R Commander

A platform-independent basic-statistics GUI (graphical user interface) for R, based on the tcltk package.


Changes in version 2.5-3

o Updated Slovenian translation (thanks to Matjaz Jeran).

o Small fixes.

Changes in version 2.5-2

o Updated Korean translation (thanks to Jong-Hwa Shin).

o Fixes to Chinese translation (thanks to Tsung-wu Ho).

o No longer re-export utils::data() (suggestion of Brian Ripley).

o Small fixes

Changes in version 2.5-1

o Updated translations (with thanks): Basque (Jose Ramon Rueda), French (Milan Bouchet-Valat), Indonesian (I Made Tirta), Japanese (Takaharu Araki).

o Depend on R >= version 3.5.0.

Changes in version 2.5-0

o Added Predictor Effect Plots and Response Transformation dialogs to Models menu.

o New Transform Variables Toward Normality dialog in Statistics > Summaries menu.

o New Symmetry Boxplot dialog in Graphs menu.

o New Influence Index Plot dialog in Models > Graphs menu.

o QQ plots may be drawn by groups.

o Index plots may be marked by groups.

o Enhancements to Density Plot dialog.

o Interface improvements.

o Updated translations (with thanks): Chinese (Tsung-wu Ho), Indonesian (I Made Tirta), Polish (Lukasz Daniel), Russian (Alexey Shipunov), Spanish (Manuel Munoz Marquez).

Changes in version 2.4-4

o Fixed bug in recode dialog due to inconsistency with Recode() in car 3.0-0 (reported by Stylianos Serghiou).

o Removed natwidth, natheight parameters from \includegraphics{} in Getting Started manual to avoid omission of figures from CRAN build of manual.

Changes to version 2.4-3

o Updated several dialogs (scatterplot, scatterplot matrix, density plot, boxplot, QQ plot, 3D scatterplot, residual QQ plot, C+R plots, AV plots, influence plot, effect plots) for version 3.0-0 of the car package and version 4.0-1 of the effects package.

Changes to version 2.4-2

o Updated Slovenian and Spanish translations (thanks to Matjaz Jeran and Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o A few updates to R-Rcmdr.pot supplying previously missing messages for translation.

Changes to version 2.4-1

o Work around for Tk getSaveFile bug affecting Windows, causing doubled-up file extensions, e.g., .txt.txt (reported by Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Updated translations (with thanks to): Basque (Jose Ramon Rueda), Chinese (Tsung-wu Ho), German (Friedrich Leisch), Korean (Jong-Hwa Shin), Romanian (Adrian Dusa).

o Small fixes.

Changes to version 2.4-0

o The R Commander editor for Markdown and knitr documents is now a non-modal dialog, so may remain open while you work.

o Improvement to the barplot dialog (suggestions of Beatriz Lacruz).

o Added dialog for plotting the distribution of a discrete numeric variable (suggestion of Beatriz Lacruz).

o Allow color selection in pie charts.

o Small improvements to activation of menu items.

o Rcmdr showData.threshold option now tests number of rows as well as number of columns.

o Introduced Rcmdr scientific.notation option to suppress scientific notation; corresponds to R scipen option, and default is 5 (as opposed to 0 in R).

o Improved labeling of two-variances test dialog (suggestion of Beatriz Lacruz).

o Improvements to Rcmdr data editor in handling blanks and quotes.

o Moved the following standard packages from Imports: to Depends: graphics, methods, stats.

o Allow entry of variable names in enter table dialog (suggestion of Beatriz Lacruz).

o Improved import of Stata and SPSS data files and provision to import SAS b7dat files.

o Added right-click context menus to text entry boxes.

o Getting Started manual is now supplied as a vignette (with help from Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Refactored Commander() code.

o Separators in plug-in menus can now be placed more precisely, if necessary (following a problem reported by Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Reworked handling of statistical models in plug-ins.

o Boostrap dialog will now plot bootstrap samples.

o Parameter estimate correlations are now reported with VIFs.

o Index plot dialog will now plot more than one variable (suggestion of Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Numerical summaries dialog has new option to show binned distribution of frequency counts (suggestion of Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Small interface improvements.

o Updated translations (with thanks): simplified Chinese (Shulin Yang), French (Milan Bouchet-Valat), Indonesian (I Made Tirta), Japanese (Takaharu Araki), Polish (Lukasz Daniel), Russian (Alexey Shipunov), Spanish (Manual Munoz Marquez).

Changes to Version 2.3-2

o Fixes to Spanish translation (from Manual Munoz Marquez).

o Updated Spanish translation of Getting Started manual (thanks to Manual Munoz Marquez).

o Updated Slovenian translation (thanks to Matjaz Jeran).

