Various Plotting Functions

Lots of plots, various labeling, axis and color scaling functions.


version 3.7-4

    fixed the dimension loss in color.scale when xrange specified

version 3.7-3

    enhancement for gradient.rect function (thanks to Rod Lamming)
    fix for gantt.chart function (thanks to Andrius Getzinis)
    improvement to thigmophobe (thanks to Duncan Murdoch)
    fixed specified legend position in the barp function

version 3.7-2

    align plotrix-package.Rd with DESCRIPTION file
    added user-specified labels to bumpchart

version 3.7-1

    fix for the multivari function (thanks to Ulrike Groemping)
    added the plotH function (thanks to Derek Ogle)

version 3.7

    fixed brkdnNest due to changes arriving in R-3.4.3
    added the joyPlot function
    multivari plot function added (thanks to Ulrike Groemping)

version 3.6-6

    added fill arguments to (thanks to David Winsemius)
    color2D.matplot now adds trailing zeros to values (thanks to Yuan Zhou)
    a few ehancements to gantt.chart (thanks to Suman Khanal)
    fixed the problem of asking for "l" type in polar.plot (thanks to Alex Pal)
    improved version of violin_plot (thanks to Darshan Baral)

version 3.6-5

    added the clustered.dotplots and violin_plot functions
    fixed the extra call to plot in soil.texture (thanks to Dylan Beaudette)
    added an option to radial.grid to allow it to display a blank grid
    fixed a mysterious problem with equating one argument to another
    in the box.heresy function

version 3.6-4

    fixed a typo in twoord.plot that caused an error when the range
    of the right axis went negative
    added the jiggle function
    changed the show.nulls argument in intersectDiagram to the nulls label
    fixed the "fill" problem in textbox (thanks to Kohleth Chia)
    added the placeLabels function
    enhancement to raw.means.plot (thanks to Henrik Singmann)
    added the binciW function, which fixes an error (thanks to Marc Girondot)
    fixed the bug with displaying dispersion in barNest

version 3.6-3

    fixed the errant y label in radial.pie
    fixed the problem with degrees/radians in draw.ellipse (thanks to Wouter vander Bijl)

version 3.6-2

    fixed the call to clip in rectFill (thanks to Cheng Zhou)
    fixed the incorrect placing of some text in arctext (thanks to Mark Heckmann)
    fixed the misbehaving y axis in brkdn.plot
    improved the circumferential labels in clock24.plot

version 3.6-1

updated ehplot function (thanks to Robby Englemann)
pyramid.plot now displays trailing zeros (thanks to Simon Thornley)
problem with time/date x values in vectorField fixed
colors and staggering added to plot.dendrite (thanks to Marna Wagley)

version 3.6

fixed the missing left axis ticks in pyramid.plot (thanks to Jacob Clark)
corrected addtable2plot for log y plots (thanks to Andrew Metcalfe)
made the axis label and axis tick expansions the same in twoord.plot (thanks to wxj)
made the axis label and tick labels the same color as the axis in twoord.plot
added stack labels to the sizetree function
added imports now necessary for R CMD check

version 3.5-12

added choice of time axis (1 or 3) to gantt.chart (thanks to Mathias Collins)
added outlined error bars to the dispersion function (thanks to Michael Eisenring)
added a check for no variation in values to color.scale and color2D.matplot (thanks to Diego Calzolari)

version 3.5-11

changed my email address

version 3.5-10

added calculation method for SD in taylor.diagram (thanks to Melanie Moeller)
added the assembly seat distribution functions "seats" and "election"
  (thanks to Barry Rowlingson and Duncan Murdoch)
fixed the rectangle border problem in legendg (thanks to Christian Graul)

version 3.5-9

added tangential labels to radial.plot

version 3.5-8

fixed the line length bug in feather.plot (thanks to Dr. Kazama)

version 3.5-6

added optional radial lines to the radial.grid function (thanks to Darren Obbard)

