Simple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis

Computation and visualization of simple, multiple and joint correspondence analysis.


Version 0.71 (2018-10-10) o S3 method issue with fixed

Version 0.70 (2016-12-11) o Fixed a number of issues with supplementary points/subset analyses

Version 0.65 (2016-05-15) o Fixed issue wirth subset MCA (computing row coordinates gave an error 'Error in (Z/Q) %*% [...]') o Added row-and columnnames for returned matrices (indicator, Burt, 'subinertia') in MCA o Fixed a (rare) issue with JCA and a subset not containing columns from all original factors

Version 0.64 (2016-01-17) o mjca() with 'supcol!=NA':

  • Fixed Mass, ChiDist and Inertia values in print method.
  • Fixed contributions in summary method.
    o mjca() with 'subsetcol!=NA' and 'lambda=JCA':
  • Fixed warnings message ('In rep(1:Q.sub ...)') o Fixed row output for 'lambda!="indicator"' in mjca (rows were previously referring to the Burt matrix, now rows are from the original data) o Added cacoord() for extracting CA/MCA coordinates (standard/principal coordinates, and row-/column configurations for plotting) o Added caconv() for converting between CA/MCA data types (frequency tables, indicator/response pattern/Burt matrices) o mjca() has been made an S3 generic, with data.frame, table, and array methods o added .arrows() to draw nicer arrows with arrows=TRUE in and plot.mjca() o gains a lwd= argument for arrows and lines o Updated mjca.Rd with details of lambda= argument o Added multilines() for nicer mjca plots o plot.mcja gains a collabels= argument determining the form of column labels

Version 0.61 (2015-05-18) o Fixed problem with nd='fixed value' in ca

Version 0.60 (2015-03-01) o Temporarily enabled plotting rows in plot.mjca o Use requireNamespace("rgl") in to avoid NOTE in R CMD check

Version 0.59 (2015-01-29)

Version 0.58 (2014-12-31) o mjca(): Added option 'reti' (logical, if TRUE returns the indicator matrix as $indmat). o mjca(): Fixed potentially negative eigenvalues (numerical issue; negative ev's are set to zero). o mjca(): Burt matrices ($Burt) now with row- and columnnames. o Fixed scree plot.

Version 0.57 (2014-12-30) o Fixed bug in print.summary.mcja re columns o In and plot.mjca(), for labels=(1,1), don't offset the labels from the points

Version 0.56 (2014-11-04) o Begin to assign dimnames to matrices from ca() and mjca()--- for now, just the coordinates matrices o mjca() now returns an additional component, factors, containing factor names and levels, to facilitate plotting and manipulation. This can be used to customize the color, symbols, and labels in plots. o gains rows= and columns= arguments that can be used like scree= to suppress parts of the output. o summary.mjca() gains a similar columns= argument o Fixed calls to rgl functions in to avoid 'no global binding' warnings. o Fixed bug in plot.mcja() with dimension percentages for lambda="adjusted"

Version 0.55 (2014-03-09) o and plot.mjca() now provide sensible default xlab and ylab o mjca() now accepts a table object as input, using internal expand.dft o ca() has been made generic, accepting input in the form of matrices, data frames (coerced to frequency tables), objects of class "xtabs" or "table" and one-sided formulae of the form ~ F1 + F2, where F1 and F2 are factors.

Version 0.54 (2014-01-05) o Added xlab=, ylab= and lines= arguments to The function now returns an invisible result containing the row and column coordinates calculated internally for the plot, for use in additional plot annotation. o Added xlab=, ylab= arguments to plot.mjca(). The function now returns an invisible result containing the row and column coordinates calculated internally for the plot, for use in additional plot annotation. o For, the defaults for xlab= and ylab= were changed from "" to "auto", meaning that the axis labels are auto-generated to be of the form "Dimension X (xx.xx%)" in conformance with other dimension reduction plots. o Added col.lab argument to, to provide colors for the point labels, similar to col for points.

Reference manual

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0.71.1 by Oleg Nenadic, 2 years ago

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Authors: Michael Greenacre [aut] , Oleg Nenadic [aut, cre] , Michael Friendly [ctb]

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Task views: Multivariate Statistics, Psychometric Models and Methods

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