Changes to Version 2.3-1

o Removed dependency of rglwidgets, no longer necessary.

o Fixes to Catalan translation (from Manel Salamero).

o Updated Basque and German translations (thanks to Joserra Rueda and Fritz Leisch).

Changes to Version 2.3-0

o Added .rtf output to options for RMarkdown reports.

o Added bootstrap dialog for "lm"s and "glm"s.

o Added delta-method dialog.

o Added view data dialog, supporting viewing a subset of the active data set, and sort data set dialog (suggestions of Sung-il Cho).

o Added connect option to plot means dialog (suggestion of Graham Smith).

o Added Welch F-test option to one-way ANOVA dialog.

o Added compare coefficients dialog.

o The Shapiro-Wilk test for normality dialog is replaced by a more general normality-tests dialog.

o Dialogs for plotting continuous distributions now allow the user to specify regions to fill.

o Various small improvements/bug fixes.

o Updated translations (with thanks): Catalan (Manel Salamero), French (Milan Bouchet-Valat), Indonesian (I Made Tirta), Japanese(Takaharu Araki), Polish (Lukasz Daniel), Romanian (Adrian Dusa), Russian (Alexey Shipunov), Spanish (Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Updated Japanese getting-started manual (courtesy of Takaharu Araki).

Changes to Version 2.2-5

o Fixed data editor to work properly with NAs in existing data sets.

Changes to Version 2.2-4

o Corrected Slovenian translation (by Matjaz Jeran).

o Embeds 3D rgl graphs in HTML output from R Markdown.

o Improvements to the Rcmdr data editor.

o New version of ismdi() doesn't need compiled code (thanks to Duncan Murdoch), eliminating all compiled code from the Rcmdr package.

o showData() data set displays now updated automatically.

o Small improvements and bug fixes.

Changes to Version 2.2-3

o Updated Slovenian translation (thanks to Matjaz Jeran).

o Fixes to French translation (by Milan Bouchet-Valat).

Changes to Version 2.2-2

o Updated Galician translation (thanks to Rafael Rodriguez Gayoso).

o Fixes to French translation (by Milan Bouchet-Valat) and Chinese translation (by Tsung-wu Ho).

o Added keep argument to popOutput() (suggestion of Liviu Andronic); similar argument added to popCommand().

o Use new-style R icon.

o Binomial and quasibinomial GLMs with logit link now print exponentiated coefficients ("odds" ratios), as do poisson and quasipoisson GLMs with log link (generalizing a suggestion of Jose Ramon Rueda).

o Names of R objects to be created are no longer translated (e.g., "Dataset", "NormalSamples") into other languages to avoid potential problems (issue reported by Tsung-wu Ho).

o Recognize new location for LaTeX in Mac OS X El Capitan.

Changes to Version 2.2-1

o New Greek translation (contributed by Vasileios Dimitropoulos, Anastasios Vikatos, and Andreas Vikatos, with help from Chel Hee Lee).

o Updated translations (with thanks to): Basque (Jose Ramon Rueda), Brazilian Portuguese (Marilia Sa Carvalho, with assistance of Chel Hee Lee), Catalan (Manel Salamero), Chinese (Tsung-wu Ho), simplified Chinese (Shulin Yang), French (Philippe Grosjean), Galician (for Rcmdr 2.1-x, Rafael Rodriguez Gayoso), German (Fritz Leisch), Indonesian (I Made Tirta), Italian (Stefano Calza), Japanese (Takaharu Araki), Korean (Jong-Hwa Shin), Polish (Lukasz Daniel), Romanian (Adrian Dusa), Slovenian (Matjaz Jeran), Spanish (Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Modified modelFormula() utility to permit polynomial and splines in one-sided formulas. Used this in Breusch-Pagan test dialog.

O Tweaks.

Changes to Version 2.2-0

o New RMarkdown document, usable when pandoc (and possibly LaTeX) are installed; can be compiled to HTML, PDF, or Word file.

o New "Tools > Install auxiliary software" menu for installing pandoc and LaTeX.

o Added concentration ellipses to scatterplot and scatterplot-matrix dialogs (suggestion of Kosar Karimi Pour).

o Changed defaults for scatterplot, scatterplot matrix, 3D scatterplot, to simplify default plots.

o Bar plots can now be done by groups.

o Added dot plot dialog.

o Excel files now read on all platforms with readxl package (via RcmdrMisc).

o Package imports conform to new CRAN requirements.

o Updated translations (with thanks to): French (Philippe Grosjean); Russian (Alexey Shipunov).

o Small fixes/improvements.

