'RStudio' Addins and 'Shiny' Modules for Medical Research

'RStudio' addins and 'Shiny' modules for descriptive statistics, regression and survival analysis.

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RStudio Addins and Shiny Modules for Medical Research



RStudio Addins

Basic statistics


Repeated measure analysis


Survey data analysis


Propensity score analysis (experimental)


Web applications


jsmodule 0.8.3

  • Bug fix: time-dependent ROC analysis.


  • Bug fix: emf format can recognize figure's line.

jsmodule 0.8.2

  • Add emf format to the plot download modules. You can customize the plot in MS powerpoint.

jsmodule 0.8.1

  • Change default time when time-dependent ROC analysis.

jsmodule 0.8.0

New module

  • Shiny module for time-dependent ROC analysis : timerocUI timerocModule.

  • Add this module to jsBasicGadget and jsRepeatedGadjet.

jsmodule 0.7.10

  • Add Kaplan-meier plot options: timeby, x/y-axis ranges.

jsmodule 0.7.9


  • Add progress bar to download handlers of scatterplot and kaplan-meier plot.

  • Kaplan-meier plot in Basic statistics can use continuous variables as group variables. The module suggest best 5 cuts based on the p-values of logrank test.

  • Add number at risk table option to weighted kalan-meier plot.

Bug fixes

  • Add namespace survival::cluster for marginal cox model.

jsmodule 0.7.8


  • Add sub-group analysis based on the range of continuous variable.

  • Add multiple factor choice option when doing sub-group analysis based on categorical variable.

jsmodule 0.7.7

  • Fix NOTE and examples for cran upload

jsmodule 0.7.6

  • You can get Subset data based on the range of continuous variables.

jsmodule 0.7.5


  • Add Subset data feature to all Addins and input modules. You can select subset data before analysis.

Bug fixes

  • Fix warn variable error in regressModule, logisticModule.

  • Fix list of except variables in ggpairsModule.

jsmodule 0.6.9

Bug fixes

  • Fix some spell for cran release.


  • Update travis-ci.

  • Add appveyor CI to test window environment.

jsmodule 0.6.8


  • Warning if there are stongly correlated independent variables in regressModule, jsBasicGadget.

jsmodule 0.6.7


  • Show unweighted & weighted table 1 at same tab in jsSurveyGadget

Bug fixes

  • Initial cluster variable state in jsSurveyGadget

jsmodule 0.6.6


  • Add unweighted table 1 to jsSurveyGadget

Bug fixes

  • Apply list tye independent variables to regressModule, logisticModule, GEEModuleLinear and GEEModuleLogistic

  • Change sub-group analysis's reactive methods: regressModule, logisticModule, GEEModuleLinear and GEEModuleLogistic

jsmodule 0.6.5


  • Add marginal cox model option to coxModule, kaplanModule and jsRepeatedGadget

  • Add Overall kaplan-meier plot to kaplanModule

  • Set default cluster, strata and weights to None in jsSurveyGadget, FileSurveyInput

Bug fixes

  • Some error comments in coxModule and kaplanModule

  • Change default candidate dependent variables to categorical variables with 0, 1 in GEEModuleLogistic, jsRepeatedGadget

jsmodule 0.6.4

New module

  • Module for Survival analysis: coxUI, coxModule, kaplanUI and kaplanModule

  • Module for ggplot download UI: ggplotdownUI


  • Add survival analysis to jsBasicGadget, jsSurveyGadget

Bug fixes

  • jsPropensityGadget

jsmodule 0.6.2

  • Bug fixes : Label information in regressModule, logisticModule

  • Update: default.unires option to regressModule, logisticModule

jsmodule 0.6.1

  • Update : Apply complex survey design to FileSurvey, regressModule, logisticModule and jsSurveyGadget

jsmodule 0.6.0

New Gadget

  • Shiny Gadget for survey data analysis: jsSurveyGadget

New module

  • Module for survey data analysis: FileSurvey


  • Survey analysis option to regressModule, logisticModule and tb1

jsmodule 0.5.7

  • Bug fixes: sub-group option in regressModule, logisticModule, jsPropensityGadget, GEEModuleLinear and GEEModuleLogistic

jsmodule 0.5.6

  • Add testthat.

jsmodule 0.5.5

New module

  • Modules for repeated measure analysis: FileRepeated, GEEModuleUI, GEEModuleLinear and GEEModuleLogistic

New Gadget

  • Shiny Gadget for repeated measure analysis: jsRepeatedGadget

jsmodule 0.5.3


  • New option: nfactor.limit in regressModule, logisticModule, jsBasicGadget, csvFileInput and FilePsInput

Bug fixes

  • regressModule, logisticModule, jsPropensityGadget can deal missing data issue.

  • csvFileInput, FilePSInput change variable class integer64 to double.

jsmodule 0.5.2

  • Update: Upload Stata .dta format.

jsmodule 0.5.1

  • Modify tb1module, tb1module2, tb1simple ,tb1simple2: compatible with updated jstable

jsmodule 0.5.0


  • Add sub-group analysis to regressModule, logisticModule and jsPropensityGadget.

  • Apply the updated cox2.display function in jstable package to jsPropensityGadget.


  • Strata variable in ggpairsModule, ggpairsModule2.

jsmodule 0.4.9

Bug fixes

  • IPTW table in tb1simple and tb1simple2 modules.

  • Kaplan-meier UI in jsPropensityGadget

jsmodude 0.4.8

  • tb1module and tb1module2 can control the maximum factor levels to include.

jsmodule 0.4.6

  • Bug fixes : Modules for regression exclude NA when selecting binary variables.

jsmodule 0.4.5

  • Update : csvFile module can remove empty columns.

jsmodule 0.4.4

  • Change regression table function to glmshow.display in jstable package.

jsmodule 0.4.3

New gadget

  • jsPropensityGadget : Propensity score analysis


  • Excluded non-normal variable selection feature from tb1simple module.

  • Apply original variable names to label information : csvFileInput & FilePsInput functions.

jsmodule 0.4.0

New module

  • tb1simpleUI, tb1simple, tb1simple2 for propensity score analysis

jsmodule 0.3.7

Bug fixes

  • factor variable criteria in csvInput, tb1module and tb1module2

jsmodule 0.3.6

New module

  • FilePsInput, FilePs are modules of data input for propensity score calculation.

Minor update

  • Change default data.table & fread check.names option to TRUE

jsmodule 0.3.5

New gadget

  • jsBasicGadget : Basic statistics

Minor update

  • csvFile changes variable name including / to _ and etc.

Bug fixes

  • Dependency issue with jstable package

jsmodule 0.3.1

Minor update

  • Support sav/sas7bdat formats

Bug fixes:

  • tbmoduleUI, tbmoduleUI2 : some error

jsmodule 0.3.0

Bug fixes:

  • tbmoduleUI, tbmoduleUI2 : Apply shapiro.test

New module

  • regressModuleUI, regressModule, regressModule2

  • logisticModuleUI, logisticModule, logisticModule2

  • ggpairsModuleUI1, ggpairsModuleUI2, ggpairsModule

New function

  • regress.display2, logistic.display2 : Regression table for reactive data.

jsmodule 0.2.5


  • csvFile : Add n_ to column names that begin with a number.

New module

  • tb1moduleUI2 can deal reactive data

jsmodule 0.2.0

  • New module: tb1moduleUI, tb1module

jsmodule 0.1.0

  • Update: csvFile can deal label information

jsmodule 0.0.1

  • File upload: csvFileInput, csvFile

Reference manual

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