version 3.5-5

fixed the radial label bug in the radial.* functions (thanks to Mayeul Kauffmann)
changed the circumferential label suppress value in the radial.* functions to NULL
added the color.axis function
added log correction for boxed.labels (thanks to Flemming Skjøth)
fixed the breaks bug in histStack.default (thanks to Derek Ogle)
added scaled bar widths to barNest

version 3.5-3

fixed the problems with data frames and margins in battleship.plot (thanks to David Carlson)
set xpd=TRUE for the boxed.labels function (thanks to Francois Rousseu)
changed the pie.labels function to call text and adjust in x and y
added plain text labelling to pie.labels
tested for a current device in cluster.overplot and count.overplot (thanks to Markus Elze)

version 3.5-2

added the get.tablepos function (thanks to Peter Murakami)
passed the ... argument(s) to points and dispersion in brkdn.plot (thanks to Peter Mandeville)
added text adjustment for the circumferential labels to radial.plot
added the fill.corner function to do waffle plots (thanks to Zhao Jin)

version 3.5-1

added the tsxpos function (thanks to Prof J C Nash)
added a warning for off-axis labels to staxlab (thanks again to Prof Nash)
added the arrows argument to bumpchart (thanks to Jie)
added the axes argument to gap.boxplot (thanks to Shane Carey)

version 3.4-8

fixed a minor bug in the ylim argument of gap.plot
twoord.plot had some bugs cleaned up and now has a do.first argument
fixed the missing background colors in addtable2plot
allowed floating.pie to ignore zero and NA values (thanks to Jose deSantos)
added the "stax" argument to gap.plot (thanks to Zheng Lu)
fixed the problem with "yaxlab" in gap.barplot (thanks to Giorgio Galetti)
added the "histStack" and "plotH" functions (thanks to Derek Ogle)

version 3.4-7

added automatic spreading out to pie.labels
fixed the "priorities extremes" bug in gantt.chart (thanks to Michael Motta)
pyramid.plot now accepts NA values (thanks to Susumu Tanimura)
radial.plot now does a rank clock plot (thanks to Don Dennerline)

version 3.4-6

fixed the kite line positioning in kiteChart (thanks to Justin Dellinger)

version 3.4-5

fixed the upside down character bug in arctext
fixed the typo in the demo function for kite chart

version 3.4-4

added the radial.grid function to the NAMESPACE

version 3.4-3

minor bug that counted NAs in the propbrk function fixed

version 3.4-2

Character spacing and placement improved in draw.arc and arctext (thanks to Ted Toal)
radialtext and draw.radial.line functions added (also thanks to Ted Toal)
weighted.hist now allows a custom X axis to be displayed (thanks to Ben Graf)
Added the barlabels function

version 3.4-1

Fixed the alignment problem in pie3D and rationalized angle increments
Added the raw.means.plot functions contributed by Henrik Singmann
vastly improved the speed of the sizetree function
added the "varpos" argument to the kiteChart function - thanks to Nikolaus Lampardariou)

version 3.4

added the border argument to the sizetree function
multhist now returns all values from hist - thanks to John Muccigrosso
fixed a bug in addtable2plot that appeared on plots with a log x axis
fixed an almost invisible bug in drawSectorAnnulus - thanks to Denes
added the "mar" argument to pie3D - thanks to Qinghua Zhao

version 3.3-9

Fixed the bug in centipede.plot that I introduced in v3.3-8

version 3.3-8

added the horizontal grid argument to centipede plot (thanks to Colin Wahl)

version 3.3-7

Fixed a color bug in plotCI (thanks to Daniel Wollschlaeger)

version 3.3-6

Added the battleship plot (or Ford curve) thanks to Adam Maltese
Added the box.heresy function - thanks to Gianni Lavaredo

version 3.3-4

Added the argument to the dispersion function (thanks to Lasse Jacobsen)
Removed the "Overall" bar in barNest when counts are being displayed