Changes to Version 2.1-7

o New simplified Chinese translation (contributed by Shulin Yang).

o Corrections to Catalan translation (courtesy of Manel Salamero).

Changes to Version 2.1-6

o Prevent overriding S3 methods in standard packages (request of Brian Ripley).

Changes to Version 2.1-5

o Updated Catalan (thanks to Manel Salamero) and Slovenian (thanks to Matjaz Jeran) translations.

o Export RappP() and mavericksP() (request of Erich Neuwirth).

o Fixed bug in labeling values of discrete probability mass functions (reported by Vasileios Giagos).

Changes to Version 2.1-4

o Moved knitr and markdown packages to Suggests: to accommodate Debian (request of Dirk Eddelbuettel).

o New Galician translation, courtesy of Anton Meixome.

o Updated translations (with thanks): Brazilian Portuguese (Marilia Sa Carvalho and Adriano Azevedo-Filho); Catalan (Manel Salamero); Indonesian (I Made Tirta); Japanese (Takaharu Araki).

o Small interface improvements.

Changes to Version 2.1-3

o Updated translations (with thanks): Basque (Jose Ramon Rueda); Polish (Lukasz Daniel); Russian (Alexey Shipunov); Slovenian (Matjaz Jeran).

o Fixed random-data-generation dialogs so that code works in R Markdown file.

o Fixed custom contrasts in define-contrasts dialog.

o Fixed conversion of multiple numeric variables to factors (bug reported by Pedro Barbetta).

o Added dialog to control R.app app nap under OS X Mavericks.

Changes to Version 2.1-2

o Fixed ignoring of Rcmdr option "ask.on.exit" and "ask.to.exit", causing exiting without asking in non-English locales (bug report by Yoshinobu Kanda).

o Small bug fixes/improvements.

Changes to Version 2.1-1

o Updated Chinese translation (thanks to Tsungwu Ho); Japanese translation (thanks to Takaharu Araki); and Korean translation (thanks to Jong-Hwa Shin).

o New cross-platform Rcmdr data editor.

o Fixed inadvertently reverted histogram dialog (following report by Mark Dunning).

Changes to Version 2.1-0

o Improved R-code generated by many dialogs (mostly implemented by Kosar Karimi-Pour).

o Added effect-plots dialog (was invoked directly from Model > Graphs menu).

o Check for functioning Java on 64-bit Windows to load import-from-Excel menu item (issue reported by Kosar Karimi-Pour).

o Added option to set ttk theme; included in Tools > Options menu item.

o More careful loading of packages and their dependencies, now placed near the end of the search path.

o Moved non-GUI-related statistical, graphics, and data management functions to the new RcmdrMisc package (suggestion of Liviu Andronic), which is loaded along with car package at Rcmdr startup.

o Logical and character variables in the active data set are treated as if they were factors, which works OK for most purposes (following correspondence with Shannon McClintock).

o Selection of fit indices added to the CFA dialog (suggestion of Tay Lee Yong).

o Read Excel spreadsheet dialog asks about variable and row names (suggestion of Knut Krueger).

o The linear-model and GLM dialogs now permit the selection of a weight variable (following a query by Bruce Dunham about fitting binomial -- as opposed to binary -- GLMs). New Rcmdr utility, variableComboBox(), to support these features.

o New model-summary dialog for linear models, allowing selection of sandwich standard errors; similar options provided in linear hypothesis and ANOVA dialogs for linear models (generalizing a suggestion of Liviu Andronic).

o New single-sample Wilcoxon test dialog (suggestion of Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o New drop unused factor levels dialog (suggestion of Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Improved handling of help in Mac OS X and RStudio.

o Improved interaction with RStudio graphics device.

o Updated getting-started manual.

o Small changes/improvements.

o Updated translations (with thanks to the translators): German (Friedrich Leisch); Italian (Stefano Calza); Romanian (Adrian Dusa); Spanish (Manuel Munoz Marquez).

Changes to Version 2.0-5

o New Basque translation (courtesy of Jose Ramon Rueda).

Changes to Version 2.0-4

o Updated Slovenian translation (with thanks to Jaro.Lajovic and Matjaz Jeran).

o Fixed numSummary() so that it doesn't fail when there's an empty factor level (problem reported by Alan Mainwaring).

o ActiveDataSet(NULL) now removes the active data set.

Changes to Version 2.0-3

o Updated Polish translation (with thanks to Lukasz Daniel).

o titleLabel() to format a label in title font and color; exported for plug-ins.

o Added histograms by group (suggestion of Sarah Dawson).

o Small interface improvements.

o Fixed bug in French translation preventing loading R Markdown files (reported by J. Mazet).

