3D Visualization Using OpenGL

Provides medium to high level functions for 3D interactive graphics, including functions modelled on base graphics (plot3d(), etc.) as well as functions for constructing representations of geometric objects (cube3d(), etc.). Output may be on screen using OpenGL, or to various standard 3D file formats including WebGL, PLY, OBJ, STL as well as 2D image formats, including PNG, Postscript, SVG, PGF.



  • (mini-thesis release)

v0.61 (workshop release)

  • added: rgl.sprites
  • added: fps counter
  • added: autoUpdate, modified win32 mainloop, on hide, autoUpdate disabled, on show enabled
  • modified material: added alpha vector


  • modified sphere set
  • support R color strings
  • use system.file( , package="rgl" ) in examples to retrieve texture files
  • rewrote R code :
    • clear enum types
    • vertex vector datatype (internal representation matrix)


  • api: added rgl_init, rgl_quit: explicit client initialization
  • added setup.bat: build setup for windows
  • win32 setup: mingw compiler
  • win32 setup: visual c++ compiler through gui environment


  • autoconf build system
  • moved textures to inst/ directory
  • x11 port
  • win32/vc: fixed fpu control word precision to remain on 64 bit links with fp10.obj
  • changed texture mapping t coordinate for Surface node


  • rgl.quads: enum id was broken, fixed ("quads" -> "quadrangles")


  • configure.ac: X11 library path broken, fixed
  • x11gui: glXChooseVisual part fixed
  • code cleanup: rglview.h
  • added: man/maintainer.Rd maintainer information


  • manual update
  • aquired valid CRAN package status, rcmd check runs through with 2 WARNINGS (acording to latex, and codoc)
  • uploaded to cvs


  • MacOS X/X11 port


  • updated build system: added setversion.sh
  • with MinGW version 3.0.1 pixmap loading does work
  • project.mk , win32.mk and x11.mk in src/build changed now a single variable MODS will extend.
  • MinGW build system changed. rgl.dll now contains an R compilant Resource information generated by R perl script
  • bug fix: R 1.8.0/win32 does not detach packages when quit it is safe now to call rgl_quit and lib_quit multiple times win32lib.cpp: added dllmain that calls rgl_quit on process exit
  • added core support for devcpp IDE


  • added mouse capturing
  • rgl.sprites 'radius' bug fixed
  • memory leak bugfix: texture objects are now AutoDestroy and used through Ref's
  • resource management improvment: pixmaps gets free'd when they become unused e.g. texture objects are created.
  • no limitations on pixmap sizes
  • mipmap support
  • support for different texture minification and magnification filters


  • build bugfix : removed rgl/src/Makefile
  • updated configure to check and setup LDFLAGS for OpenGLU library


  • MacOS X 'Panther' G5 fix for OpenGL library loading in .first.lib
  • removed lpng and zlib from source tree
  • support for automatic downloading of zlib and lpng on win32
  • added demo directory with several examples using demo(rgl)


  • updated .C() calls using PACKAGE="rgl"
  • updated Maintainer.mk using correct zlib version
  • improved dynamic unload using library.dynam.unload()
  • conditional macos x darwin code in .First.lib()


  • removed several redundant semicolons, required by gcc 3.4 ansi-pedantic mode.
  • win32: uses R's zlib and libpng sources
  • win32: added virtual destructor in Win32GUIFactory (removes warning)


  • cran bugfix: permissions of cleanup fixed.


  • DESCRIPTION fix: moved R 1.41 -> R 1.4.1 dependency


  • simplified build system: uses 'R' build system
  • added generic visualization/rendering interface (R3D)
  • text justification from 0 to 1
  • added primitive type: linestrips
  • fixed rgl.bringtotop, added stay option (win32)
  • added 4x4 matrix functions from djmrgl
  • added rgl.user2window and rgl.window2user functions
  • added user-selectable mouse handlers
  • added selection mouse handler
  • added trackball mouse handler
  • added z-distance sorted rendering of alpha-blended faces
  • added gl2ps patch ( contributed by Albrecht Gebhard )
  • added port: native Mac OS X Carbon
  • bugfix: rgl.close() , rgl.quit() crashed on X11 occasionally.
  • generalized rgl.surface() to allow surface over any coordinate plane.
  • added r3dDefaults variable to allow user to set defaults
  • added environment texture-mapping


