A Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'

Data objects in R can be rendered as HTML tables using the JavaScript library 'DataTables' (typically via R Markdown or Shiny). The 'DataTables' library has been included in this R package. The package name 'DT' is an abbreviation of 'DataTables'.

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This package provides a function datatable() to display R data via the DataTables library (N.B. not to be confused with the data.table package).


You may install the stable version from CRAN, or the development version using devtools:

# install from CRAN
# or the development version if necessary
# then try DT::datatable(iris) as a hello world example

See the full documentation at https://rstudio.github.io/DT. Please use Github issues only if you want to file bug reports or feature requests, and you are expected to ask questions on StackOverflow with at least the tags r and dt.




  • Added the Shiny async support (thanks, @jcheng5, #549; @alexturcan, #543).

  • The filters of Date or Datetime columns now display the same format and timezone as the column content if formatDate() is applied on these columns (thanks, @shrektan, #522 #241).

  • You can now show and hide columns from shiny using showCols() and hideCols(), and reorder the the display of columns using colReorder() (thanks, @gergness, #527).

  • You can now set the default CSS value in styleEqual() by using the newe param default (thanks, @shrektan, #558, #546).

  • The js callbacks generated from the format*() functions will be executed in sequential order. formatString() will change the cells based on the existing content rather than the raw data (thanks, @shrektan, #576).

  • Added the DataTables plugin ellipsis (thanks, @jarauh, #603).


  • styleInterval() and styleEqual() now generates the correct callback for Date and Datetime values. (thanks, @shrektan, #500, #495).

  • The dt-right class will no longer be added to numeric headers unexpectedly (thanks, @shrektan @carlganz @vnijs, #514 #512 #511 #476).

  • The printing values of NA and Inf can be controlled by getOption('DT.TOJSON_ARGS') in the server-side processing mode now. (thanks, @shrektan, #536 #513).

  • styleEqual(), styleInterval() and styleColorBar() now generate correct javascript values when options(OutDec = ',') (thanks, @shrektan @mteixido, #516 #515).

  • Fixed a bug that selectRows() and selectColumns() behave erratically for scalar inputs or character inputs (thanks, @shrektan #528).

  • The server-side processing mode now supports data with nested data.frames in its columns (thanks, @shrektan, #530 #525).

  • The colReorder extention now works with the column filters and the server-side processing mode (thanks @shrektan, #532 #531 #160).

  • Fix the bug that formatDate() may display dates off by one day when method = "toLocaleDateString" (thanks, @shrektan @DevMui, #539 #538).

  • Fix the bug that in IE11, the scroll bar of the filter will disappear when you try to click it (thanks, @shrektan, #557 #556).

  • coerceValue() no longer throws warnings for class charactor (thanks, @shrektan, #541 #542).

  • Fix the bug that using DT as a htmlwidget inside UI throws an error (thanks, @shrektan, #583).

  • The RowReorder extension now works (thanks, @shrektan, #595 #592).



  • A table will never appear again after renderDT(NULL) once (thanks, @jcheng5, #488).

  • updateSearch() does not respect the search options regex and caseInsensitive (thanks, @mgirlich, #487).



  • It is possible to double-click to edit values in table cells now. See https://github.com/rstudio/DT/pull/480 for examples.

  • Added functions DTOutput() and renderDT() as aliases of dataTableOutput() and renderDataTable(), respectively. This is because the latter often collide with functions of the same names in shiny. You are recommended to use DTOutput() and renderDT() in Shiny apps (unless you always use the DT:: qualifier).

  • Support using Shift + Click to select multiple rows (thanks, @shrektan, #475 #305 #481).

  • Added an argument params to the formatDate() function so you can pass a list of parameters to the specific date conversion method (http://stackoverflow.com/q/38875173/559676).

  • The arguments interval, mark, and dec.mark also work for functions formatPercentage(), formatRound(), and formatSignif() now (thanks, @paulofelipe, #128).

  • Added the RowGroup extension (thanks, @ecortens, #466 #442).


