Matrix Functions for Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra and Multivariate Statistics

A collection of matrix functions for teaching and learning matrix linear algebra as used in multivariate statistical methods. These functions are mainly for tutorial purposes in learning matrix algebra ideas using R. In some cases, functions are provided for concepts available elsewhere in R, but where the function call or name is not obvious. In other cases, functions are provided to show or demonstrate an algorithm. In addition, a collection of functions are provided for drawing vector diagrams in 2D and 3D.


matlib 0.9.1

  • fix references to car datatsets -> carData

matlib 0.9.0

  • showEqn() gains a reduced logical to print only the unique regression equations when a lm()-type object is passed. May be combined with the simplify logical argument for further reductions
  • echelon() gains a reduced logical to indicate whether the reduced or non-reduced form is computed
  • powerMethod() gains a plot = TRUE logical to draw the iteration history
  • added support for 'lm' objects to showEqn() to show the design matrix equations
  • added verbose option to GramSchmidt() and another example
  • added printMatEqn() to print matrix expressions side-by-side
  • prepare to release as a cumulative major version
  • Phil Chalmers is now recognized officially as a package author [aut]

matlib 0.8.3

  • rename functions for consistency: eig() -> Eigen(), point_on_line() -> pointOnLine(), power_method() -> powerMethod(), row_cofactors() -> rowCofactors(), row_minors() -> rowMinors().

  • add Det() to compute determinants by elimination, from eigenvalues, or by minors and cofactors, with possibility of verbose output.

  • plotEqn3d() gets an axes argument and lit to control lighting of the planes; lit solves a problem with the planes becoming indistinguishable in some rotations.

  • add svdDemo() function to illustrate the SVD of a 3 x 3 matrix [thx: Duncan Murdoch]

  • add symMat() to create a square symmetric matrix from a vector.

  • add angle() to calculate angle between vectors

  • powerMethod() gets a keep argument, for possible use in plotting the convergence of eigenvectors.

  • add adjoint(), to round out methods for determinants

  • add GramSchmidt() for the Gram-Schmidt algorithm on columns of a matrix. The existing function gsorth() will be deprecated and then removed.

  • gsorth() has been deprecated.

  • fixed use of MASS::fractions in gaussianElimination

  • added printMatEqn() to print matrix expressions side-by-side

matlib 0.8.1

  • remove inst/doc to satisfy CRAN

matlib 0.8.0

  • add a vignette on properties of determinants (det-ex1)
  • add a vignette on evaluation of determinants (det-ex2)
  • add vignette on matrix inverse (inv-ex1)
  • now use travis-ci to check builds
  • add vignette on matrix inverse using EROs (inv-ex2)
  • extended use of geometric diagrams in vignettes
  • add vignette on generalized inverse (ginv)
  • added J() for unit vectors, matrices
  • added LU() for LU decomposition

matlib 0.7.3

  • Changed gaussianElimination() by defining local ERO functions to make the algorithm clearer; in verbose mode, show each ERO.
  • Added a draw argument to vectors3d() and arrows3d(), which defaults to TRUE. If FALSE, just returns returns the "reg.length" to help in scaling.
  • Optionally scale error spheres (and circles) produced by regvec3d() so that they project confidence intervals on the x1 and x2 axes.
  • Small cosmetic changes to regvec3d().
  • showEqn() and gaussianElimination() get latex arguments, to print results in LaTeX format [thx: Phil Chalmers]

matlib 0.7.2

  • added argument error.sphere to plot.regvec3d() [JF]
  • remove use of lengths() in corner() to avoid R version dependency

matlib 0.7.0

  • use corner() in vectors3d.Rd
  • added arc() for 2D, 3D vector diagrams to show angles between vectors
  • added regvec3d() for 2D, 3D vector diagrams representing a bivariate multiple regression model, lm(y ~ x1 + x2) [thx: John Fox]
  • added internal .arrows() to produce nice arrows in 2D vector() diagrams
  • fixed numerous small problems in vector diagrams
  • fixed some erroneous statements in vignettes
  • showEqn() now aligns terms vertically and prints without quotes
  • reversed sense of absolute in points_on_line() and clarified documentation

matlib 0.6.0

  • added vandermode() function
  • added vec() convenience function to vectorize a matrix
  • added is_square_matrix() tests
  • added power_method(), power method for dominant eigenvector [thx: Gaston Sanchez]
  • added arrows3d() for 3D geometric diagrams
  • added vectors3d() for 3D geometric diagrams
  • added corner() for 2D, 3D geometric diagrams
  • added more documentation content to man/matlib.Rd from

matlib 0.5.2

  • added swp() function
  • added vignette("gramreg") - Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization and Regression

matlib 0.5.1

  • added len() convenience function for Euclidean lengths
  • added plotEqn3d() function using rgl to plot equations in 3 unknowns
  • reorganized matlib.R to become a package .Rd document
  • renamed proj() -> Proj() to avoid conflict with stats::proj()
  • added vectors() for plotting geometric diagrams
  • added vignette("linear-equations") - Solving Linear Equations

matlib 0.4.1

Initial CRAN release

Reference manual

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Authors: Michael Friendly [aut, cre] , John Fox [aut] , Phil Chalmers [aut] , Georges Monette [ctb] , Gaston Sanchez [ctb]

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