  • added "all" and "viewpoint" to rgl.clear and clear3d
  • added static libpng build support and user customizable prefix (unix)
  • used xyz.coords in all functions taking x, y, z coordinates, allowing matrix or dataframe arguments (among others)
  • added par3d(skipRedraw=TRUE) to allow drawing to be done without being rendered
  • fixed display list memory leak when drawing shapes (e.g. spheres)
  • Changes for compatibility with strict enforcement of file naming rules in R 2.3.0.


  • added support for png files with palettes, and grayscale pngs with 1, 2 or 4 bits per pixel
  • added "ignoreExtent" option to par3d: objects plotted when this is true are ignored when calculating the bounding box
  • added axis3d, axes3d, box3d, mtext3d, title3d functions from djmrgl for annotating plots.
  • added plot3d high level plot function
  • added material3d, which can both set and query material properties; changed most *3d functions so they leave material invariant across calls.
  • changed open3d() to set background and material defaults
  • added aspect3d to control the aspect ratio of the bounding box.
  • added xAxis, yAxis and zAxis mouse modes, set zAxis as r3d default.
  • added persp3d function
  • changed error messages to go through REprintf in X11 and OSX
  • fixed segfault if rgl_init failed
  • converted type of viewport arg in user2window and window2user calls
  • if the rgl_init call fails, the package will still load with a warning (but most function calls will result in errors).
  • added par3d("scale") to handle aspect3d operations internally.
  • added ellipse3d() generic and methods for drawing confidence ellipsoids
  • added decorate3d() to draw all the decorations, plot3d.qmesh3d() method.
  • changed zoom to use ratio scale over larger range
  • fixed bug causing jump after resize in Mac OSX (and maybe other platforms)
  • rgl.primitive now does sanity checks on inputs


  • minor correction


  • fixed sphere drawing so spheres are spheres regardless of par3d("scale")
  • added type="s" to plot3d to draw spheres
  • fixed handling of "..." in axis related functions
  • added full MDI support
  • removed use of List and ListIterator internally
  • fixed handling of axes and boxes when a coordinate had zero extent
  • changed rgl.viewpoint default to be compatible with r3dDefaults
  • added id return values to primitives and higher level functions, and to rgl.pop(); added rgl.ids() to report on them.
  • updated gl2ps to version 1.3.1, adding support for svg and pgf output formats.
  • added grid3d(), added nticks argument to bbox3d, axis3d and axes3d.


  • persp3d partially ignored add=TRUE
  • plot3d.qmesh3d did not return result
  • allow selection to use any button
  • allow NA in primitives, surfaces, texts, and sprites
  • report error in OSX if the wrong configure options were used.
  • display was not being updated properly in OSX


  • OSX now builds two libraries, one for AGL, one for X11
  • resolve entry points at load time, not call time
  • updated gl2ps to version 1.3.2
  • fixed bug in rgl.postscript in Linux, added text support to it
  • tweaked positioning of labels in bounding box decoration
  • snapshot3d wasn't being exported, and snapshots were from the back buffer
  • fixed bug that could cause crash on shutdown
  • moved this file (ChangeLog) to inst directory, so it will be installed, and added code to display it to the rgl help topic.


  • changes to configure script from Laszlo Kajan and Brian Ripley: should now be much more portable
  • removed deprecated OSX font setting calls
  • texture properties are now returned by material3d()
  • allowed normals and texture coordinates to be specified in triangles, quads and surfaces
  • normals may be specified in qmesh objects, but (at present) subdivide removes them
  • material3d() now preserves the values of unspecified parameters (as documented, but not previously functioning)
  • clear3d() can now reset material properties to the defaults, and open3d() does this.
  • minor fix for gcc 4.3 compatibility
  • minor fix for R 2.5+ compatibility
  • allowed more general surfaces to be plotted by rgl.surface, surface3d and persp3d, by specifying matrices for x and y coordinates
  • added world map texture, used in example(persp3d)


  • declaration changes for compatibility with R 2.6.0 (from Brian Ripley)


