Explore Panel Data Interactively

Provides a shiny-based front end (the 'ExPanD' app) and a set of functions for exploratory panel data analysis. Run as a web-based app, 'ExPanD' enables users to assess the robustness of empirical evidence without providing them access to the underlying data. You can also use the functions of the package to support your exploratory data analysis workflow. Refer to the vignettes of the package for more information on how to use 'ExPanD' and/or the functions of this package.


ExPanDaR 0.3.0


  • Removed the requirement for at least one non-numerical variable

  • Added by group violin plot

  • Included '!' and 'is.na()' as allowed functions for user defined variables

  • Introduced the option to change the order of reported components and to exclude selected components

  • Added clustered standard errors and fixed effects for logit models in prepare_regression_table()

  • Implemented binary response logit models in ExPanD()

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a sorting bug in long variable definition construction

  • Fixed a bug in ExPanD() extreme obs plot (was sorting on grouping variable)

Minor issues:

  • Removed the dependency with the CodeDepends package

  • Added rio package to the imports list

  • Added packages used by ExPanD() to NAMESPACE to make CRAN checks happy

  • UI cleanups

  • Fixed the definition of oint_ta in r3 dataset

  • Added a check to verify that ts_ids provided as ordered vectors

  • Fixed a typo in worldbank_var_def

  • Removed the drop_undersore parameter in prepare_regression_table() (no longer needed)

  • Work-around for special characters in stargazer column.labels

  • Marginally improved error handling for user provided data files

  • Allowed treat_outliers() to route parameters through to stats::quantile() (needed for type parameter)

  • Changed NA handling in "prepare_graph" type functions

Reference manual

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