Fast Estimators for Design-Based Inference

Fast procedures for small set of commonly-used, design-appropriate estimators with robust standard errors and confidence intervals. Includes estimators for linear regression, instrumental variables regression, difference-in-means, Horvitz-Thompson estimation, and regression improving precision of experimental estimates by interacting treatment with centered pre-treatment covariates introduced by Lin (2013) .


estimatr 0.16.0

  • Add diagnostics to iv_robust()
  • Add glance() methods for all estimators
  • Add lh_robust() for easy interface to car::linearHypothesis()
  • Fixed minor bug with a formula such as in the covariates formula in lm_lin() (issue #283)

estimatr 0.14.0

  • Removes broom hack for tidy method and instead relies on importing generics

estimatr 0.12.0

  • Fixed ambiguity about how interacted covariates were centered in lm_lin
  • A series of fixes for bugs that occurred with multiple outcomes (multivariate regression):
    • Fixed bug pointed out by James Pustejovsky via the sandwich version 2.5-0 and off-diagonal blocks of multivariate regression vcov matrices
    • Fixed bugs in lm_lin preventing multivariate regression
    • Fixed bug that truncated degrees of freedom with "CR2" standard errors
    • Fixed bug that returned incorrect R-squared for the second or later outcomes
  • Fixed bug preventing integration with latest version of margins
  • Fixed bug with difference_in_means when using condition1 and condition2 to subset a treatment vector with more than two treatment conditions. Previous estimates and standard errors were incorrect.

estimatr 0.10.0

  • Changed names of confidence interval columns in tidied data from ci.lower and ci.upper to conf.low and conf.high to be in line with other tidy methods
  • Added support for fixed_effects that are just one block
  • Added support for specifing condition_prs in horvitz_thompson() as a single number
  • Added t- and z-statistics to output
  • Limit unnecessary messaging in horvitz_thompson()

estimatr 0.8.0

  • Added support for absorbing fixed effects in lm_robust and iv_robust
  • Added commarobust and starprep for stargazer integration
  • Added texreg support for 2SLS IV models
  • Fixed bugs for incorrect F-statistics with robust standard errors
  • Refactor of main fitting engine for linear models

estimatr 0.6.0

  • Added support for multivariate linear models
  • Added support for instrumental variables regression
  • Major change to name of object output elements to mostly match with broom::tidy
    • old -> new
    • coefficient_names -> term
    • se -> std.error
    • p -> p.values
    • ci_lower -> ci.lower
    • ci_upper -> ci.upper
    • All of the above changes are also made to the column names on the output of tidy; furthermore for tidy objects one further name change from coefficients -> estimate has been made
  • Fixed bug that caused variances, standard errors, and p-values to be wrong for weighted "CR2" variance estimation
  • Fixed incorrect estimates when both weights and blocks were passed to difference_in_means
  • Rewrite NSE handling to be done by rlang
  • Rewrite na.omit handler in R
  • Major refactor of C++ underlying regression estimators

estimatr 0.4.0

  • Changed suffix added to centered variables in lm_lin() from _bar to _c
  • Added all vignettes to .Rbuildignore, only available on website now
  • Fixed lm_robust_helper.cpp algorithm to not catch own exception and to deal with valgrind memory errors
  • Bugfix where passing a formula as an object within a function would fail
  • Simplified some tests for various CRAN test platforms

estimatr 0.2.0

  • First CRAN upload

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0.30.2 by Graeme Blair, 9 months ago,

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Authors: Graeme Blair [aut, cre] , Jasper Cooper [aut] , Alexander Coppock [aut] , Macartan Humphreys [aut] , Luke Sonnet [aut] , Neal Fultz [ctb] , Lily Medina [ctb] , Russell Lenth [ctb]

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Task views: Econometrics

MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports Formula, generics, methods, Rcpp, rlang

Suggests fabricatr, randomizr, AER, clubSandwich, emmeans, estimability, ivpack, margins, modelsummary, prediction, RcppEigen, sandwich, stargazer, testthat, car

Enhances texreg

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Depended on by DeclareDesign, DesignLibrary, ri2.

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