  • partial changes to avoid crash on MacOSX with Xvfb
  • change to rgl_init for R 2.6.0 compatibility


  • clean up #includes
  • clean up some calls for SunStudio 12 compiler
  • add rgl.setMouseCallbacks to allow user actions


  • add play3d, movie3d, par3dinterp, and spin3d functions, with flag demo
  • rounding error could cause par3d(userMatrix) to generate NaNs and fail
  • workaround for Xvfb on MacOSX problems


  • put our own assert() macro in place to avoid crashing R.
  • rename ChangeLog file to NEWS, as per discussion on R-devel
  • add "windowRect" to par3d parameters to allow window size to be controlled from R.


  • par3d("windowRect") returned garbage if there was no window open.
  • persp3d() and plot3d() sometimes miscalculated ranges involving NAs.
  • select3d() and rgl.select() produced a very inefficient test function.


  • fix miscalculation of mouseMatrix that caused disappearing views.
  • rgl.texts() and text3d() can now handle font and size specifications using the FreeType library on any platform, or GDI on Windows.
  • adj is supported both horizontally and vertically in drawing text.
  • rgl.pop was very slow when given a long list of ids.
  • a workaround for OSX 10.5 OpenGL problems has been incorporated (thanks to [email protected]).


  • rgl.pop() could cause corruption when multiple windows were open.
  • added mouseCallbacks demo, to show R implementations of standard mouse handlers, multiple connected windows, stereo view, etc.
  • added "silent" argument to rgl.set(), to allow temporary changes to focus without changing window labels.
  • added natural spline extrapolation to par3dinterp.


  • worked around bug(?) in Mac OSX FTGL rendering
  • updated FTGL to 2.1.3rc5


  • converted Freetype font error into warning
  • rglFonts was being set at install time, but it should be set at load time.
  • fixed configuration problems in OS X
  • fixed executable marker on a number of files


  • rewrote internal rendering of transparent and anti-aliased shapes, so they will be rendered better when there are several in the same scene
  • added material properties "point_antialias", which causes points to be drawn as smooth circles, and "line_antialias", which causes lines to be antialiased.
  • fixed a bug in the bounding box decoration which caused axis labels to be plotted in the wrong place.
  • fixed a bug in the Windows driver which caused the standard system font to disappear when justified.
  • added material parameter lwd for line width; size now applies only to points.
  • increased default point size to 3 pixels across.
  • fixed bug in open3d: "..." was being ignored.
  • fixed bug in qmesh3d: homogeneous=FALSE coordinates were not handled properly.
  • movie3d gains a "type" argument to set the output type, and the "convert" argument is more flexible.
  • rgl.snapshot() gives more informative error messages when libpng is not available.
  • axis3d() now uses format() rather than as.character() to give nicer looking labels.
  • the clipping volume calculation was incorrect when scaling was used.
  • use R warning() to report messages, rather than popups or REprintf.
  • added rgl.pixels() to read the generated image, and demo("stereo") to illustrate its use.
  • corrected the ?rgl example to display this file.


  • Don't try to build Carbon driver in 64 bit Mac OS (contributed by Brian Ripley).
  • Fixed rgl.pixels example for weird displays.
  • Did not assume OpenGL 1.2 was available in material properties.
  • Added numerous error checks.
  • Fixed demo(stereo) to add sync in X11: X windows seemed to grab images before they were redrawn.
  • Rearranged headers for Win64 compatibility (contributed by Alex Chen).


  • Quick fix for R 2.9.x compatibility, and to remove accidental change introduced in v0.83 which caused errors on plotting without open3d().


  • Added triangle meshes, shape lists, the Platonic solids and a cuboctahedron.
  • Added classes mesh3d and shapelist3d; qmesh3d is only kept for back compatibility.
  • Bug fix to stop crashes when material is set before the first window is opened.


  • Added some namespace declarations to the C++, and renamed math.h, for compatibility with Sun compilers (contributed by Brian Ripley).
  • Fixed visibility of some shade3d, wire3d and points3d methods.
  • Added addNormals generic, to add normals for smooth surface rendering.
  • Added cylinder3d function, to make cylindrical or "tube" plots.
  • Fixed material3d("color") bug introduced in 0.82.


