Global Triangular and Penta-Hexagonal Grids Based on Tessellated Icosahedra

Employs triangular tessellation to refine icosahedra defined in 3d space. The procedures can be set to provide a grid with a custom resolution. Both the primary triangular and their inverted penta- hexagonal grids are available for implementation. Additional functions are provided to position points (latitude-longitude data) on the grids, to allow 2D and 3D plotting, use raster data and shapefiles.


Change log

[0.9.81] - 2017-04-18


  • memory deallocation issues
  • SpPolygons(): zenith/nadir face issue
  • unnecessary 'rgdal' namespace import

0.9.80 - 2017-04-17


  • the locate() function was updated to version 6.0, now incorporating the 'randomborders' argument
  • the occupied() function was rebuilt on the locate() function
  • the centers() shorthand was added to the quick extraction of the facecenters
  • major work on the help files
  • the value replacement method of the gridlayer was extended to host lat/long indicators
  • added logical subsetting to the facelayer
  • bugfix for the x86 application of SpPolygons()

[0.8.61] - 2017-04-09


  • igraph is added as related content
  • the function gridgraph() is implmented for 'trigrid' and for 'facelayer' classes
  • fixed bug in OccupiedFaces() for SpatialPolygons
  • the @graph slot has been added to the 'trigrid' class to host 'igraph' class graph representations
  • package namespace is cleaned up to include only importing namespaces, only the rgl package is a dependency
  • the newgraph() function is added to the package
  • added an Rcpp function to interpolate 3d lines
  • the gridgraph() function is added for the 'hexagrid' class, and the class constructor is upgraded to include it
  • the vicinity() function replaced the neighbours() function
  • the class of the values is now printed to the console, when the show method of the facelayer is called
  • the tesselation and class of the source grid is now added to the gridlayer class, along with a function that checks the linked grid's compatibility to the facelayer
  • the translate() function is added to the package for fast reposition of translated grids to the origin
  • the chullsphere() and surfacecentroid() functions were added to the packages
  • resampling methods were added for the 'hexagrid'
  • igraph representation was added to the vignette

[0.8.16] - 2017-02-17


  • the shapes() function is added to the package. It will calculate a value that is proportional to the irregularities of the triangular faces or subfaces.
  • character values in facelayers will be plotted with random colors
  • rgdal dependecy of spTransorm() was properly resolved
  • the missing belts slot of the hexagrid class was filled
  • fixed missing invalid input message for PolToCar() function.
  • grid resolution is now displayed with the show() method.
  • the group generics Ops, Math, and Summary were implemented for the facelayer.
  • basic functions of the 'stats' packages were implemented
  • latitude and longitude-wise selection was implemented to the facelayer subsetting method
  • resampling of 'facelayer' objects to based on 'trigrid' classes was applied in the program: downscaling
  • added 2d plotting scheme for 'facelayers', where the values of the facelayer are exclusively colours


  • the deprecated argument "border" is no longer available for the user interface of locate()

0.8.0 - 2016-11-25


  • Most gridding features are functional and should be usable, I consider the package to be ready for alpha testing.


Pre-alpha versions were not registered.

Reference manual

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0.10.1 by Adam T. Kocsis, 9 months ago

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Authors: Adam T. Kocsis [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-3 license

Imports Rcpp, sp, igraph, methods, stats

Suggests knitr, rmarkdown, rgdal, raster, rgl

Linking to Rcpp

Suggested by divDyn.

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