Elastic Functional Data Analysis

Performs alignment, PCA, and modeling of multidimensional and unidimensional functions using the square-root velocity framework (Srivastava et al., 2011 and Tucker et al., 2014 ). This framework allows for elastic analysis of functional data through phase and amplitude separation.

R library for elastic functional data analysis

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A R package for functional data analysis using the square root velocity framework which performs pair-wise and group-wise alignment as well as modeling using functional component analysis

v1.8.2 is on CRAN and can be installed as

For a more up to date, but may not be stable version from git repository

  1. Download zip or tar.gz of package or clone repository
  2. Install into R (> 3.1.0)

install.packages("fdasrvf.tar.gz", repos = NULL)


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fdasrvf 1.8.3


  • added bayesian alignment method by Y. Lu et. al
  • added multiple functional alignment function
  • bugfixes to curve alginment


  • added objects for outputs of time_warping, boxplot, and pca functions
  • added plot methods for the above objects
  • added summary methods for the above objects
  • added kmeans clustering and alignment based on Sangalli et. al.
  • multiple bugfixes


  • fix boxplot functions documentation
  • added quantile option
  • updated surface plot for boxplot functions


  • added phase and amplitude boxplot functions
  • fixed issue with time_warping finding the median


  • fix memory leaks in bayesian c code
  • update SqrtMean calculation to have more numerical accuracy


  • added a pair align function for 1-D data
  • added bayesian alignment for 1-D functions


  • updated curve functions to support R^n
  • cleaned up curve function for loops


  • bug fixes to curve functions


  • added open and closed curve function (N-D)


  • added image alignment functions and fix minor bugs


  • added gropt optimization methods and alignment


  • added simul optimization method for reparam


  • Fixed gradient bug


  • Fixed bug in doParallel for windows computers
  • Fixed numerical issues for high lambda for no warping required


  • Fixed memory leak in Dynamic Programming algorithm
  • Updated random gamma generation to use a Fourier basis on the tangent space
  • Changed over parallel support to doParallel
  • Fixed documentation error


  • Fixed numerical issues
  • Updated documentation


  • Changed SRVF calculation to use splines for derivatives
  • Added control to the amount of warping via lambda to the time_warping function
  • Fixed documentation bugs and minor bugs in horizontal PCA calculation


  • Updated so the parallel functions are windows compatible and windows binary can be compiled, now suggests doSNOW or doMC
  • Added variance calculation to time_warping function


  • Initial Version of Package

Reference manual

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1.9.7 by J. Derek Tucker, 7 months ago

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/fdasrvf

Authors: J. Derek Tucker <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Functional Data Analysis

GPL-3 license

Imports Rcpp, coda, foreach, mvtnorm, matrixcalc, splines, parallel, fields, doParallel, viridisLite, tolerance, lpSolve, Matrix, testthat

Suggests akima, plot3D, plot3Drgl, rgl

Linking to Rcpp, RcppArmadillo

System requirements: C++11

Depended on by NITPicker.

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