Construct Complex Table with 'kable' and Pipe Syntax

Build complex HTML or 'LaTeX' tables using 'kable()' from 'knitr' and the piping syntax from 'magrittr'. Function 'kable()' is a light weight table generator coming from 'knitr'. This package simplifies the way to manipulate the HTML or 'LaTeX' codes generated by 'kable()' and allows users to construct complex tables and customize styles using a readable syntax.

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When we are talking about table generators in R, knitr's kable() function is usually a popular choice because of its ultimate simplicity. Unlike those powerful table rendering engines such as xtable, the philosophy behind knitr::kable() is to make it easy for programmers to use. Just as it claimed in its function description,

However, the ultimate simplicity of kable() also brought troubles to some of us, especially for new R users, who may not have a lot of experience on generating tables in R. It is not rare to see people including experienced users asking questions like how to center/left-align a table on Stack Overflow. Also, for me personally, I found myself repeatedly parsing CSS into kable() for some very simple features like striped lines. For LaTeX, it's even worse since I'm almost Stack Overflow dependent for LaTeX... That's why this package kableExtra was created.

I hope with kableExtra, you can

  • Use default base kable() (Or a good alternative for markdown tables is pander::pander()) for all simple tables
  • Use kable() with kableExtra to generate 90 % of complex/advanced/self-customized/beautiful tables in either HTML or LaTeX
  • Only have to mess with raw HTML/LaTeX in the last 10% cases where kableExtra cannot solve the problem

This package can load required LaTeX package automatically in vanilla rmarkdown. For customized rmarkdown templates, it is recommended to load related LaTeX packages manually.


Pipable syntax

kableExtra is NOT a table generating package. It is a package that can "add features" to a kable() output using a syntax that every useR loves - the pipes %>%. We see similar approaches to deal with plots in packages like ggvis and plotly. There is no reason why we cannot use it with tables.

Unified functions for both HTML and PDF

Most functionalities in kableExtra can work in both HTML and PDF. In fact, as long as you specifies format in kable() (which can be set globally through option knitr.table.format), functions in this package will pick the right way to manipulate the table be themselves. As a result, if users want to left align the table, kable(...) %>% kable_styling(position = "left") will work in both HTML and PDF.


# For dev version

Basic Usage

dt <- mtcars[1:5, 1:4]
# HTML table
kable(dt, format = "html", caption = "Demo Table") %>%
  kable_styling(bootstrap_options = "striped",
                full_width = F) %>%
  add_header_above(c(" ", "Group 1" = 2, "Group 2[note]" = 2)) %>%
  add_footnote(c("table footnote"))
# LaTeX Table
kable(dt, format = "latex", booktabs = T, caption = "Demo Table") %>%
  kable_styling(latex_options = c("striped", "hold_position"),
                full_width = F) %>%
  add_header_above(c(" ", "Group 1" = 2, "Group 2[note]" = 2)) %>%
  add_footnote(c("table footnote"))


More Information

For more information, please check the package vignette.


I would like to thank colleagues at Hebrew SeniorLife Institute for Aging Research and the Boston Pepper Center for their input. I also would like to appreciate the mentorship from Tom Travison (@tgt75) and all the efforts from the open source community, which help this package keep getting better.


kableExtra 1.1.0

Major Changes

  • pack_rows was added as an alias to group_rows and is now the preferred term for this feature as dplyr 0.8.0 instroduced a function with the same name.

  • HTML Font and Background Colors now gets a "!important" tag so they can be printed out under bootstrap

Minor Changes

  • Added a fixed_header option to kable_styling. (Similar with the same option in scroll_box)

Bug Fixes

  • LaTeX packages now only loaded in latex environment so there won't be memory leaking issues in html_notebook.

  • Fixed an typo in stripe_index

kableExtra 1.0.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where HTML results cannot be displayed inline (#330)

  • Fix extra texts with save_kable for HTML (#310)

kableExtra 1.0.0

Major Changes

  • save_table will be able to save HTML tables to png, jpg and PDF using webshot automatically.
  • Removed xcolor dependency for recent updates in fancyvrb, which causes a xcolor option clash.
  • Added formatting options to add_header_above.
  • Exported kable_as_xml and xml_as_kable.
  • Added a xtable2kable function to support most xtable output.

