Estimated Marginal Means, aka Least-Squares Means

Obtain estimated marginal means (EMMs) for many linear, generalized linear, and mixed models. Compute contrasts or linear functions of EMMs, trends, and comparisons of slopes. Plots and other displays. Least-squares means are discussed, and the term "estimated marginal means" is suggested, in Searle, Speed, and Milliken (1980) Population marginal means in the linear model: An alternative to least squares means, The American Statistician 34(4), 216-221 .

R package emmeans: Estimated marginal means


Estimated marginal means (EMMs, previously known as least-squares means in the context of traditional regression models) are derived by using a model to make predictions over a regular grid of predictor combinations (called a reference grid). These predictions may possibly be averaged (typically with equal weights) over one or more of the predictors. Such marginally-averaged predictions are useful for describing the results of fitting a model, particularly in presenting the effects of factors. The emmeans package can easily produce these results, as well as various graphs of them (interaction-style plots and side-by-side intervals).

  • Estimation and testing of pairwise comparisons of EMMs, and several other types of contrasts, are provided. There is also a cld method for display of grouping symbols.

  • Two-way support of the glht function in the multcomp package.

  • For models where continuous predictors interact with factors, the package's emtrends function works in terms of a reference grid of predicted slopes of trend lines for each factor combination.

  • Vignettes are provided on various aspects of EMMs and using the package. See the CRAN page

Model support

  • The package incorporates support for many types of models, including standard models fitted using lm, glm, and relatives, various mixed models, GEEs, survival models, count models, ordinal responses, zero-inflated models, and others. Provisions for some models include special modes for accessing different types of predictions; for example, with zero-inflated models, one may opt for the estimated response including zeros, just the linear predictor, or the zero model. For details, see vignette("models", package = "emmeans")

  • Various Bayesian models (carBayes, MCMCglmm, MCMCpack) are supported by way of creating a posterior sample of least-squares means or contrasts thereof, which may then be examined using tools such as in the coda package.

  • Package developers may provide emmeans support for their models by writing recover_data and emm_basis methods. See vignette("extending", package = "emmeans")

Versions and installation

  • CRAN The latest CRAN version may be found at Also at that site, formatted versions of this package's vignettes may be viewed.

  • Github To install the latest development version from Github, install the newest version (definitely 2.0 or higher) of the devtools package; then run

devtools::install_github("rvlenth/emmeans", dependencies = TRUE, build_opts = "")
### To install without vignettes (faster):

Note: If you are a Windows user, you should also first download and install the latest version of Rtools.

For the latest release notes on this development version, see the NEWS file


NEWS for the emmeans package

emmeans 1.3.4

  • Un-naming a lot of arguments in, ...) and, ...), to prevent problems with factor names like method that are argument names for these functions (#94)
  • Fix to a logic error in summary.emmGrid() whereby transformations of class list were ignored.
  • Enhancement to update.emmGrid(..., levels = levs) whereby we can easily relabel the reference grid and ensure that the grid and roles slots stay consistent. Added vignette example.
  • Clarified ordering rules used by emmeans(). We now ensure that the original order of the reference grid is preserved. Previously, the grid was re-ordered if any numeric or character levels occurred out of order, per order()
  • Curbing use of "statistical significance" language. This includes additional vignette material and plans to deprecate CLD() due to its misleading display of pairwise-comparison tests.
  • Bug fix for betareg objects, where the wrong terms component was sometimes used.
  • Correction to logic error that affected multiplicity adjustments when by variables are present (#98).
  • Addition of pwpp() function to plot P values of comparisons
  • Improvement to summary(..., adjust = "scheffe"). We now actually compute and use the rank of the matrix of linear functions to obtain the F numerator d.f., rather than trying to guess the likely correct value.
  • Removal of vignette on transitioning from lsmeans -- it's been a long enough time now.

emmeans 1.3.3

  • Fix to unintended consequence of #71 that caused incorrect ordering of contrast() results if they are later used by emmeans(). This was first noticed with ordinal models in prob mode (#83).
  • Improved checking of conformability of parameters -- for models with rank deficiency not handled same way as lm()'s NA convention
  • Added basic support for sommer::mmer, MuMIn::averaging, and mice::mira objects
  • Fix in nnet::multinom support when there are 2 outcomes (#19)
  • Added Satterthwaite d.f. to gls objects
  • famSize now correct when exclude or include is used in a contrast function (see #68)
  • Stronger warnings of possible bias with aovList objects, in part due to the popularity of afex::aov_ez() which uses these models.
  • Updates to FAQs vignette