  • Searching in the server-side processing mode has enabled the "smart" mode by default (https://datatables.net/reference/option/search.smart). Previously this only works in the client-side processing mode. If you want to disable the smart filtering, you can set the initialization options in datatable() (e.g., options = list(search = list(smart = FALSE))). The smart filtering means spaces in the global search keyword in the table will have a special meaning: each returned record in the table should match all of the words separated by spaces (thanks, @carlganz, #453; @keshavramaswamy, #391).

  • For client-side tables in Shiny, the indices of selected rows (input$tableId_rows_selected) will include the rows that are not visible in the current view after filtering is applied. If you want to exclude the indices of such rows, you can take the intersection of input$tableId_rows_selected and input$tableId_rows_all (the latter is the indices of all rows after filtering is applied).


  • Upgraded DataTables from 1.10.12 to 1.10.16.


  • When the DataTables option language.url is used, the table cannot be successfully initialized (thanks, @lubomirskirka, #344)

  • styleEqual() accepts NA in the levels argument now (thanks, @MalditoBarbudo, #355).

  • dataTableProxy() does not work with Shiny modules (thanks, @fbreitwieser, #357).

  • replaceData() does not work with Shiny modules (thanks, @ykeuter, @ssayols, @fbreitwieser, @carlganz, #359).

  • formatDate() may display dates off by one day (thanks, @jdthorpe, #198).

  • When a table is destroyed, all Shiny input values associated with the table should be emptied (thanks, @dracodoc, #457).



  • The selection argument of datatable() can be used to specify a vector of row indices to be pre-selected (thanks, @maxmoro, #89).

  • Column filters may be disabled individually using the searchable settings of columns, e.g. http://rstudio.github.io/DT/009-searchable.html (thanks, @GitChub, #101).

  • formatCurrency() will round numbers to 2 decimal places by default, and it is configurable via the new argument digits (thanks, @mebaran, #100).

  • In Shiny, input$tableId_cell_clicked gives the row and column indices of the currently clicked cell as well as its value as a list of the form list(row = row_index, col = column_index, value = cell_value).

  • Added a new argument valueColumns to formatStyle() so we can style a column based on the values of a different column (thanks, @zizaozi, #115). See http://rstudio.github.io/DT/010-style.html for examples.

  • You can enable column selection by datatable(..., selection = list(target = 'column')) now. The indices of selected columns are available to Shiny as input$tableId_columns_selected (thanks, @DarioS, #117).

  • Row and column selections can be enabled simultaneously using datatable(..., selection = list(target = 'row+column'). Column selection is done via clicking on the table footer.

  • Cell selection can be enabled via datatable(..., selection = list(target = 'cell')). See http://rstudio.github.io/DT/shiny.html for more info.

  • It is possible to update the data of a table without regenerating the whole table widget with the new function replaceData() now (#168, #208).

  • Added a width argument to datatable() (thanks, @taiyun).

  • Added a plugins argument to datatable() to support DataTables plugins. See http://rstudio.github.io/plugins/ for more information.

  • Added a function dataTableProxy() to create a proxy object that can be used to manipulate a table instance after it has been rendered in a Shiny app. Currently supported methods include selectRows(), selectColumns() (#126), and addRow() (#129), etc.

  • Added a function selectCells() to select table cells.

  • Added a function clearSearch() to clear the filters.

  • Added a function selectPage() to select a page in the table (thanks, @carlganz, #314).

  • Added a function updateCaption() to update the table caption only (thanks, @johnpauls, #155).

  • Added a function updateSearch() to change the search keywords of the global search box and individual column filters (thanks, @fbreitwieser, #262).

  • When all values in a numeric column are missing (NA), the column filter will be disabled (http://stackoverflow.com/q/31323807/559676).

  • Added an argument dec.mark to formatCurrency() to customize the character for the decimal point (thanks, @frajuegies, #128).

  • Added an argument before to formatCurrency() to determine whether to place the currency symbol before or after the data values (thanks, @jrdnmdhl, #220).

