Statistical Disclosure Control Methods for Anonymization of Data and Risk Estimation

Data from statistical agencies and other institutions are mostly confidential. This package (see also Templ, Kowarik and Meindl (2017) ) can be used for the generation of anonymized (micro)data, i.e. for the creation of public- and scientific-use files. The theoretical basis for the methods implemented can be found in Templ (2017) . Various risk estimation and anonymisation methods are included. Note that the package includes a graphical user interface (Meindl and Templ, 2019 ) that allows to use various methods of this package.

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sdcMicro is an R-package to anonymize microdata. Most functionalities of the package are also available via an interactive shiny-based graphical user interface.



  • Add versions for Stata export
  • add parameter shiny.server to sdcApp (to make it easily possible to run the app on a shiny server)
  • fixes due to new data.table version
  • improvements in sdcApp()


  • improvements in sdcApp()
  • updating dependencies due to new version of package car
  • bug in IL1 resolved. Now distiction of methods IL1 and IL1s
  • also a new gh-page ( was created


  • bugfix in sdcApp() when using R-objects as data input
  • bugfix in sdcApp() when button to perform kAnon() was "lost"
  • bugfix in sdcApp() when >= 10 keyvars were used in localSuppression
  • bugfix in sdcApp(): sort table of risky observations correctly
  • support shiny server for the GUI
  • new method kAnon_violations() returning the number of records violating k-anonymity in the sample or the population
  • fixes and improvements in parametrisation and error-handling in riskyCells()
  • minor fixes in sdc_guidelines vignette including a comment, that the guidelines have not yet been revised for sdcMicro version >= 5.0.0
  • pass (...) in writeSafeFile(..., format="csv")
  • fixes and improvements in localSuppression()


  • new default theme "IHSN" for sdcApp()
  • fixing an issue in report() where disclosure risk for original data was wrongly displayed if alpha-parameter was set
  • allow passing through of arguments in sdcApp()
  • add functions argus_rankswap() and argus_microaggregation() that use c++-code directly from mu-argus
  • bugfix in dUtility()
  • new function riskyCells() that allow to compute "unsafe cells" as in mu-argus
  • several code-optimizations and cleanup


  • improvement: show name of uploaded file in report when using sdcApp() (fixes #209)
  • correct summary statistics in GUI in case not all variables have been changed
  • fixes for file-imports of datasets containing labels (eg. stata-files)
  • allow to change computation of suda2-scores by adding a parameter to suda2()
  • use some functions (gowerD,..) from VIM
  • bugfix for special case of only one dim-variable in freqCalc()
  • bugfix for edge-cases in localSuppression()/kAnon()
  • update references and improve documentation


  • consistency improvements
  • code cleanup
  • fixes for non-ut8 encoded metadata using file import in graphical user interface
  • do not allow missing values in weight-variable
  • various small bugfixes and improvements


  • This release includes some small improvements in the graphical user interface and preperations for new major R version.


  • new argument 'excludeVars' in createSdcObj()
  • shiny-based GUI directly included in the package, can be started with sdcApp()
  • added vignette for sdcApp()
  • rewrite of function 'freqCalc()'
  • many improvements and bugfixes


  • IHSN SDC guidelines as vignette
  • cat. key variables returned as factors in extractManipData


  • show method for sdcMicroObj


  • pram bug fix


  • bug fix mafasts


  • only small bug fixes


  • new IHSN SDC Guidelines included
  • new implementation of freqCalc. Computation time is now linear with data size. Gains a lot of speed for large data sets.
  • localSuppression, measure_risk and createSdcJobj make use of new implementation of freqCalc
  • C++-Level glpk and R-Level Rglpk removed for better compatiblity with Mac
  • configure,cleanup removed and Makevars and rewritten according to Rcpp documentation
  • function microaggrGower added: microaggregation for numerical and categorical variables based on Gower distance
  • completely new report facility (knitr and brew instead of R2HTML), new class 'reportObj' which stores all info for reporting and is generate by calcReportData
  • new slot in class sdcObj for manipPramVars

Reference manual

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5.6.1 by Matthias Templ, 6 months ago

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Authors: Matthias Templ [aut, cre] , Bernhard Meindl [aut] , Alexander Kowarik [aut]

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Task views: Official Statistics & Survey Methodology, Official Statistics & Survey Statistics

GPL-2 license

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