  • Allowed FOV to be set to 0, for an orthogonal projection.
  • Fixed crash when zero-length color vector was used.
  • Fixed crash in X11 after closing a window
  • Changed seq(along=...) to seq_along(...).
  • Fixed typo in cylinder3d.
  • Cleaned up bad links in Rd files.


  • Add keepVars argument to cylinder3d(), for debugging or special effects.
  • Add BugReports field to DESCRIPTION.


  • Fixed rounding errors and Xvfb errors in rgl.pixels examples and demo.


  • Added startTime argument to play3d() and movie3d().
  • Fixed configure.ac as suggested by Jens Elkner.
  • Updated declarations for libpng 1.4.0 compatibility.
  • An off-by-one error caused the "alpha" component of the material properties to be messed up. (Bug #809)


  • Fixed bug in rgl.texts: zero-length texts argument caused crash. (Reported by Michael Friendly.)
  • Added R_ARCH* macros to configure.win for Win64 compatibility
  • Fixed bad declaration in rglmath.h


  • Added detection of 64 bit MacPorts compiler to configure script. (Bug #861)
  • Allowed texture coordinates to be specified in mesh objects.
  • Updated gl2ps to version 1.3.5
  • Should now install using --merge-multiarch on Windows


  • Added declarations for Solaris compatibility (from Brian Ripley)
  • Fixed configure.win for bi-arch compatibility. Windows installers can set HAVE_PNG to a non-empty value, and rgl will look for the libpng files in the default LOCAL_SOFT location when installing.
  • Added depth_mask and depth_test material properties, to allow control over how objects are obscured by each other.
  • Added Sweave support through the rgl.Sweave driver and the Sweave.snapshot function.
  • Added iterative computation of the bounding box to handle objects like spheres, which need to maintain their apparent shape as the scaling changes.
  • Improved the bounding box decoration in two ways: it can now draw the front faces (to surround the whole graph), and can label edges with pretty labels. plot3d() was modified to use this instead of manually setting axis locations and using box3d() to draw a box, allowing resizeable labelled axes.
  • Removed some unnecessary declarations from rglmath.h that were causing problems in an old version of gcc on Solaris.
  • Added rgl.abclines(), rgl.planes(), abclines3d() and planes3d() to draw lines and planes intersecting with the bounding box.
  • rgl.postscript() now adjusts the size of text following the cex setting. The font and family settings are still ignored.
  • Transparency in material textures was not always rendered properly.
  • In OSX, the Carbon system has been replaced by a Cocoa system. (Code contributed by Adam Strzelecki). For compatibility with the Windows build system, the new files have been put into src/osx.
  • Hardware antialiasing is now used if the OpenGL driver supports it. Set options(rgl.antialias=0) to disable it.
  • Bug fix for divide.mesh3d() in handling normals.
  • Functions rgl.attrib.count() and rgl.attrib() (and internal function rgl.getmaterial()) added to allow objects in the scene to be examined.
  • rgl.ids() did not return all object ids as documented.
  • Updated gl2ps to version 1.3.6


  • Fixed segfault on startup on Windows in MDI mode.
  • Added rgl.save.texture() to get texture from an object.


  • Removed rgl.save.texture(): textures are not saveable!
  • Added writeWebGL() function, to allow scenes to be viewed in a web browser.
  • Added "centers" to the attributes that can be queried, for depth sorted transparent rendering.


  • Rearranged declarations for compatibility with gcc 4.7.


  • Fixed degenerate (e.g. straight line) cases in cylinder3d


  • Added 3d "sprites" -- shapes that maintain their initial orientation.


  • Added "caps" to the end of cylinder3d() objects.


  • Added support for 3d sprites to writeWebGL.


  • Added declaration needed by Solaris.


  • rgl.light() and light3d() did not return the light ID value.


