Statistical Methods for Anthropometric Data

Statistical methodologies especially developed to analyze anthropometric data. These methods are aimed at providing effective solutions to some commons problems related to Ergonomics and Anthropometry. They are based on clustering, the statistical concept of data depth, statistical shape analysis and archetypal analysis. Please see Vinue (2017) .


Package: Anthropometry

Version: 1.11 [2019-03-07]

  • UNPROTECT(1) has been replaced by UNPROTECT(10) at lines 100, 112 and 126 of the src/cast.c file to fix the problem with pointer protection imbalance reported by rchk().
  • suppressWarnings(RNGversion("3.5.0")) has been inserted before calling set.seed() in the examples and the vignette, following CRAN maintainers' recommendations.
  • projShapes() has been updated to avoid some problems warned by the CRAN checking procedure about the dimensions of the object to be represented.
  • The reference to the paper presenting this package has been added to the DESCRIPTION file.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.10 [2018-04-06]

  • The break commands in getDistMatrix() have been removed because they were used in wrong context (no loop was visible), following the CRAN maintainers' recommendations.
  • Dependence on R version '3.3.2' has been changed to '3.3.0' to avoid patchlevel warnings.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.9 [2017-08-29]

  • Standard LaTeX .sty files have been excluded following the CRAN maintainers' reccommendations.
  • A typo has been corrected in the CITATION file.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.8 [2017-04-26]

  • The function matPercs was removed because it did the same as percentilesArchetypoid. The vignette has modified accordingly. Of course, Figure 6 remains the same.
  • A minor update has been added to anthrCases.trimowa inside anthrCases.R and trimmOutl.trimowa inside trimmOutl.R to adapt them to the case when the trimowa algorithm is applied to a single size.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.7 [2015-12-11]

  • The internal C code cast.c has been slighly modified to use the R function qsort instead the user-defined function quicksort. This has been done with the aim of correcting the remaining memory-access errors in CRAN.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.6 [2015-11-30]

  • A new helper function called "computSizesTrimowa" has been created for computing the trimowa elements provided by the trimowa algorithm for a number of bust sizes defined by the European Normative.
  • A new helper function called "computSizesHipamAnthropom" has been created for computing the hipamAnthropom elements provided by the hipamAnthropom algorithm for a number of bust sizes defined by the European Normative.
  • The vignette has been improved with some minor changes.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Versions: 1.4 and 1.5 [2015-08-28]

  • These versions have been updated only with the aim of correcting some memory-access errors in CRAN, as requested by the CRAN maintainers.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.3 [2015-08-26]

  • The former "stepArchetypesMod" function is now called "stepArchetypesRawData" to be more informative.
  • The "anthrCases" and "trimmOutl" functions have been changed to S3.
  • The vignette has been improved with some restructuring and cleaning to the sections.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.2 [2015-05-07]

  • Some helper funcions have been added. A function for identifying the anthropometric cases ("anthrCases"). A function for identifying the trimmed and outlier observations ("trimmOutl"). A function for plotting the projections of the shapes ("projShapes"). A function for computing the percentils of the archetypoids ("matPercs"). A function for defining the twelve bust sizes ("bustSizesStandard"). And a function for defining an array with the 3D landmarks of the sample objects ("array3Dlandm").
  • The naming of variables, data sets and functions have been improved to be consistent, descriptive and informative.
  • The "archetypoids" and "stepArchetypoids" functions have been adapted to return the "cand_ns", "cand_alpha" and "cand_beta" vectors with the nearest observations to archetypes.
  • The vignette has been extended by incorporating comments to make it more accessible to readers from clothing design and working environments design and comments regarding the mathematical details behind each algorithm contained in the package. The general presentation of the examples has been also improved.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.1 [2014-10-13]

  • The "archetypoids" and "stepArchetypoids" functions return the alpha coefficients for the optimal set of archetypoids.
  • The "LloydShapes" and "HartiganShapes" functions return the optimal clustering, optimal centers and optimal objective function also when a simulation study is carried out.
  • The "TDDclust" function notifies if the optimal partition is obtained with PAM.
  • The vignette has been improved by pointing out the consequences of choosing different argument values in Section 5, by adding a new Section 6 to guide users in their choice of the different methods presented and by thoroughly checking the English.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 1.0 [2014-03-07]

  • First package version.
  • Submitted to CRAN.

Reference manual

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1.11 by Guillermo Vinue, a month ago,

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Authors: Guillermo Vinue , Irene Epifanio , Amelia Simo , M. Victoria Ibanez , Juan Domingo , Guillermo Ayala

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports shapes, rgl, archetypes, nnls, depth, FNN, ICGE, cluster, biclust

Suggests knitr, calibrate, mvtnorm, SportsAnalytics, RColorBrewer, plotrix, abind

Imported by BAwiR, adamethods.

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