Minor Features

  • Added symbol_manual to footnote so that users can manually customize the sequence of symbols in footnote.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevents linebreak works with factor
  • Moved a lot LaTeX function options to the top level for easier selection.
  • ...

kableExtra 0.9.0

  • Major Change: Now when you load kableExtra package, it will automatically set format for kable() based on the working environment: only if you are using rmarkdown/r sweave to render PDFs, the default format will be set to "latex". Otherwise it will be set to "html".

  • Major Change: Now kableExtra will try to load the table section of the bootstrap stylesheet when you are rendering slidy_presentation & ioslides_presentation. You can also choose to load it manually via the global option kableExtra.html.bsTable.

  • Added support to the tables package. (Thank you @dmurdoch)

  • Added a save_kable function to save HTML table as independent HTML pages.

  • Added min_width and max_width to column_spec.

  • Added documentation about 100% width in scroll_box (Thank you @isteves!)

  • Added include_thead to column_spec. (#177)

  • Fixed a few bugs in linebreak (#167, #180)

  • Fixed a bug when there is no column header row in LaTeX (Thank you @leovan)

  • Fixed header formatting for repeated header row in latex longtable (#183)

  • Removed the \small tag in threeparttable (#162)

  • Added valign to collapse_rows to adjust vertical position of the contents. Change default setting from middle to top. (#191)

  • Added an auto_index function to facilitate group_rows. (#193)

  • Added a title_format option to footnote and changed default format from bold to italic. (#200)

kableExtra 0.8.0

  • Now kableExtra imports & exports knitr::kable so users don't need to load knitr entirely to NAMESPACE when it's not necessary, for example, in shiny.

  • Fixed #115, a bug in latex footnote about escaping.

  • Fixed #116, a bug about the position of footnote in longtable with booktabs

  • Fixed #119, a bug between collapse_rows and add_header_above

  • Improve footnotes in longtable and replace threeparttable with threeparttablex. Now footnotes works smoothly in longtable, even with full width in tabu.

  • Fixed #135, a bug in footnote_marker_symbol

  • Added a new layout for collapse_rows, thanks @georgegui! #159

  • Added the linebreak function to support adding linebreaks to LaTeX table.

  • Added internal support to convert \n to linebreak in table to all kableExtra functions for both LaTeX and HTML

  • Added a document about wrapping texts and adding linebreaks.

  • Fixed a bug related to the handling of special characters

  • Remove HTML to Word doc from vignette because it's too large.

  • Fixed varies other bugs.

kableExtra 0.7.0

  • Now HTML table will be previewed in Viewer panel

  • Added HTML color code support to kableExtra

  • Added footnote as a more flexible replacement for add_footnote. Add_footnote() will be kept maintained for a while.

  • Fixed bug #105: bold/italic/monospace cannot accept T/F as vector

  • Added extra_css to cell_spec, row_spec & column_spec

  • Fixed bug #88: add_footnote doesn't support full width

  • Added hline_after and extra_latex_after to row_spec #101

  • Improved warning message for kables not in html or latex

  • Added latex_hline to collapse_rows so users can choose from full, major or none

  • Added strikeout and underline to column_spec, row_spec and cell_spec.

  • Added extra_css to column_spec, row_spec and cell_spec.

  • Added a vignette about how to copy tables from HTML to Word.

  • Change some read_xml to read_html

  • Added scale_from to some spec_tools

  • Quite a few minor bug fixes

kableExtra 0.6.1

  • Fixed a bug in column_spec width introduced in ver 0.6.0

  • Fixed a bug in add_header_above. #90

kableExtra 0.6.0

  • Added cell_spec for HTML & LaTeX

  • Added helper functions including spec_color, spec_font_size, spec_angle, spec_tooltip & spec_popover to facilitate the cell_spec function.

  • Added align/rotate/font_size to row_spec

  • Allowed row_spec to modify header row with row_spec(0, ...)

  • Improved repeat_header in LaTeX for longtables. Now you can write texts like "continued on next page"

  • Fixed a critical bug with latex group_rows (#68)

  • Escape question mark ? in regex_escape (thanks @nichtleiter)

  • Switched from readr::write_file to base::writeLines (for support in earlier version of readr)

  • Switched from sub to str_replace in some places due to a bug in sub on Windows.

kableExtra 0.5.2

  • Request from CRAN: Changed dependency on magick from Imports to Suggest. Added error message when users don't have magick installed.