  • remove debugging code from configure.win that was causing problems on the CRAN WinBuilder system


  • Added readSTL and writeSTL functions
  • Added expand argument to decorate3d and axes3d
  • Added base argument to spin3d result
  • Added writePLY and writeOBJ functions
  • Added scene3d function
  • Added section argument to cylinder3d()
  • Added res_name="rgl" and res_class="R_x11" to the WM_CLASS property of X11 windows. (Contributed by Philip Johnson.)
  • Added code to work with R 3.0.0 setHook changes
  • Added selectpoints3d function to select points from the scene.
  • The rgl window now handles ESC key presses. During selection and play3d they abort the process; otherwise they are ignored.
  • writeWebGL did not render semi-transparent surfaces properly. (Reported by Robert Esswein.)
  • Copied the R_pretty0 function from R sources to avoid warning.


  • Updated the configure file using autoconf 2.69
  • Forced OSX installs to put /usr/X11/bin at the head of the path when looking for freetype-config


  • writeWebGL did not handle snapshot=FALSE properly. (Reported by Yihui Xie.)
  • Now handles local (not just directional) lighting. Based on code contributed by Alexander Senger.)
  • writeWebGL handles lighting properly. Based on code contributed by Alexander Senger.


  • calling rgl.material() before any rendering caused a crash on OSX. (Reported by Dan Tenenbaum.)


  • in certain circumstances since 0.93.930, text would fail to appear. (Reported by Karline Soetaert.)


  • write the rgl version into the webGL file
  • cleaned up use of CHECKGLERROR, so that setting USE_GLGETERROR to 1 in R.h will enable detailed checking
  • added identify3d() function
  • fixed bbox bug in writeOBJ (reported by Matthias Zeeman), writePLY and writeSTL.
  • aspect3d() (called by plot3d()) caused the scene to be redrawn, even if par3d("skipRedraw") was TRUE.
  • addNormals.mesh3d() failed on objects when the matrices of triangles or quadrilaterals had zero columns.
  • rotate3d.mesh3d() did not transform normals properly
  • the writeWebGL() function produced fragment shaders that would not work in some browsers (e.g. Firefox and Chrome with the ANGLE WebGL engine).


  • added triangulate(), polygon3d() , extrude3d() and turn3d() for display of shapes based on two-dimensional polygons or curves.
  • fixed formatting of vertex reference numbers in writeOBJ() (issue 4732, reported by Alejandro Baranek).
  • added support for "headless" operation: see help for new function rgl.useNULL().
  • added name of device to result returned from rgl.cur(); added function rgl.dev.list() to list all open devices.
  • examples and demos now check rgl.useNULL(), and don't run invisible animations.


  • writeWebGL now forces the position attribute to location 0, a recommended optimization strategy. The color attribute is forced to location 1.
  • we now check for invalid characters when drawing text using bitmapped fonts (bug 4787)
  • gl2ps has been updated to version 1.3.8 and support for point and line sizes has been added (bug 4792)
  • internal functions .check3d() and rgl.select() have been exported, as they were used by the car package.
  • writePLY had errors writing points and lines.
  • rgl now prints a warning when a requested font is unavailable and the default font is substituted.


  • font selection assumed rgl was on the search path; now it may be imported but not attached. Similarly, r3dDefaults need not be on the search path.


  • rgl.texts without a window failed because it queried the window before opening it.
  • the scene3d() function now records complete information about the bounding box and the background.
  • rgl declares most of its C++ objects in the global namespace. Recently this has caused clashes with the igraph package, which does the same, and which also has a Shape class. As a temporary workaround the rgl class has been renamed to rglShape. A full rgl namespace will eventually be added, with only the API functions left in the global namespace.


  • most rgl C++ functions and classes are now in namespace "rgl". Others have prefix rgl_, with the exception of gl2ps functions, which all have that prefix, and FTGL functions, which generally have an FT prefix.
  • entry points to the rgl DLL are now registered within the DLL, and on systems that support it, all entry points other than the registration function are hidden.
  • writeWebGL() and the other write methods did not handle material information properly after 0.93.975.


  • The FTGL functions were mistakenly added to the rgl namespace on some OSX compiles.
  • Changes have been made to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Solaris compiler.


  • Added clipplanes3d function to implement clip planes. (Still only partially implemented.)


  • Some cleanup of the declarations (submitted by Karl Millar).