Changes to Version 2.0-2

o Moved knitr and markdown packages to Suggests: (suggestion of Dirk Eddelbuettel).

o Updated Japanese translation of Getting Started manual (by Takaharu Araki).

o Added editing buttons with tooltips to Rcmdr editor.

o Added Mac OS X command-key combinations.

o Tweaks to ttk theme and font handling (with help of Philippe Grosjean and the tcltk2 package).

o Small bug fixes.

Changes to Version 2.0-1

o Caching of variable names, factor names, etc., to improve menu refreshes in large data sets (in response to observation of Yoshinobu Kanda).

o Updated translations (with thanks to the translators): French (Milan Bouchet-Valat), Japanese (Takaharu Araki).

o Most errors now removed from R Markdown and knitr documents.

o New editor for R Markdown and knitr documents; small addition to Getting Started manual to describe the editor.

o Stem-and-leaf dialog now supports back-to-back stem-and-leaf displays.

o Small corrections to the R-Rcmdr.pot file.

o Small bug fixes.

Changes to Version 2.0-0

o New package co-author: Milan Bouchet-Valat.

o Many changes to style of dialogs: tabs, Reset button, Apply button, small interface improvements.

o Support for R Markdown, with script and Rmd tabs.

o Expanded Options dialog and new Save Options dialog.

o Better handling of default fonts.

o Improved probability plots.

o Introduced plotDistr(), lineplot(), indexplot() convenience functions.

o New nonparametric density estimate dialog.

o Use automatic point identification as default in plot dialogs.

o Calls to deprecated functions .find.package() and .path.package() replaced by find.package() and path.package() (suggestion of Brian Ripley).

o Partial correlations now optionally report pairwise p-values (suggestion of Aaron Swink).

o Removed Sciviews support code.

o Small fixes.

o Updated translations (with thanks to the translators): Italian (Stefano Calza), Korean (Jong-Hwa Shin), Romanian (Adrian Dusa), Russian (Alexey Shipunov), Spanish (Manuel Munoz-Marquez).

o Show menu item for English introductory manual even if a "translation" is available (suggestion of Manuel Munoz-Marquez).

Changes to Version 1.9-5

o R logo now replaces Tk logo on non-Windows as well as Windows platforms (with help of Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Faster opening of dialog windows under Windows (consequence of above).

o Fix for Mac OS X bug in auto-load of missing dependencies on initial start-up (reported by Pablo Serrano).

Changes to Version 1.9-4

o Introduced RcmdrEnv.on.path option for plug-in packages that don't conform to the new rules.

o Bug fixes to some dialogs that didn't work properly when RcmdrEnv not on path (reported by Kristian Hovde Liland).

Changes to Version 1.9-3

o Fixed one- and multi-way ANOVA so that observation statistics can be saved (bug reported by Pedro Alberto Barbetta).

o New quit.R.on.close Rcmdr option (suggested by Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Fix to Rcmdr display font to improve appearance on some Macs (suggested by Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Modified start-up so that Commander window doesn't open twice when a plug-in is loaded via library() (adapting a suggestion by Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Various low-level changes for compatability with R devel (R 2.16.0).

o Updated French translation (courtesy of Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Plug-in packages now can specify models via the RcmdrModels: field in the DESCRIPTION file in preference to the Models: field (request of Brian Ripley).

o Small interface and documentation tweaks and bug fixes.

Changes to Version 1.9-2

o Updated Korean translation and getting-started document (thanks to Shin Jong-Hwa).

o Updated Japanese getting-started document (thanks to Takaharu Araki).

o Better icons for dialog buttons, new option to suppress these icons, other interface tweaks (after suggestions of Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Small fixes.

Changes to Version 1.9-1

o Updated version of Getting Started With the R Commander.

o Updated Italian translation (thanks to Stefano Calza).

o Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Takaharu Araki).

o Updated Korean translation and new Korean getting-started document (thanks to Shin Jong-Hwa).

o Updated Polish translation (thanks to Lukasz Daniel)

o Updated Romanian translation (thanks to Adrian Dusa).

o Updated Russian translation (thanks to Alexey Shipunov).

o Updated Slovenian translation (thanks to Jaro Lajovic and Matjaz Jeran).

o Updated Spanish translation (thanks to Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Fixed omissions to R-Rcmdr.pot file (reported by Jaro Lajovic).

o Small fixes.

