Interactive Statistical Data Visualization

An extendable toolkit for interactive data visualization and exploration.


loon 1.2.1

  • updated loonGrob() and grid.loon()
    • provide more meaningful grobs (including better descriptions and more informative "empty" grobs).
    • added condGrob() to effect the conditional construction of either the desired grob (if it is visible in the loon plot) or the empty grob as placeholder containing relevant arguments
  • introduced the method plot.loon() so that plot(p) of a loon plot p will now draw the corresponding grid object on the current device

loon 1.2.0

  • added loonGrob() and grid.loon() functionality

    • any loon plot can now be converted and saved as a grid graphics object
    • permits printing/exporting snapshots of loon plots in documentation
    • S3 class structure extended to more loon plots
  • l_compound classes introduced to ease user creation of complex layouts

    • includes simple programming interface to extend loonGrob() to any user-defined
    • converted current compound layouts to new l_compound model (e.g. l_pairs, l_stl)
    • l_getPlots which returns a list of the loon plots in the display (works for simple loon plots too)
    • l_getLocations which returns a matrix showing the location of the loon plots (in order) (works for simple loon plots too)
    • l_get_arrangeGrobArgs which returns the arguments and their values to be passed on to arrangeGrob() (from gridExtra) to allow arbitrary layout by the user.
      • this is NOT implemented for simple loon plots (but could perhaps be)
    • loonGrob_layoutType which returns a string indicating whether "location" or "arrangeGrobArgs" are to be used when creating a grid version of the l_compound. (default is "locations", other possibility is "arrangeGrobArgs"
  • Fixed widget handle class order: specific classes first.

  • l_hexcolor.R

  • l_plot_decomposed_ts

  • l_cget and l_configure are now a generics with methods for objects of class loon, character, and l_compound.

  • New functions l_getOption, l_getOptionNames, l_userOptions, l_userOptionDefault, l_setOption

  • New function l_primitiveGlyphs

  • names for loon object handles to print out the state names. l_state_names can be used alternatively

loon 1.1.0

  • first release on CRAN
  • change state names
    • itemlabel to itemLabel
    • showItemlabels to showItemLabels
  • automatically convert nested lists and data.frames
    • unexported l_nestedTclList2Rlist and l_data
  • remove the local copy of the website and make l_help point to the official website.

loon 1.0.1

  • Bug fix in geodesic2d for 4d transitions

loon 0.9.1

  • Bug fix when layering maps (sp classes) with asSingleLayer=TRUE
  • Bug fix in scale_image

loon 0.9

  • initial beta release for the general public

Reference manual

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1.3.8 by R. Wayne Oldford, 4 months ago

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Authors: Adrian Waddell [aut] , R. Wayne Oldford [aut, cre, ths] , Zehao Xu [ctb] , Martin Gauch [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Imports tools, graphics, grDevices, utils, stats, gridExtra

Depends on methods, tcltk

Suggests maps, sp, graph, scagnostics, PairViz, RColorBrewer,, rworldmap, mgcv, rgl, Rgraphviz, RDRToolbox, kernlab, scales, MASS, testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, png, formatR, covr

Imported by diveR, zenplots.

Depended on by loon.ggplot, loon.shiny, loon.tourr, rfviz.

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