  • Improved the approximation to the surface normal for degenerate grids in surface3d and persp3d. (Problem found by Graham Griffiths using polar coordinates; all r=0 points were at the same location.)
  • The new surface normals are now saved in memory, so rgl.attrib will return them even if they were calculated by rgl.
  • Bounding box calculations for surfaces with user normals were incorrect.
  • An array-overrun bug in rgl.attrib() showed up in writeWebGL. (Reported by Brian Ripley.)
  • scene3d() now records light settings.


  • rgl.material() (for textures), rgl.postscript() and rgl.snapshot() now call normalizePath() on filenames, so tilde expansion should be supported.
  • par3d() could generate an error if an unnamed list was passed in.
  • material3d() lost settings for textures
  • internals are updated to be consistent with MacOS 10.9 requirements
  • fixed a bug in triangulation code: it failed on locator() input.
  • The Aqua support now works again, XQuartz is only needed for command line use in Mac OSX.


  • Added "subscenes", i.e. scenes of objects nested within the main window. This affects a lot of other functions as well, which now act either on a single subscene or on the overall scene.
  • Allowed the coordinates of the viewport to be set.
  • Changed the behaviour of pop3d() and rgl.pop(): the type is now ignored if id is non-zero.
  • par3d("modelMatrix") no longer includes the observer translation
  • Added configurable mouse wheel actions via par3d() or rgl.setWheelCallback().
  • The par3d(), par3dinterp(), and spin3d() functions now have arguments dev and subscene to specify where they apply.
  • Included a copy of the source to CanvasMatrix.js (used by writeWebGL()) at the request of the Debian administrators.
  • The NULL device was not removed from the device list when it was closed. (Reported by Henrik Bengtsson.)
  • Some of the animations have been sped up at the request of CRAN


  • Added function methods for persp3d() and plot3d(), to allow surfaces to be plotted just by specifying the function.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.94 that made user callbacks crash R. (Reported by Dave Hadka.)
  • Fixed a bug exposed in 0.94 (but really introduced in 0.93.952) that caused writeWebGL() to fail when a NULL device was active.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.94 with writing 3D sprite objects.
  • Fixed a bug computing the bounding box of an embedded subscene.


  • Allowed background of window to show bitmap; added bgplot3d() and legend3d() functions.
  • Reverted misguided changes to par3d("modelMatrix") from 0.94. This affects rgl.projection() as well.
  • Fixed bug (introduced in 0.94) causing loss of rectangle showing selection area. (Reported by John Fox and others.)
  • The NULL device now does not make any spurious OpenGL calls.


  • rgl.snapshot() now works with the NULL device (but produces a black snapshot). This allows testing with RGL_USE_NULL.


  • writeWebGL() now includes an argument "commonParts", to allow omission of common code in multi-figure displays.
  • If template is NULL in writeWebGL(), no template file is used.
  • The NULL device did not handle changes to par3d("windowRect") properly.
  • The persp.function() method is now smarter about setting default axis labels.
  • The package now contains a vignette giving an overview of the functions.
  • Subscenes with "ignoreExtent" set to TRUE were not plotted.
  • The bounding box calculations now take clipping planes into account.
  • writeWebGL() did not display the bboxdeco properly when working in a subscene.
  • Added clipping regions to plot3d() and persp3d().
  • Export the GramSchmidt function (request of Remko Duursma)
  • Added readOBJ(), with a very limited ability to read OBJ shapefiles.
  • triangulate() now supports polygons expressed with 3 coordinates (though they are still assumed to be planar).
  • par3d() now includes "listeners", a list of subscenes that respond to mouse actions in the current subscene.
  • The Windows configuration file has been modified to work in R-devel (to become R 3.2.0).


