0.7.1

  • $bm() and $bm.desc() have been added in order to get an FBM as a filebacked.big.matrix. This enables using {bigmemory} functions.

bigstatsr 0.7.0

  • Type float added.

bigstatsr 0.6.2

  • big_write added.

bigstatsr 0.6.1

  • big_read now has a filter argument to filter rows, and argument nrow has been removed because it is now determined when reading the first block of data.

  • Removed the save argument from FBM (and others); now, you must use FBM(...)$save() instead of FBM(..., save = TRUE).

bigstatsr 0.6.0

  • You can now fill an FBM using a data frame. Note that factors will be used as integers.

  • Package {bigreadr} has been developed and is now used by big_read.

bigstatsr 0.5.0

  • There have been some changes regarding how conversion between types is checked. Before, you would get a warning for any possible loss of precision (without actually checking it). Now, any loss of precision due to conversion between types is reported as a warning, and only in this case. If you want to disable this feature, you can use options(bigstatsr.downcast.warning = FALSE), or you can use without_downcast_warning() to disable this warning for one call.

bigstatsr 0.4.1

  • change big_read so that it is faster (corresponding vignette updated).

bigstatsr 0.4.0

  • possibility to add a "base predictor" for big_spLinReg and big_spLogReg.

  • don't store the whole regularization path (as a sparse matrix) in big_spLinReg and big_spLogReg anymore because it caused major slowdowns.

  • directly average the K predictions in predict.big_sp_best_list.

  • only use the "PSOCK" type of cluster because "FORK" can leave zombies behind. You can change this with options(bigstatsr.cluster.type = "PSOCK").

bigstatsr 0.3.4

  • Fix a bug in big_spLinReg related to the computation of summaries.

  • Now provides function plus to be used as the combine argument in big_apply and big_parallelize instead of '+'.

bigstatsr 0.3.3

  • Before, this package used only the "PSOCK" type of cluster, which has some significant overhead. Now, it uses the "FORK" type on non-Windows systems. You can change this with options(bigstatsr.cluster.type = "PSOCK"). Uses "PSOCK" in 0.4.0.

bigstatsr 0.3.2

  • you can now provide multiple $\alpha$ values (as a numeric vector) in big_spLinReg and big_spLogReg. One will be chosen by grid-search.

bigstatsr 0.3.1

  • fixed a bug in big_prodMat when using a dimension of 1 or 0.

bigstatsr 0.3.0

bigstatsr 0.2.6

  • no scaling is used by default for big_crossprod, big_tcrossprod, big_SVD and big_randomSVD (before, there was no default at all)

bigstatsr 0.2.4

  • Integrate Cross-Model Selection and Averaging (CMSA) directly in big_spLinReg and big_spLogReg, a procedure that automatically chooses the value of the $\lambda$ hyper-parameter.

  • Speed up big_spLinReg and big_spLogReg (issue #12)

bigstatsr 0.2.3

  • Speed up AUC computations

bigstatsr 0.2.0

  • No longer use the big.matrix format of package bigmemory

Reference manual

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1.5.5 by Florian Privé, 2 months ago

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Authors: Florian Privé [aut, cre] , Michael Blum [ths] , Hugues Aschard [ths]

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Task views: High-Performance and Parallel Computing with R

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