  • Added argument index to group_rows so users can build multiple row groups in one step. The syntax is the same with add_header_above

  • Now row_spec and column_spec can take vectors so users can customized multiple row/columns at the same time.

  • Fixed a bug for kable_as_image on Windows. Improved documentations and error messages.

kableExtra 0.5.1

  • Added documentations about those color/background color options in column_spec and row_spec

  • Added the kableExtra_latex_packages function to quickly print all necessary LaTeX packages on the screen.

  • Hot fix a bug in full_width in LaTeX

kableExtra 0.5.0 (a big LaTeX update)

  • Now column_spec & row_spec can customize font & cell background color with 2 new options color & background. Also, you can draw border lines using border_left or border_right when you are using column_spec.

  • Making it optional to pre-load LaTeX package on package startup

  • Adding documentations about dependencies on LaTeX packages and the auto-load behavior of kableExtra

  • Improved the look of full_width in kable_styling LaTeX and add tabu to LaTeX dependency

  • Added enc2utf8() to improve behavior in non-UTF8 machines.

  • Added HOLD_position, which uses LaTeX package float and H, for a stronger hold on table position. (Thanks @robshep)

  • Move conditional usepackage_latex() calls to zzz.R for more consistant behavior

  • Now you can change strip color for LaTeX tables.

  • Added support to tables with caption.short.

  • Added kable_as_image() for LaTeX tables. This function will render the LaTeX code snippet to a piece of standalone PDF file and then convert that to an image, which will then be included in the rmarkdown document, if the environment exists. It's useful for people who have a strong need of generating Word documents and producing well-formatted LaTeX table at the same time.

  • For both HTML & LaTeX, added escape option for add_footnote

  • Fixed a bug in LaTeX for the processing of the + sign

  • Fixed a bug with the [ symbol in escape_regex

kableExtra 0.4.0

  • Add scroll_box for HTML table for extremely long/wide tables

  • Fixed a bug in collapse_row on removing addlinespace

  • Removed addlinespace from group_rows

  • Added monospace to column_spec & row_spec

  • Lowered R version requirement to R 3.1.0

  • Added testthat (#28, thank you @wibeasley)

  • For all HTML table functions, changed reading method from xml2::read_xml to xml2::read_html plus some extra steps to avoid errors when HTML contents don't fulfill XHTML requirements (#24)

  • For all HTML table functions, improved exportation method to remove the XML declaration. (Stackoverflow:

  • Added repeat_header_method in kable_styling (#25)

  • Fixed a bug in position in kable_styling() (

  • Improved striped line look on tables with multiple layers of header rows. (#31)

  • Added escape to add_header_above and group_rows

  • Added PDF vignette to the CRAN vignette folder

kableExtra 0.3.0

  • Improved the look of HTML grouped header row (again) by adding spaces between groups

  • Fixed a bug in grouped header row.

  • Fixed a bug in grouped rows:

  • Fixed a bug in grouped rows with ()[].

  • Added a new LaTeX option repeat_header in kable_styling for repeating header rows in a longtable environment.

  • Fixed a bug in add_header_above to allow special symbol in extra header rows.

  • Allow column_spec automatically align when width is specified.

  • Added bold/italic options to add_header_above.

  • Added collapse_rows to collapse repeated rows to multirow cell

  • Improve package-level documentation based on @wibeasley's suggestion

kableExtra 0.2.1

  • Added column_spec() to customize the look of the selected column.

  • Improved the look of HTML grouped header row.

  • Fixed an error in a documentation.

kableExtra 0.2.0

  • Added add_indent() feature to add indentations to rows in HTML and LaTeX.

  • Added group_rows() feature to group rows together in HTML and LaTeX.

  • Changing font_size in kable_styling won't affect table caption any more.

  • Fixed a bug in scale_down in kable_styling on landscape page in LaTeX.

  • Changed stop to message on format checking.

  • Added an example for how to use it in Shiny.

  • Fixed a few errors in the LaTeX vignette file.

kableExtra 0.1.0

  • Initial Release

Reference manual

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. You can click here to download the reference manual.


1.1.0 by Hao Zhu, a year ago,

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