Gaussian Processes for Pareto Front Estimation and Optimization

Gaussian process regression models, a.k.a. Kriging models, are applied to global multi-objective optimization of black-box functions. Multi-objective Expected Improvement and Step-wise Uncertainty Reduction sequential infill criteria are available. A quantification of uncertainty on Pareto fronts is provided using conditional simulations.

GPareto: Gaussian Processes for Pareto Front Estimation and Optimization

This R package provides tools for multi-objective optimization of expensive black-box functions along with estimation of Pareto fronts.


For the stable version:

This the development version, contributions are welcomed.

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GPareto 1.1.2

change / GPareto 1.1.1

  • vectorized crit_EHI thanks to David Gaudrie
  • vectorized checkPredict function, with additional 'none' option
  • checkPredict new default is "euclidean" for speed
  • update vignette for various edits and update of fancyvrb.sty with xcolor
  • add reference to JSS paper

GPareto 1.1.1

change / GPareto 1.1.0

  • improve 3D Pareto front representation with rgl
  • no more transpose with predict_kms
  • checkPredict use light option

change / GPareto 1.0.3

  • easyGParetoptim and GParetoptim now allow noisy objectives, with the noise.var argument
  • resolve inconsistency with integration.points in GParetoptim
  • use faster options of when possible, predict_kms function to predict on a list of models
  • n.steps.remaining now is an element of crit_control
  • arguments for check_predict only in crit_control for all functions
  • EMI is now computed using the semi-analytical formula for 2 objectives (if the range of objective is small enough, for stability)
  • quietly load KrigInv in the vignette to solve rebuilding issues
  • warnings from genoud are suppressed unless trace is high enough

change / GPareto 1.0.2

  • update the vignette
  • changes in checkPredict for matrix/vector arithmetics

change / GPareto 1.0.1

  • new function 'easyGParetoptim', a user-friendly wrapper of the function 'GParetoptim' with arguments as the base optim method
  • change arguments 'fun' and 'cheapfun' of 'GParetoptim' and 'crit_optimizer' to 'fn' and 'cheapfn' to match arguments of 'optim' and 'easyGParetoptim'
  • new function 'getDesign', to get the best design corresponding to a given target
  • new function 'plotGPareto' to display the result of an optimization, possibly quantifiying the uncertainty on it
  • a random point is selected with GParetoptim is the inner optimization of the criterion failed by returning an already known point
  • no more messages about refPoints when trace is 0
  • bug corrected in crit_SMS with eps
  • bug corrected with seed for genoud and for EHI, EMI
  • bug corrected for SUR
  • correct bug in automatic refPoint selection
  • passing any optimizer to crit_optimizer is now possible
  • add method simulate to class 'fastfun'
  • penalty with checkPredict to -1 for all criterion
  • nb.samp reduced to 50 for SAA approximation of EHI and EMI for faster evaluation
  • printing of iterations with 'GParetoptim' improved
  • correct bug with 'GParetoptim' when no 'optimcontrol' does not contain a method
  • shorter argument 'n.grid' instead of 'nPointsGrid' in 'plotParetoGrid'
  • modifications of display with GParetoptim when no refPoint is provided
  • corrections and modifications in the documentation of 'GParetoptim', 'crit_SMS', 'plotParetoEmp' and 'CPF'
  • modifications to 'checkPredict' to take into account arbitrary position of 'fastfun' functions
  • the example of 'crit_SUR' is now the same as the other criteria
  • correct bugs with d>2 with test functions ZDT1-6
  • correct bug in MOP2
  • correct bug with 'crit_EHI' when PF is provided but not refPoint

change / GPareto 1.0.0

  • update of references
  • bug corrected in 'plotParetoEmp' to account for the case with a single point
  • possibility in 'plotParetoEmp' to display a Pareto front with maximization
  • bug corrected in 'crit_EHI' to count the number of objectives

Reference manual

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1.1.6 by Mickael Binois, 8 months ago

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Authors: Mickael Binois , Victor Picheny

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Optimization and Mathematical Programming

GPL-3 license

Imports Rcpp, methods, rgenoud, pbivnorm, pso, randtoolbox, KrigInv, MASS, DiceDesign, ks, rgl

Depends on DiceKriging, emoa

Suggests knitr

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Imported by moko.

Suggested by DiceOptim.

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