version 3.3-3

Fixed a bug in the Hinton diagram option (thanks to Xavier Fernández i Marín)

version 3.3-2

color2D.matplot will now display a Hinton diagram
added padding for negative values in twoord.plot (thanks to Hans Borcher)
added the maxEmptyRect function (thanks again to Hans Borchers)

version 3.3-1

expanded the color options and added top labels in sizetree
returned the frequency calculation in weighted.hist to what it used to be

version 3.3

fixed the vertical lines color in addtable2plot
fixed the frequency calculation in weighted.hist (thanks to Jarad Niemi)
added the size_n_color plot

version 3.2-8

added partitioning of intersections to intersectDiagram

version 3.2-7

bug fix for the examples in ladderplot

version 3.2-6

added the ruginv function after fixing some encoding problems

version 3.2-5

fixed a color assignment problem in plotCI
added automatic color assignment in sizetree where all levels use the same colors

version 3.2-4

Fixed the missing "shade" argument in pie3D (thanks to Jesse Brown)
Added specifiable priority legend label and extreme descriptors
	(thanks to Pedro Reis)
Added the (experimental) radial.pie function

version 3.2-3

Fixed a few warnings from CRAN check (dotplot.mtb, gap.boxplot, symbolbarplot)
Added the ruginv function (thanks to Peter Solymos)

version 3.2-2

Added the labbePlot function (thanks to Whitney Melroy)
Fixed the showall argument problem in the barNest function
Fixed the problem with data frame input in the intersectDiagram function

version 3.2-1

Added the sumbrk function to brkdnNest (thanks to Kevin Burnham)
The dispbars function (just a call to dispersion) is now gone
Added user specified text colors to boxed.labels (thanks to Thorn Thaler)
Added the ehplot function (thanks to Robby, Michael & Felix)

version 3.2

Rewrote intersectDiagram to use equidistant spacing
Fixed a warning in oz.windrose.legend
Fixed default ordinate scaling in twoord.plot
Major rewrite of brkdnNest, barNest and drawNestedBars functions
Major rewrite of color.scale function
Added sliceArray function for barNest due to the above rewrite

version 3.1-2

Fixed a minor bug in intersectDiagram

version 3.1-1

Border colors added to gantt.chart (thanks to Brandon Fessler)
Extensive rewrite of the intersectDiagram function and helpers
Rewrite of the dendroPlot function
categoryReshape function added

version 3.1

intersectDiagram zero instance levels fixed
intersectDiagram now invisibly returns the list of intersections
Spacing within levels in intersectDiagram simplified
makeIntersectList now discards empty levels of intersection
makeIntersectList color assignment fixed
dendroPlot function added

version 3.0-9

Fixed the priority coloring problem in gantt.chart
Added optional vertical lines to addtable2plot (thanks to Bill Sperry)
Fixed the overshooting y axis for certain values of y in barp

version 3.0-8

Added semi-intelligent cell labelling to the color2D.matplot function

version 3.0-7

Fixed the right ordinate alignment in twoord.plot

version 3.0-6

Added the "barlabels" argument to drawNestedBars
big fix for the makeDendrite, furc and plot.dendrite functions

version 3.0-5

added Christophe Dutang's fix for the twoord.stackpoly function
fixed the confidence limit problem in barNest (I sincerely hope)

version 3.0-4

added semi-intelligent bar labelling to the sizetree function
added yaxs="i" to the empty plot in twoord.plot (thanks to Giles Crane)
added the Wilson binomial CI functions for brkdnNest

version 3.0-3

added the ladderplot function (thanks to Peter Solymos)

version 3.0-2

rewrote intersectDiagram to better display missing intersections
added a correction for character expansion to boxed.labels
fixed the count method for barNest

version 3.0-1

competely rewrote the barNest family of functions
removed labels for empty sets in intersectDiagram