  • If a template file is used in writeWebGL(), the string %prefix% will be replaced in it by the prefix argument.
  • writeWebGL() now outputs a Javascript global variable named "rgl" of class "rglClass" that allows access to many of the scene internals. (Inspired by patch submitted by Jeff Allen.)
  • User mouse callbacks can now be retrieved within R using rgl.getMouseCallbacks() and rgl.getWheelCallback(), and may be included in WebGL output.
  • writeWebGL() now outputs information on object ids to allow them to be re-used in multiple figures on the same page. See the "reuse" parameter and attribute of the result.
  • Started a vignette describing user interaction in WebGL.
  • Set the class of the main "canvas" element in writeWebGL() output to "rglWebGL".
  • rgl.snapshot() now evaluates the "top" argument after "filename" and "fmt", so windows created when those are evaluated don't overlay the rgl window. (Suggestion of Keith Jewell.)
  • Added subsetSlider(), subsetSetter(), clipplaneSlider(), propertySlider(), ageSetter(), propertySetter(), par3dinterpSetter() and toggleButton() functions to output HTML/Javascript controls for WebGL.
  • Fixed bug in abclines3d() that caused it to skip lines that passed through the corners of the bounding box. (Reported by Sven Laur.)
  • Added hook_rgl() and hook_webgl() functions, based on the knitr functions.


  • Made error and warning text more consistent.
  • Dropped chunk option "rgl.keepopen"; replaced it with "rgl.newwindow".
  • Added matrixSetter() function to allow multiple controls to modify one matrix.
  • Added "accumulate" argument to the subset WebGL controls.
  • The "nticks" argument to bbox3d() was never used and has been removed. Use "xlen", "ylen" or "zlen".
  • Setting "xlen" etc. to zero in bbox3d or rgl.bbox() now (correctly) suppresses tick marks. (Reported by Philipp Angerer.)
  • Dependencies and imports have been updated.
  • Specifying "normals" or "texcoords" in both a "mesh3d" object and a call to shade3d() to display it caused an error; now the shade3d() specified value has priority if "override" is TRUE (the default).
  • Added vertexSetter() function to allow easier access to vertex attributes.
  • Used Jeroen Ooms' js::jshints() function to clean up the WebGL Javascript code.
  • Allowed "values = NULL" in propertySetter() and vertexSetter() to allow code to directly set values.
  • When used with clipping on the bounds, persp3d() and plot3d() did not work properly with a shared mouse. (Reported by Marian Talbert.)
  • Shaders are now stored in Javascript strings, not separate

Reference manual

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0.108.3 by Duncan Murdoch, 17 days ago

https://github.com/dmurdoch/rgl, https://dmurdoch.github.io/rgl/

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Authors: Duncan Murdoch [aut, cre] , Daniel Adler [aut] , Oleg Nenadic [ctb] , Simon Urbanek [ctb] , Ming Chen [ctb] , Albrecht Gebhardt [ctb] , Ben Bolker [ctb] , Gabor Csardi [ctb] , Adam Strzelecki [ctb] , Alexander Senger [ctb] , The R Core Team [ctb, cph] , Dirk Eddelbuettel [ctb] , The authors of Shiny [cph] , The authors of knitr [cph] , Jeroen Ooms [ctb] , Yohann Demont [ctb] , Joshua Ulrich [ctb] , Xavier Fernandez i Marin [ctb] , George Helffrich [ctb] , Ivan Krylov [ctb] , Michael Sumner [ctb]

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Task views: Graphic Displays & Dynamic Graphics & Graphic Devices & Visualization, Multivariate Statistics, Handling and Analyzing Spatio-Temporal Data

GPL license

Imports graphics, grDevices, stats, utils, htmlwidgets, htmltools, knitr, jsonlite, magrittr, R6

Suggests MASS, rmarkdown, deldir, orientlib, lattice, misc3d, magick, plotrix, tripack, interp, alphashape3d, tcltk, js, akima, webshot2, downlit, pkgdown, extrafont, shiny, manipulateWidget, testthat, markdown, crosstalk

Enhances waldo

System requirements: OpenGL, GLU Library, XQuartz (on OSX), zlib (optional), libpng (>=1.2.9, optional), FreeType (optional), pandoc (>=1.14, needed for vignettes; if not present, markdown package will be used)

