Tools for Model Specification in the Latent Variable Framework

Tools for model specification in the latent variable framework (add-on to the 'lava' package). The package contains three main functionalities: Wald tests/F-tests with improved control of the type 1 error in small samples, adjustment for multiple comparisons when searching for local dependencies, and adjustment for multiple comparisons when doing inference for multiple latent variable models.


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  • Version 1.4 <2018-09-21 Fri> ** User visible change
  • modelsearch2 is now only based on the score statistic.
  • Version 1.3.5 <2018-05-01 Tue> ** User visible change
  • add arguments df, cluster to glht2
  • argument display is now named print in summary

** Internal change

  • remove dependency on tcltk for displaying progress bar with parallel computation.
  • prepare for update of ggplot 2.3.0
  • Version 1.3.4 <2018-04-23 Mon> ** User visble changes
  • =calibrateType1= is now a method and support parallel computation
  • =summary2=, =compare2=, and =iid2= for =lvmfit= object can compute cluster robust standard error.
  • Version 1.3.3 ** User visble changes
  • add option Ftest to =calibrateType1=.
  • Version 1.3.2 ** Internal changes
  • fix bugs
  • Version 1.3.1 ** User visble changes
  • New feature: =calibrateType1= to perform simulation studies of the type 1 error rate for Wald test in LVM.
  • Version 1.3.0 <2018-04-04 Wed> ** User visble changes
  • =summary2= can be called directly.

** Internal changes

  • identification of the small sample bias of the variance-covariance parameters. This enable to correct the derivatives and not only the estimation of the conditional variance.
  • =sCorrect= is able to handle missing values
  • reorganisation of the structure of the functions in =sCorrect=. Only =sCorrect= do real computations and all the results are stored in the object (slot sCorrect). The other functions (=summary2=, =compare2=, =iid2=, =score2=, =residuals2=) only extract and combine information from the object.
  • Version 1.2.0 <2018-16-03 Fri>

** Internal changes

  • iterative estimation of the small sample bias
  • Version 1.1.0 <2018-02-01 Thu> ** User visible changes
  • The argument =numericDerivative= has been renamed =numeric.derivative=.
  • The argument =adjust.residuals= has been renamed =bias.correct=.
  • The method =dVcov2= has been renamed =sCorrect=.
  • The method =lTest= is now replaced by the method =compare2=. =compare2= is similar to =lava::compare= but with small sample correction. The argument =C= of =lTest= is now =contrast= in =compare2=.
  • The interaction with the multtest package has been re-organized. There is no more =mlf2= or =mmm2= function. When no small sample correction is needed use =glht=, otherwise =glht2=.
  • The function =createContrast= has been improved.

** Internal changes

  • When possible argument x has been converted to object.
  • Dependency on several packages has been moved from Import to Suggest. This leads to several requireNamespace in the code to check the presence of packages.

Reference manual

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