Color Calculations with Emphasis on Spectral Data

Calculate with spectral properties of light sources, materials, cameras, eyes, and scanners. Build complex systems from simpler parts using a spectral product algebra. For light sources, compute CCT, CRI, and SSI. For object colors, compute optimal colors and Logvinenko coordinates. Work with the standard CIE illuminants and color matching functions, and read spectra from text files, including CGATS files. Estimate a spectrum from its response. A user guide and 9 vignettes are included.


NEWS for colorSpec package

Changes for version 0.8-2 [2019-03-03]

  • moved most CCT-related functions to package spacesXYZ, which is now imported
  • in probeOptimalColors(), changed to zonohedral representation of the color solid.
  • added function sectionOptimalColors()
  • changed argument list for plotOptimals3D()
  • added function plotOptimals2D()
  • in planckSpectra() changed constant c2 unit from nmK to mK to agree with the rest of the literature
  • moved RGB-related functions to package spacesRGB, which is now Suggested
  • package minpack.lm is no longer needed, or Imported
  • added function computeSSI(), requested by Alex Forsythe
  • add new theoretical camera ACES.RGB = ACES Reference Input Capture Device, from S-2008-001 Academy Color Encoding Specification.
  • added 2 bonus spectra from EBU TECH 3355 - Method for the Assessment of the Colorimetric Properties of Luminaires
  • add more keys to recognize CGATS files
  • fixed documentation error regarding readSpectraCGATS()
  • bug fix in plot(). Spectra with NA values are now skipped.
  • in all calls to sprintf(), changed %d to %g, unless obviously integral. Bug found by Dean Attali.

Changes for version 0.7-5 [2018-11-19]

  • add new function invert() plus new vignette Estimating a Spectrum from its Response - Inverse Colorimetry
  • add new function rectangularMaterial()
  • in computeCCT() etc., add new method 'mccamy'
  • now Imports package rootSolve

Changes for version 0.7-3 [2018-04-01]

  • add new function actinometric()
  • add new function
  • add new function atmosTransmittance()
  • add new function CCTfromuv()
  • add new functions is.actinometric() and is.radiometric()
  • add new function ptransform(), and use it to compute BT.709.RGB and Adobe.RGB
  • add new function emulate()
  • add new function as.colorSpec()
  • add new vignette Emulation of one Camera by another Camera
  • add new vignette Photon Counting
  • add built-in object luminsivity.1nm
  • add new spectra files moths.txt and sunglasses.txt
  • add new spectra files Philips-HPS.txt, solar-exposure.txt, P4-phosphor-JEDEC.txt, and Cree-LED.txt
  • add "featured functions" to all vignettes
  • spectral quantity power is deprecated, and replaced by energy. power still works, but will eventually be removed.
  • in colorSpec(), add argument specnames
  • in resample(), add arguments extrapolation and clamp
  • in photometric() add arguments photopic, scotopic, and multiplier
  • in cs.options(), partial matching of the option name is enabled
  • in radiometric(), add arguments multiplier and warn
  • in metadata()<- add argument add
  • in extradata()<- add argument add, and allow value to be NULL
  • in product(), add argument integration, and added an ambiguity warning
  • in summary(), the displayed Integral now works for irregular wavelengths
  • in summary(), print attribute ptransform if present
  • in plotPatchesRGB(), allow background to be linear RGB, fixed bug for shape
  • in planckSpectra(), added new argument c2
  • in computeCCT() and CCTfromXYZ() and CCTfromuv(), added new arguments method, strict, and c2
  • in computeCRI(), CCT is now computed with method='lm'
  • in calibrate(), fix special case when there is only 1 spectrum
  • in plot(), fixed warning when ylab is an expression
  • in bind(), fixed bug when binding the extradata
  • colorSpec options are now stored in the global option list, and start with 'colorSpec.'
  • in vignette Phenol Red - pH Indicator, now display RGB matrix explicity, both before and after scaling
  • additions and improvements to colorSpec User Guide
  • now Imports package minpack.lm

Changes for version 0.6-2 [2017-12-03]

  • bug fix: print.colorSpec() and summary.colorSpec() were sending output to stderr(), instead of stdout()
  • improved reading of CGATS files with standard whitespace convention
  • in all sample CGATS files, changed spaces in field names to underscores

Changes for version 0.6-1 [2017-11-16]

  • renamed proofs.Rmd to proofs.txt - to avoid "Files named as vignettes but with no recognized vignette engine:"

Changes for version 0.6 [2017-11-16]

  • updated colorSpec-guide.odt to colorSpec-guide.Rmd (rmarkdown v 2)
  • for physical models in colorSpec-guide.Rmd, replaced $L^2$ by $L^\infty$ and $L^1$, and added proofs
  • added 4 new files with reflectance spectra
  • added new function interpolate()
  • added new vignette - an investigation of phenol red
  • in plot.colorSpec(), compute automatic margin line for ylab, depending on the width of y-axis labels
  • in bind.colorSpec(), add check for distinct specnames()
  • bug fix to "extradata<-.colorSpec"; specnames() was not being preserved
  • in logging mechanism, changed output from stdout() to stderr(), for better compatibility with RStudio
  • export function readCGATS(), for easy access to non-spectral data in CGATS files

Changes for version 0.5-3 [2016-05-16]

  • Fixed filename case problem on non-Windows platforms and resubmitted

Changes for version 0.5-2 [2016-05-15]

  • Fixed 2 NOTEs and resubmitted

Version: 0.5-1 [2016-05-14, the first submission]

Reference manual

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1.2-1 by Glenn Davis, a year ago

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Authors: Glenn Davis [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 3) license

Imports spacesXYZ, MASS

Suggests rootSolve, quadprog, rgl, knitr, rmarkdown, spacesRGB, microbenchmark, arrangements

Imported by photobiologyInOut.

Depended on by interfr.

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