emmeans 1.3.2

  • I decided to enable "optimal digits" display by default. In summaries, we try to show enough---but not too much---precision in estimates and confidence intervals. If you don't like this and want to revert to the old (exaggerated precision) behavior, do emm_options(opt.digits = FALSE)
  • Added include argument to most .emmc functions (#67)
  • Now allow character values for ref, exclude, and include in .emmc functions (#68)
  • Better handling of matrix predictors (#66)
  • Fixed over-zealous choice to not pass ... arguments in emmeans() when two-sided formulas are present
  • Fix to clm support when model is rank-deficient
  • Fix to regrid(..., transform = "log") error when there are existing non-estimable cases (issue #65)
  • Improvements to brmsfit support (#43)
  • Added support for mgcv::gam and mgcv::gamm models
  • .my.vcov() now passes ... to clients
  • Removed glmmADMB support. This package appears to be dormant
  • Fixed ordering bug for nested models (#71)
  • Support for manova object no longer requires data keyword (#72)
  • Added support for multivariate response in aovlist models (#73)
  • Documentation clarification (#76)
  • Fix to CLD fatal error when sort = TRUE (#77)
  • Fix to issue with weights and incomplete cases with lme objects (#75)
  • Nested fixed-effects yielded NonEsts when two factors are nested in the same factor(s) (#79)

emmeans 1.3.1

  • "mvt" adjustment ignored by grouping
  • contrast() mis-labeled estimates when levels varied among by groups (most prominently this happened in CLD(..., details = TRUE))
  • Changed aovlist support so it re-fits the model when non-sum-to-zero contrasts were used
  • print.summary_emm() now cleans up numeric columns with zapsmall()
  • More robust handling of nesting in ref_grid() and update(), and addition of covnest argument for whether to include covariates when auto-detecting nesting
  • Revision of some vignettes
  • Fixed bug in hpd.summary() and handoff to it from summary()
  • Fixed bug where ref_grid() ignored mult.levs
  • Fixes in emmeans where it passes ... where it shouldn't
  • CLD() now works for MCMC models (uses frequentist summary)
  • Addition of opt.digits option

emmeans 1.3.0

  • Deprecated functions like ref.grid() put to final rest, and we no longer support packages that provide or lsm.basis methods
  • Courtesy exports .recover_data() and .emm_basis() to provide access for extension developers to all available methods
  • Streamlining of a stored example in inst/extdata
  • Fix to .all.vars() that could cause errors when response variable has a function call with character constants.
  • Relabeling of differences as ratios when appropriate in regrid() (so results match summary() labeling with type = "response").
  • plot.emmGrid(..., comparisons = TRUE, type = "response") produced incorrect comparison arrows; now fixed

emmeans 1.2.4

  • Support for model formulas such as df$y ~ df$treat + df[["cov"]]. This had failed previously for two obscure reasons, but now works correctly.
  • New simplify.names option for above types of models
  • emm_options() with no arguments now returns all options in force, including the defaults. This makes it more consistent with options()
  • Bug fix for emtrends(); produced incorrect results in models with offsets.
  • Separated the help pages for update.emmGrid() and emm_options()
  • New qdrg() function (quick and dirty reference grid) for help with unsupported model objects

emmeans 1.2.3

  • S3 methods involving packages multcomp and coda are now dynamically registered, not merely exported as functions. This passes checks when S3 methods are required to be registered.
  • cld() has been deprecated in favor of CLD(). This had been a headache. multcomp is the wrong place for the generic to be; it is too fancy a dance to export cld with or without having multcomp installed.
  • Added vignette caution regarding interdependent covariates
  • Improved glmmADMB support to recover contrasts correctly

emmeans 1.2.2

  • Removed ggplot2, multcomp, and coda to Suggests -- thus vastly reducing dependencies
  • Added a FAQ to the FAQs vignette
  • Modified advice in xtending.Rmd vignette on how to export methods
  • Fixes to revpairwise.emmc and cld regarding comparing only 1 EMM
  • cld.emm_list now returns results only for object[[ which[1] ]], along with a warning message.
  • Deprecated emmeans specs like cld ~ group, a vestige of lsmeans as it did not work correctly (and was already undocumented)

emmeans 1.2.1

  • Moved brms to Suggests (dozens and dozens fewer dependencies)

emmeans 1.2

  • Index of vignette topics added
  • New, improved (to my taste) vignette formats
  • Fixed df bug in regrid (#29)
  • Fixed annotation bug for nested models (#30)
  • Better documentation for lme models in "models" vignette
  • Additional fixes for arguments passed to .emmc functions (#22)
  • Support added for logical predictors (who knew we could have those? not me)
  • Replaced tex/pdf "Extending" vignette with Rmd/html
  • Overhauled the faulty logic for df methods in emm_basis.merMod
  • Added Henrik to contributors list (long-standing oversight)
  • Added exclude argument to most .emmc functions: allows user to omit certain levels when computing contrasts
  • New hpd.summary() function for Bayesian models to show HPD intervals rather than frequentist summary. Note: summary() automatically reroutes to it. Also plot() and emmip() play along.
  • Rudimentary support for brms package
  • Ad hoc Satterthwaite method for nlme::lme models