  • Added a target argument to formatStyle() to decide whether to style the cell or the full row (thanks, @peterlomas, #108).

  • Added a formatSignif() function to format numbers to a specified number of significant digits (thanks, @shabbychef, #216).

  • Added a formatString() function to format strings; currently it has two arguments prefix and suffix, and you may add strings before/after column values (thanks, @fbreitwieser, #279)

  • Added the elementId argument to datatable() (#307).


  • Upgraded the DataTables library to 1.10.12; there have been many changes from 1.10.7 to this version: http://datatables.net/blog/2015-08-13

    • The extensions argument of datatable() should be a character vector now; previously it can be a list of initialization options for extensions due to the inconsistent ways of initializing DataTables extensions; now the initialization options for all extensions can be set in the options argument.
    • The copySWF() function has been removed, since the TableTools extension has been removed.
    • The ColVis extension was removed and replaced but the colvis button in the Buttons extension.
  • In the previous version, row names were used as row indices in the server-side processing mode, but numeric row indices were used in the client-side mode. Now we always use numeric row indices in both modes for the sake of consistency. These input values in Shiny will always be integers: input$tableId_rows_current, input$tableId_rows_all, and input$tableId_rows_selected.

  • formatCurrency() puts the currency symbol after the minus sign now, e.g. previously you might see $-20 but now it is displayed as -$20 (#220).


  • Row selections are not preserved when column filters are enabled and clicked (thanks, @The-Dub, #97).

  • Single row selection does not work for server-side tables (http://stackoverflow.com/q/30700143/559676).

  • Missing dates are not rendered correctly with formatDate() (thanks, @studerus, #112)

  • Missing values are mistakenly treated as 0 in formatStyle() (thanks, @studerus, #116)

  • The thousands separator (e.g. a comma) in formatCurrency() should not be applied to the digits after the decimal point (thanks, @johnbaums, #116).

  • The class argument does not work when a custom table container is used in datatable() (thanks, @DarioS, #138).

  • The column filters for numeric columns (sliders) do not work well when the columns contain very small values or values with a large number of decimal places (thanks, @DarioS, #150).

  • Searching for the ampersand & in the table does not work in Shiny.

  • Searching for + in columns does not work in Shiny (thanks, @vnijs, #214).

  • Fixed a bug that triggers a DataTables warning dialog box in the browser (thanks, @zross, https://github.com/WHOequity/who-heat/issues/229 and https://github.com/rstudio/shiny/issues/561)

  • Factors will a huge number of levels may slow down the rendering of the table significantly (thanks, @vnijs, #169).

  • Clicking links in table cells should not trigger row/column/cell selection (thanks, @daattali, #265).

  • White spaces may be trimmed unexpectedly in select inputs when dataTableOutput() is present in a Shiny app (thanks, @Yang-Tang, #303).

  • Respect column-wise searchable options when performing global searching (thanks, @aj2duncan, #311).

  • Clear buttons do not work when column filters are pre-set (thanks, @nutterb, #319).

  • Changes in column visibility should trigger changes in the table state, i.e. input$tableId_state (thanks, @MikeBadescu, #256).


  • Initial CRAN release.

Reference manual

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0.20 by Yihui Xie, 24 days ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/rstudio/DT/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/DT

Authors: Yihui Xie [aut, cre] , Joe Cheng [aut] , Xianying Tan [aut] , JJ Allaire [ctb] , Maximilian Girlich [ctb] , Greg Freedman Ellis [ctb] , Johannes Rauh [ctb] , SpryMedia Limited [ctb, cph] (DataTables in htmlwidgets/lib) , Brian Reavis [ctb, cph] (selectize.js in htmlwidgets/lib) , Leon Gersen [ctb, cph] (noUiSlider in htmlwidgets/lib) , Bartek Szopka [ctb, cph] (jquery.highlight.js in htmlwidgets/lib) , Alex Pickering [ctb] , RStudio , PBC [cph]

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