version 3.0

fixed some minor problems with oz.windrose (thanks to Brad Evans)
added a 'locator' option to zoomInPlot (thanks to Greg Snow)
added the 'padj' argument to stackpoly for more tick label control
made the 'srt' argument work for both x and y axes in staxlab
fixed two little bugs in thigmophobe (thanks to Stephen Milborrow)
added the 'add' argument to radial.plot (thanks to Evan Daugharthy)

version 2.9-5

added the kiteChart function
added the "pos" argument to the getFigCtr function

version 2.9-4

added a calculated default vector of axis tick positions to twoord.plot
added a "mar" argument to the taylor.diagram function

version 2.9-3

added the gamma.col argument to taylor.diagram (thanks to Julian Arnold)
added the radial.labels function (thanks to Tali Vardi)
added the multiple colors per labels to gantt.chart (thanks to Nicolas Immelman)
added the rectFill function
added an option to the barp function to use rectFill

version 2.9-2

fixed the margin problem in staircase.plot
fixed the default y-axis tick placement in barp

version 2.9-1

fixed the "big gap" problem in the gap.plot function
added the twoord.stackplot function (thanks to Christophe Dutang)

version 2.9

added the panes function
fixed the border bug in color2D.matplot
fixed the indexing bug in drawNestedBars

version 2.8-4

added the triax.fill function which necessitated...
changed the initial plot call from triax.frame to triax.plot
removed the "main" argument from triax.frame
added brkdnNest to replace hierobrk
rewrote barNest to suit brkdnNest
added drawNestedBars for the display of barNest
changed all remaining hierobarp functions to barNest

version 2.8-3

radical rewrite of the pyramid.plot function
fixed up barp example mistake
fixed the title position in zoomInPlot
rewrote the hierobarp function as barNest

version 2.8-2

added the label.cex argument to the gantt.chart function
changed the name of the hierobarp function to barNest

version 2.8-1

added the calculation of proportions to hierobarp

version 2.8

added the cex argument to the staircase.plot function
added a bit to the plotCI function examples
changed \code tags to \samp and removed formatting from \link tags
added the ylog argument to the barp function (thanks to Fatima Kreusch)
added the legendg function (thanks to Primoz Peterlin)
removed the Piper diagram functions until they run correctly

version 2.7-2

added the axislab.cex argument to the twoord.plot function

version 2.7-1

added the getMarginWidth function
added the bracketing lines and labels to hierobarp
added the hierobarp.svymean and hierobarp.svyprop functions
added the lwd argument to stackpoly (thanks to Vaclav Varvarovsky)
included an example to show how to use gantt.chart without dates
included an example of histogram + density curve in twoord.plot

version 2.7

added the getFigCtr function
removed the final grouping lines from hierobarp

version 2.6-4

fixed the bug in hierobrk and hierobarp that got the order of
  breakdown factors wrong

version 2.6-3

fixed the bug in gap.plot that lost the high values

version 2.6-2

complete rewrite of the hierobarp and hierobrk functions
rewrite of barhier function and name changed to sizetree

version 2.6-1

Minor bug fix in the gap.plot function.

Version 2.6

Improved bar/line plotting in the twoord.plot function.
Added the fullaxis function.

version 2.5-5

Changed the default symbol in count.overplot to "1".
Added bar plotting to the twoord.plot function.
Added fill between the confidence lines to the dispersion function.
Added the bumpchart function.
 (Thanks to Andreas Christofferson for the idea)
Added the spreadout function to spread out cramped labels.
Added table cell size correction for the cex argument.
 (Thanks to Brian Diggs for the patch)

version 2.5-4

Fixed the bug in dotplot.mtb function.

version 2.5-3

Introduced the hierobarp function.
Introduced the zoomInPlot function.
New version of dotplot.mtb (with bug)

previous versions

You don't expect me to remember all that, do you?

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3.8-2 by Jim Lemon, 9 days ago

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