SciViews - Manage GUIs in R

The 'SciViews' 'svGUI' package eases the management of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) in R. It is independent from any particular GUI widgets ('Tk', 'Gtk2', native, ...). It centralizes info about GUI elements currently used, and it dispatches GUI calls to the particular toolkits in use in function of the context (is R run at the terminal, within a 'Tk' application, a HTML page?).


= svGUI News

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-55

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-54

  • The package now store temporary data in SciViews:TempEnv instead of TempEnv and it needs svMisc >= 0.9-68.

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-53

  • Minor tweaking of the internal code.

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-52

  • R 2.15.0 complains about argument partial match in print.gui(): guiAsk(gui = x). Fixed.

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-52

  • Large refactoring of SciViews-R packages. Most of the functions to interface with Komodo are moved to the svKomodo package: koCmd(), guiInstall(), guiUninstall(), guiRefresh(), guiAutoRefresh(). The function dealing with the httpServer are moved to svHttp: parHttp(), startHttpServer(), stopHttpServer(), HttpServerPort, HttpServerName() & HttpClientsNames. So... basically, nothing much left here from previous version! But now it contains functions to manage 'gui' objects, used by svWidgets and svDialogs.

  • S3 objects of class 'gui' are added. They are supposed to be created by guiAdd() and a series of functions is provided to manipulate them. They are not terribly useful by themselve, but thay provide the fundation for a flexible organisation of GUI elements in R (see for instance svDialogs or svWidgets).

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-51

  • HTTP server now works with the new version of captureAll() from svMisc 0.9-62 and it is compatible with its echo = and split = arguments.

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-50

  • HTTP server now works correctly with incomplete commands (bug corrected).

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-49

  • HTTP server code processing now uses parseText() of svMisc >= 0.9-60 instead of the deprecated Parse() function.

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-48

  • koCmd() now should prepend <<>> to the JavaScript code to get it evaluated in Komodo (starting with SciViews-K 0.9-18). Komodo now also accepts RJsonP strings, prepended with <<>>. If there is no code prepended to the string send to Komodo, it is just printed in the local R console. A new 'type' argument specifies what kind of string we send to Komodo.

  • The R http server is modified to work with either RJsonP calls, or with plain text exchange, as the SciViews socket server works. RJsonP objects returned use list() to create lists, but also structures or new S4 objects.

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-47

  • A new series of function to communication with a SciViews GUI client like Komodo/SciViews-K by using the R http help server is added. It offers a tcltk-free alternative to the svSocket server.

  • The package no longer starts the socket server implemented in svSocket and it does not import svSocket any more. As the HTTP server is an alternative, one could now choose to run SciViews communication through the HTTP server without using svSocket, and thus, without starting Tcl/Tk any more.

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-46

  • Use of svTaskCallbackManager() of svSocket >= 0.9-48 to register task callback that are also executed after each R code send by socket clients.

  • guiRefresh() now clears active items and MRU lists in Komodo for non-defined active data frames and lm objects.

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-45

  • Added guiRefresh() and guiAutoRefresh() to refresh automatically the content of the GUI (Komodo) object explorer and the lists of active objects

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-44

  • Preparation for CRAN submission: polishing the package

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-43

  • Made compatible with R 2.6.x (previous version was compatible with R 2.7.0).

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-42

  • koCmd() is now more robust and do not issue a warning or an error if the Komodo server is not available (but the error message is returned by the function with a 'try-error' class, so that it can be processed by the caller)

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-41

  • Correction of a bug in the first example of koCmd()

  • guiInstall() now creates a hook to koCmd(): .koCmd() in SciViews:TempEnv

== Changes in svGUI 0.9-40

This is the first version distributed on R-forge. It is completely refactored from older versions (on CRAN since 2003) to make it run with SciViews-K and Komodo Edit (Tinn-R is also supported, but not SciViews-R Console any more).

Reference manual

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1.0.1 by Philippe Grosjean, 7 months ago,

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Authors: Philippe Grosjean [aut, cre]

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GPL-2 license

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Imported by svDialogs, svDialogstcltk.

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