Add Even More Interactivity to Interactive Charts

Like package 'manipulate' does for static graphics, this package helps to easily add controls like sliders, pickers, checkboxes, etc. that can be used to modify the input data or the parameters of an interactive chart created with package 'htmlwidgets'.


manipulateWidget 0.10.0 (2018-05-30)

New features

  • UI has now a button to save the current chart in an PNF file.manipulateWidgetgains a new parameter ".exportBtn" to show or hide this button.


  • Passing .saveBtn using module
  • Fix reset widget after saving in .html

manipulateWidget 0.9.0 (2018-01-29)

New features

  • Can add a label to mwGroup
  • new mwSelectize input
  • add .showCompare


  • Loss of scrollbar using shiny with fluidPage and manipulateWidget
  • Fix Handle shiny tag objects with HTML dependencies
  • Preserve the class of widgets that are passed to combineWidgets

manipulateWidget 0.8.0 (2017-11-27)

New features

  • manipulateWidget() has a new parameter .updateBtnInit. In case of update button .updateBtn, you can decide to render graphics on init or not.
  • UI has now a button to save the current chart in an HTML file (thanks to Benoit Thieurmel).manipulateWidgetgains a new parameter ".saveBtn" to show or hide this button.
  • manipulateWidget() has a new parameter ".runApp". If it is false, then the function returns an object of class MWController that can be modified using command line instructions. This is useful to write tests for UIs created with manipulateWidget().
  • manipulateWidget interfaces can now be included in shiny applications thanks to the two new functions mwModule() and mwModuleUI().
  • A new virtual input called mwSharedValue has been introduced. It can be used to avoid repeating the same computations when inputs and output use a common intermediary value. It can also be used when manipulateWidget() is used in a shiny application to send data from the main application to the module.
  • manipulateWidget() now only updates the dependant inputs and outputs when user changes the value of an input. This can lead to important performance improvement in complicated applications.
  • mwModule() now return controller value, with possibility to use new clear() method
  • add header, footer and fluidRow arguments to mwModuleUI()


  • When a UI contained dynamic inputs, output was sometimes updated before inputs, which could lead to some errors.
  • Opening the same application in two browsers (or tabs) resulted in strange results.

manipulateWidget 0.7.0 (2017-06-08)

Breaking changes

  • manipulateWidget() has lost all arguments that were used to customize the UI. Parameters .controlPos, .tabColumns and .compareLayout do not exist anymore.

New features

  • manipulateWidget() now creates a more compact and elegant user interface.
  • It is now possible to compare more than two charts. manipulateWidget() has a new argument .compareOpts to control the number of charts and their position.
  • Argument .compare of manipulateWidget can now be a character vector.

manipulateWidget 0.6.0 (2017-05-24)

Breaking changes

  • manipulateWidget() now has a simpler API to show, hide and update inputs dynamically. Parameters .display and .updateInputs have been removed.
  • Functions mwUI() and mwControlsUI() have been removed.

New Features

  • manipulateWidget() gains a new parameter .return to modify the object returned by the function.
  • manipulateWidget() has two new arguments .width and .height to control size of the UI in Rmarkdown documents with option runtime: shiny
  • New function mwGroup can be used to create groups of input.

Bug fixes

  • Select inputs have had a buggy behavior in some settings.
  • Labels of inputs were incorrect in comparison mode.

manipulateWidget 0.5.1 (2017-01-23)

New Features

  • Variable .id is now available when evaluating the initial properties of the input controls. This can be useful in comparison mode, for instance to set different choices for a select input.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a scope problem occuring when manipulateWidget was used inside a function and parameter .updateInputs was used.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when parameters .compare and .updateInputs were used together.

manipulateWidget 0.5.0 (2017-01-18)

New Features

  • manipulateWidget() can now be used in a R Markdown document with shiny runtime. Input controls are included in the final document so end users can play with their values directly. (contribution by JJ. Allaire)
  • manipulateWidget() has two new arguments .compare and .compareLayout to create a comparison interface. When .compare is set, two charts are outputed with some common and some individual input controls (see vignette).
  • Now, input controls generated by manipulateWidget() can be dynamically updated thanks to the new argument ".updateInputs".
  • New functions staticImage() and staticPlot() to include in a combine widget a static image or a static plot created with base functions, ggplot2, etc.
  • In combinedWidgetsobjects, individual widgets are stored in a property called widgets, so users can now access them and modify them.

manipulateWidget 0.4 (2016-12-16)

Breaking changes

  • Function combineWidgets() has been entirely rewritten and now produces a htmlwidget that can be included as is in documents or shiny applications. The general behavior is the same, but some parameters have changed.

New features

  • manipulateWidget() can now update an already rendered widget instead of overwriting it each time the user changes an input. This leads to better performance and user experience. Look at the documentation of manipulateWidget for further information.

Bug fixes

  • manipulateWidget() now preserves the order of the initial value of select inputs.
  • manipulateWidget() now automatically finds the correct render and output functions. This solves in particular sizing problems.

manipulateWidget 0.3 (2016-10-06)

  • add a file LICENSE and copyright to sources files

manipulateWidget 0.2 (2016-09-27)

New features

  • New functions mwUI() and mwControlsUI() have been added to let the user easily reuse the user interface generated by the package but with different server logic.
  • User can now easily create group of inputs in function manipulate widget. In the UI, these inputs are grouped in a panel that can be collapsed/opened by clicking on its name.

Bug fixes

  • Many useless but worrying warning messages have been removed.

Reference manual

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0.10.1 by Veronique Bachelier, a year ago

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Authors: Veronique Bachelier [aut, cre] , Jalal-Edine ZAWAM [aut] , Francois Guillem [aut] , RTE [cph] , JJ Allaire [ctb] , Marion Praz [ctb] (New user interface) , Benoit Thieurmel [ctb] , Titouan Robert [ctb] , Duncan Murdoch [ctb]

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GPL (>= 2) | file LICENSE license

Imports shiny, miniUI, htmltools, htmlwidgets, knitr, methods, tools, base64enc, grDevices, codetools, webshot

Suggests dygraphs, leaflet, plotly, xts, rmarkdown, testthat, covr

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