Changes to Version 1.9-0

o Improvements to boxplot dialog.

o Improvements to save graphs dialogs (adapting suggestions of Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Added data import from SAS xport files (suggestion of Peter Mandeville).

o Added ability to import Excel data sets generally via XLConnect package (suggestion of Michael Weylandt, only for Windows at this point).

o Added IQR to numerical summaries and table of statistics (suggestion of Peter Mandeville).

o Updated French translation (thanks to Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Updated Korean translation (thanks to Shin Jong-Hwa).

o Updated Polish translation (thanks to Lukasz Daniel).

o Updated Spanish translation (thanks to Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Updated Xyplot dialog (courtesy of Richard Heiberger).

o Small fixes and improvements.

Changes to Version 1.8-5

o New Polish translation (courtesy of Lukasz Daniel).

o Small GUI improvements (suggestions/code of Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o globalVariables() invoked for R 2.15.1 and above.

o Added standard button icons.

Changes to Version 1.8-4

o Fixes to Italian translation (from Stefano Calza).

o Updated Korean translation (courtesy of Shin Jong-Hwa).

o Fixed bug in numSummary() that surfaced when only one quantile was specified (reported by Peter B. Mandeville).

o Titles for sets of check boxes now left-aligned (suggestion of Milan Bouchet-Valat).

o Fix to Spanish translation (courtesy of Manuel Munoz Marquez).

o Fix to data set edit button, which was removing case names (reported by Gilles Le Pape).

o Updated Slovenian translations (courtesy of Jaro Lajovic and Matjaz Jeran).

o Updated Korean translation (courtesy of Shin Jong-Hwa).

o Rcmdr now detects when it is running under RStudio and arranges to display graphs properly. There is still an open bug causing a freeze in the RStudio graphics device when points are identified in a graph.

Changes to Version 1.8-3

o Small fixes to pass CRAN checks (reported by Kurt Hornik).

Changes to Version 1.8-2

o Fixes to font selection, especially for non-Windows systems.

o Fix to groupsBox() utility function (to fix bug reported by Richard Heiberger).

o PDF files for "Getting Started" manual in English, Japanese, and Spanish compacted (suggestion of Brian Ripley).

o Retain dialog selections optionally non-resettable, used for probability dialogs.

o Bartlett's test and Levene's test now allow more than one factor.

o Updated Slovenian translation (thanks to Jaro Lajovic and Matjaz Jeran).

o Updated Korean translation (courtesy of Shin Jong-Hwa and the Korean translation team).

o Fixed bug in scatterplot dialog that prevented log axes from being used with groups defined (reported by Kent Johnson).

Changes to Version 1.8-1

o Updated DESCRIPTION file; version synchronization for CRAN.

Changes to Version 1.8-0

o See CHANGES file for changes to older versions.

o Concluded dialog-memory updates (with help of Kosar Karimi Pour). Rcmdr option retain.selections now set to TRUE by default.

o Added confirmatory factor analysis.

o Updated Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish translations (thanks respectively to Stefano Calza, Takaharu Araki, Adrian Dusa, Alexey Shipunov, and Manuel Munoz Marquez).    

Reference manual

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2.7-1 by John Fox, a year ago

https://www.r-project.org, https://socialsciences.mcmaster.ca/jfox/Misc/Rcmdr/, https://socialsciences.mcmaster.ca/jfox/Books/RCommander/

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/Rcmdr

Authors: John Fox [aut, cre] , Milan Bouchet-Valat [aut] , Liviu Andronic [ctb] , Michael Ash [ctb] , Theophilius Boye [ctb] , Stefano Calza [ctb] , Andy Chang [ctb] , Vilmantas Gegzna [ctb] , Philippe Grosjean [ctb] , Richard Heiberger [ctb] , Kosar Karimi Pour [ctb] , G. Jay Kerns [ctb] , Renaud Lancelot [ctb] , Matthieu Lesnoff [ctb] , Uwe Ligges [ctb] , Samir Messad [ctb] , Martin Maechler [ctb] , Robert Muenchen [ctb] , Duncan Murdoch [ctb] , Erich Neuwirth [ctb] , Dan Putler [ctb] , Brian Ripley [ctb] , Miroslav Ristic [ctb] , Peter Wolf [ctb] , Kevin Wright [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Empirical Finance, Teaching Statistics

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports tcltk, tcltk2, abind, relimp, lme4

Depends on grDevices, graphics, methods, stats, utils, splines, RcmdrMisc, car, effects

Suggests aplpack, boot, colorspace, e1071, foreign, grid, Hmisc, knitr, lattice, leaps, lmtest, markdown, MASS, mgcv, multcomp, nlme, nnet, nortest, readxl, rgl, rmarkdown, sem

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