Infrastructure for Running, Cycling and Swimming Data from GPS-Enabled Tracking Devices

Provides infrastructure for handling running, cycling and swimming data from GPS-enabled tracking devices within R. The package provides methods to extract, clean and organise workout and competition data into session-based and unit-aware data objects of class 'trackeRdata' (S3 class). The information can then be visualised, summarised, and analysed through flexible and extensible methods. Frick and Kosmidis (2017) , which is updated and maintained as one of the vignettes, provides detailed descriptions of the package and its methods, and real-data demonstrations of the package functionality.


trackeR 1.5.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would result errors from get_elevation_gain if altitude has too many NA's.
  • smooth_elevation_gain is not passed correctly in read_directory.
  • change_units.trackeRthresholds is now exported

New functionality

  • get_elevation_gain now has the vertical_noise option to threshold absolute elevation gain.

trackeR 1.5.0

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in plot.trackeRdataSummary where temperature and altitude would have NULL label on the resulting plot.

New functionality

  • Added support for cumulative elevation gain (trackeRdata and trackeRdataSummary objects and associated methods).


  • readGPX tries even harder to identify the sport.
  • Documentation improvements.

trackeR 1.4.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that would discard temperature and latitude when trackeRdataSummary objects were fortified with melt = TRUE.

trackeR 1.4.0

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that could result in an error may appear when printing summaries for non-thresholded objects.

trackeR 1.3.0

New functionality

  • threshold.trackeRdata reports on the progress of the operation if trace = TRUE in its arguments.


  • Added new logo
  • Updated documentation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused threshold to not threshold if applied without specifying any of variable, lower, upper and sport.

Other changes

  • plot_route now returns plots using stamen maps (see ?ggmap::get_map for the reasons we are moving away from other maps).

trackeR 1.2.0

Other changes

Updated vignettes to avoid errors during CRAN checks

trackeR 1.1.0

New functionality

  • Multi-sport support (cycling, running, swimming)
  • Comprehensive support for temperature recordings from devices
  • readGPX for reading Strava GPX files
  • readX functions now return objects with a sport attribute with values (cycling, running, swimming)
  • trackeRdata objects now have a print method with basic summaries
  • ridges method for trackeRdata, distrProfile and conProfile objects for ridgeline plots of concentration profiles
  • nsessions, sport, session_duration and session_times methods for trackeRdata and trackeRdataSummary objects
  • auto_breaks argument when plotting zones, distribution and concentration profiles
  • sort and unique methods for trackeRdata objects


  • Numerous under-the-hood performance and design improvements
  • Refactored code for readTCX; reading Garmin TCX is now notably faster (circa 15x faster) and more robust
  • Refactored code for summary method for trackeRdata objects, making it faster (circa 10x faster)
  • Code improvements in readDirectory
  • c improvements for trackeRdata objects
  • readDirectory can be perfromed in parallel usign foreach
  • sane multi-platform parallelization across methods using foreach. The parallel backend and its details needs to be set by the user
  • Wprime has been adapted for a multisport environment
  • Enhancements to the definition of the trackeRdata object and the associated methods; the object now carries file and sport information

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes in trackeRdata
  • Fixed bug in scaled method that would cause an error for single sessions
  • The aggregate method is now doing what is supposed to

Other changes

  • Maintainer changed from Hannah Frick to Ioannis Kosmidis
  • Robin Hornak joined developer team as author

trackeR 1.0.0

  • Added citation for JSS paper.

trackeR 0.0.5

  • The color palette for plots of trackeRdataZones objects is now also based on black/blue.
  • The vignette Tour de trackeR and the examples for plotRoute() now use maps from Stamen rather than OpenStreetMap.

trackeR 0.0.4

  • The sanity checks performed when creating a trackeRdata object now throw warnings. This can be switched off with the argument silent = TRUE.
  • The color palette for plots of trackeRdataSummary and trackeRdataZones objects changed slightly.

trackeR 0.0.3

  • plotRoute() can now include more than one session in one plot. The new function leafletRoute() uses the leaflet package to produce an interactive map.
  • Added a method for distribution and concentration profiles to fit a functional principal components analysis and a plot function to accompany it.
  • Added a second, shorter vignette "Tour de trackeR" to illustrate basic features and new functionality.
  • Added a new timeline plot for trackeRdata object to visualise the date time of the sessions.
  • Added a new nsessions method to access the number of sessions in various trackeR objects.
  • Updated "runs" data object by splitting former session 20 into 2 sessions as the two parts of the session took place in two different place with a break of over 1.5 hours between them.

trackeR 0.0.2

  • The scale options has been removed from the distribution profile and is now set-up as a separate operation. In this implementation first smoothing and then scaling (the right order for those operations) is possible.
  • Some improvements for trackeRdata(): session containing no information beyond the timestamps are removed; conversions between distance and speed now recognise the respective units.
  • Distribution profile: if all values of the variable for which the profile is to be calculated are missing, the profile (and its smoothed version) will also consist of only NA (rather than throwing an error).
  • Experimental support for reading Golden Cheetah's JSON files.

trackeR 0.0.1

  • First CRAN release of new "trackeR" package which provides infrastructure for handling running and cycling data from GPS-enabled tracking devices. See vignette("trackeR", package = "trackeR") for details.

Reference manual

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1.5.2 by Ioannis Kosmidis, 9 months ago

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Authors: Ioannis Kosmidis [aut, cre] , Hannah Frick [aut] , Robin Hornak [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Handling and Analyzing Spatio-Temporal Data, Processing and Analysis of Tracking Data

GPL-3 license

Imports ggplot2, ggridges, xml2, RSQLite, jsonlite, raster, scam, foreach, fda, sp, leaflet, ggmap, gridExtra, gtable

Depends on zoo

Suggests testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, covr

Depended on by trackeRapp.

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