Imported by AFM, AIG, Anthropometry, Arothron, BIGL, Biocomb, ClaimsProblems, DiffusionRgqd, DiffusionRimp, DiffusionRjgqd, Directional, EvolutionaryGames, GPareto, HDiR, HUM, HiveR, JointNets, KarsTS, KernSmoothIRT, LOST, MDSMap, MSQC, Morpho, MultBiplotR, NNS, NPCirc, OCNet, OceanView, OpenRepGrid, OptimalDesign, RockFab, RoundAndRound, SDD, SimEUCartelLaw, SimEvolEnzCons, StatDA, TSCS, VARMER, VoxR, aRchi, adiv, analogueExtra, baggingbwsel, barplot3d, bdlp, biplotbootGUI, brainKCCA, brickr, ciftiTools, clusterSim, cncaGUI, cowbell, cpr, cubing, curvHDR, cylcop, dmri.tracking, doolkit, dti, ecdfHT, fabisearch, fingerPro, fsbrain, gMOIP, gaussplotR, gbp, geoviz, hmgm, hyperoverlap, iSDM, ivdoctr, kernhaz, lidR, lmviz, matlib, mcca, morphomap, mully, multibiplotGUI, nanop, neuroim, optBiomarker, orthoDr, particle.swarm.optimisation, pca3d, predict3d, rForest, rLiDAR, rTLS, rangemap, rayshader, rcosmo, refreg, retistruct, rglwidget, scpm, shapes, shinyRGL, smoothAPC, spherepc, stR, stpp, symbolicDA, tolerance, treespace, treetop, trinROC, ucie, vegan3d, vennplot, x3ptools.

Depended on by BiplotGUI, ChaosGame, ConsRank, FieldSim, GENEAsphere, GGEBiplotGUI, GPoM, LSAfun, MDSGUI, Maeswrap, R330, ROCS, RadOnc, Rpdb, SEERaBomb, TestGardener, TukeyRegion, VecStatGraphs3D, abcdeFBA, alphashape3d, animalTrack, bcROCsurface, bios2mds, bpca, brainR, corregp, depth, edrGraphicalTools, eegkit, fdaPDE, foodweb, frontiles, gensphere, geoelectrics, geomorph, hiPOD, hyper.fit, kml3d, lba, longitudinalData, metadynminer3d, molaR, mtk, mvmesh, nat, nat.nblast, nat.templatebrains, plot3Drgl, qpcR, qtlc, snpReady, sphereplot.

Suggested by ACDm, AER, BLSM, BiodiversityR, ChemoSpec, Claddis, CombMSC, CoopGame, DataVisualizations, DatabionicSwarm, DepthProc, DiceDesign, DirichletReg, EMbC, FCPS, FisHiCal, GPoM.FDLyapu, GeneralizedUmatrix, ICAOD, IsoriX, IsotopeR, KODAMA, LSDsensitivity, LogConcDEAD, MCMCglmm, MSG, MVNBayesian, QuantNorm, RGCxGC, RQuantLib, RRphylo, RSA, RSurvey, Rcmdr, RcmdrPlugin.RiskDemo, RcmdrPlugin.TeachingDemos, Rvcg, SACOBRA, SITH, Sim.DiffProc, StereoMorph, TSS.RESTREND, TeachingDemos, TrackReconstruction, TreeDist, Umatrix, archiDART, ca, candisc, car, cifti, cmcR, colocalization, colorSpec, colourvision, compositions, corr2D, crs, dartR, dimRed, ei, emdbook, eplusr, eseis, fdapace, fdasrvf, feature, fitbitViz, freesurfer, genridge, geocmeans, geometry, gge, gifti, granova, grt, h2o, heplots, hsdar, hyperSpec, hypervolume, iRF, icosa, igraph, inlabru, insol, knitr, ks, latentnet, lava, lfda, lle, loon, mgcViz, misc3d, modQR, mosaic, msir, mvQuad, netmeta, nonlinearTseries, orientlib, pagoda2, paleomorph, pals, pamm, pavo, pegas, phangorn, phytools, piecepackr, pitchRx, poliscidata, polywog, propr, ptinpoly, qualpalr, quantreg, raptr, rasterVis, readobj, recexcavAAR, rhosa, rmoo, rotasym, rotations, rpanel, sampSurf, sdetorus, seewave, sensitivity, sm, sna, soobench, spNetwork, spacesRGB, spagmix, spatgraphs, spatsurv, specklestar, specmine, tapkee, trajectories, tsDyn, uniformly, vcdExtra, visreg.

Enhanced by DiceView, dracor.

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