Processing of Model Parameters

Utilities for processing the parameters of various statistical models. Beyond computing p values, CIs, and other indices for a wide variety of models (see list of supported models using the function 'insight::supported_models()'), this package implements features like bootstrapping or simulating of parameters and models, feature reduction (feature extraction and variable selection) as well as functions to describe data and variable characteristics (e.g. skewness, kurtosis, smoothness or distribution).


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Authors: Daniel Lüdecke [aut, cre] , @strengejacke) , Dominique Makowski [aut] , @Dom_Makowski) , Mattan S. Ben-Shachar [aut] , Indrajeet Patil [aut] , @patilindrajeets) , Søren Højsgaard [aut] , Brenton M. Wiernik [aut] , @bmwiernik) , Zen J. Lau [ctb] , Vincent Arel-Bundock [ctb] , @vincentab) , Jeffrey Girard [ctb] , @jeffreymgirard) , Christina Maimone [rev] , Niels Ohlsen [rev] (@Niels_Bremen)

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GPL-3 license

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