Calculate MIMS Dissolved Gas Concentrations Without Getting a Headache

Calculate dissolved gas concentrations from raw MIMS (Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer) signal data. Use mimsy() on a formatted CSV file to return dissolved gas concentrations (mg and microMole) of N2, O2, Ar based on gas solubility at temperature, pressure, and salinity. See references Benson and Krause (1984) , Garcia and Gordon (1992) , Stull (1947) , and Hamme and Emerson (2004) for more information. Easily save the output to a nicely-formatted multi-tab 'Excel' workbook with Supports dual-temperature standard calibration for dual-bath MIMS setups.

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"Calculate MIMS dissolved gas concentrations without getting a headache."

mimsy is a data analysis package that transforms raw MIMS (Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer) signal data into dissolved gas concentration readings using standard solubility equations. mimsy is designed to be simple and accessible for non-R users.

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Crunch data in 5 lines of code or less

# Load data into R
data <- read.csv(file = "data.csv", header = TRUE, stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
# Run the mimsy function
results <- mimsy(data, = 977.2, units = "hPa")
# Save the results, file = "results.xlsx") # To Excel file
save(results, file = "results.RData") # To RData file
# Done! :)

Installation instructions

# Pull package from github using devtools
install_github("michelleckelly/mimsy", dependencies = "Depends")
# Load package into your R environment

Recommended citation

To see the recommended citation for this package, run citation("mimsy") in the R console:



mimsy holds no official endorsement from the Bay Instruments company. This software is preliminary and subject to revision. By the use of this software, the user assumes their own responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the program.


Garcia, H., and L. Gordon (1992), Oxygen solubility in seawater: Better fitting equations. Limnology and Oceanography, 37(6).

Benson, B. B. & Krause, D. (1984). The concentration and isotopic fractionation of oxygen dissolved in freshwater and seawater in equilibrium with the atmosphere. Limnology and Oceanography, 29(3), 620-632.

Stull, D. R. (1947). Vapor Pressure of Pure Substances. Organic and Inorganic Compounds. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry, 39(4), 517-540.

Hamme, R. C. & Emerson, S. R. (2004). The solubility of neon, nitrogen and argon in distilled water and seawater. Deep-Sea Research I, 51(11), 1517-1528.


mimsy 0.4.2

Minor changes

  • Preparation for submission to CRAN
  • updated with full workflow example
  • logo updated

mimsy 0.4.1

Major changes

  • mimsy() takes data input as a dataframe, no longer internally loads from file path

Minor changes

  • vignettes/mimsy.Rmd rewritten for clarity and screenshots added

mimsy 0.3.1

Major changes

  • mimsy() std.temps pulled from CollectionTemps column of Group 1 Standards, std.temps input argument now depreciated

Minor changes

  • mimsy() now indicates the standard temperatures used in an output message to the user
  • mimsy() now checks that the length of std.temps vector is appropriate

Bug fixes

  • update to rely on non-depreciated forms of openxlsx functions

mimsy 0.2.1

Minor changes

  • vignettes/mimsy.Rmd now includes directions to save output as RData file

Bug fixes

  • vignettes/mimsy.Rmd and install instructions updated to fix bug where depenencies weren't downloading properly.

mimsy 0.2.0

Major changes

  • Added vignettes/mimsy.Rmd quick start guide for package.
  • Added file to track changes to the package.

Reference manual

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0.6.2 by Michelle Catherine Kelly, a year ago,

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Authors: Michelle Catherine Kelly [aut, cre] , Kevin Nevorski [ctb] , Amy M. Marcarelli [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports dplyr, magrittr, lubridate, openxlsx, utils

Suggests knitr, rmarkdown, kableExtra, xfun

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