emmeans 1.1.3

  • Formatting corrections in documentation
  • Fixed bug for survival models where Surv() was interpreted as a response transformation.
  • Fixed bug (issue #19) in multinom support
  • Fixed bug (issue #22) in optional arguments with interaction contrasts
  • Fixed bug (issue #23) in weighting with character predictors
  • Clarifying message when cld() is applied to an emm_list (issue #24)
  • Added offset argument to ref_grid() (scalar offset only) and to emmeans() (vector offset allowed) -- (issue #18)
  • New optional argument for [.summary_emm to choose whether to retain its class or coerce to a data.frame (relates to issue #14)
  • Added reverse option for trt.vs.ctrl and relatives (#27)

emmeans 1.1.2

  • Changed the way terms is accessed with lme objects to make it more robust
  • emmeans:::convert_scripts() renames output file more simply
  • Added [ method for class summary_emm
  • Added simple argument for contrast - essentially the complement of by
  • Improved estimability handling in joint_tests()
  • Made ref_grid() accept ylevs list of length > 1; also slight argument change: -> mult.names
  • Various bug fixes, bullet-proofing
  • Fixes to make Markdown files render better

emmeans 1.1

  • Fixed a bug in emmeans() wherein weights was ignored when specs is a list
  • Coerce data argument, if supplied to a data.frame (recover_data() doesn't like tibbles...)
  • Added method for emmGrid objects, making it often possible to pass it directly to other functions as a data argument.
  • Fixed bug in contrast() where by was ignored for interaction contrasts
  • Fixed bug in as.glht() where it choked on df = Inf
  • Fixed bug occurring when a model call has no data or subset
  • New joint_tests() function tests all [interaction] contrasts

emmeans 1.0

  • Added preliminary support for gamlss objects (but doesn't support smoothing). Additional argument is what = c("mu", "sigma", "nu", "tau") It seems to be flaky when the model of interest is just ~ 1.
  • Improved support for models with fancy variable names (containing spaces and such)
  • Fixed a bug whereby emmeans() might pass data to contrast()
  • Added some missing documentation for summary.emmGrid()
  • Repaired handling of emm_options(summary = ...) to work as advertised.
  • Changed many object names in examples and vignettes from xxx.emmGrid to xxx.emm (result of overdoing the renaming the object class itself)
  • Changed emmGrid() function to emm() as had been intended as alternative to mcp() in multcomp::glht() (result of ditto).
  • Fixed error in exporting cld.emm_list()
  • Fixed a bug whereby all CIs were computed using the first estimate's degrees of freedom.
  • Now using Inf to display d.f. for asymptotic (z) tests. (NA will still work too but Inf is a better choice for consistency and meaning.)
  • Bug fix in nesting-detection code when model has only an intercept

emmeans 0.9.1

  • Documentation corrections (broken links, misspellings, mistakes)
  • More sophisticated check for randomized data in recover_data() now throws an error when it finds recovered data not reproducible
  • Added support for gam::gam objects
  • Fixes to vcov() calls to comply with recent R-devel changes

emmeans 0.9

This is the initial major version that replaces the lsmeans package. Changes shown below are changes made to the last real release of lsmeans (version 2.27-2). lsmeans versions greater than that are transitional to that package being retired.

  • We now emphasize the terminology "estimated marginal means" rather than "least-squares means"
  • The flagship functions are now emmeans(), emtrends(), emmip(), etc. But lsmeans(), lstrends(), etc. as well as pmmeans() etc. are mapped to their corresponding emxxxx() functions.
  • In addition, we are trying to avoid names that could get confused as S3 methods. So, ref.grid -> ref_grid, lsm.options -> emm_options, etc.
  • Classes ref.grid and lsmobj are gone. Both are replaced by class emmGrid. An as.emmGrid() function is provided to convert old objects to class emmGrid.
  • I decided to revert back to "kenward-roger" as the default degrees-of-freedom method for lmerMod models. Also added options disable.lmerTest and lmerTest.limit, similar to those for pbkrtest.
  • Documentation and NAMESPACE are now "ROxygenated"
  • Additional neuralgia and pigs datasets
  • Dispatching of emmmeans() methods is now top-down rather than convoluted intermingling of S3 methods
  • Improved display of back-transformed contrasts when log or logit transformation was used: We change any -s in labels to /s to emphasize that thnese results are ratios.
  • A message is now displayed when nesting is auto-detected in ref_grid. (Can be disabled via emm_options())
  • Options were added for several messages that users may want to suppress, e.g., ones about interactions and nesting.
  • Greatly overhauled help page for models. It is now a vignette, with a quick reference chart linked to details, and is organized by similarities instead of packages.
  • Support for 'mer' objects (lme4.0 package) removed.
  • A large number of smaller interlinked vignettes replaces the one big one on using the package. Several vignettes are linked in the help pages.
  • Graphics methods plot() and emmip() are now ggplot2-based. Old lattice-based functionality is still available too, and there is a graphics.engine option to choose the default.
  • Non-exported utilities convert_workspace() and convert_scripts() to help with transition
  • Moved Suggests pkgs to Enhances when not needed for building/testing

NOTE: emmeans is a continuation of the lsmeans package.

New developments will take place in emmeans, and lsmeans will remain static and eventually will be archived.

Reference manual

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