Tidy Data and 'Geoms' for Bayesian Models

Compose data for and extract, manipulate, and visualize posterior draws from Bayesian models ('JAGS', 'Stan', 'rstanarm', 'brms', 'MCMCglmm', 'coda', ...) in a tidy data format. Functions are provided to help extract tidy data frames of draws from Bayesian models and that generate point summaries and intervals in a tidy format. In addition, 'ggplot2' 'geoms' and 'stats' are provided for common visualization primitives like points with multiple uncertainty intervals, eye plots (intervals plus densities), and fit curves with multiple, arbitrary uncertainty bands.


tidybayes 1.0.4

  • Fixed errors on CRAN from changes in dplyr

New features and documentation:

  • Initial support for add_residual_draws, towards #133
  • Add tidybayes-residuals vignette
  • Add add_draws to support models that add_[fitted|predicted]_draws does not (closes #149)
  • Add sample_draws to make it easier to take fewer draws anywhere in the pipeline (towards #144)
  • Add hypothetical outcome plots (HOPs) to examples

Minor changes:

  • Fix bug to support multivariate models in predicted_draws, closes #134
  • Add support for emm_list in gather_emmeans_draws, closes #126
  • Default for show.legend no longer omits all guides
  • Make default lineribbon color black, closes #153

tidybayes 1.0.3

  • Added gather_pairs method for creating custom scatterplot matrices (and more!)
  • Ordinal models in brms now use original category labels (#122)
  • NA values are now better supported in point_interval, and it has an na.rm argument (#123)
  • Added sampler diagnostics to tidy_draws() stan output (#109)
  • Added MCMCglmm+emmeans example to vignettes
  • Add guards to prevent usage of packages listed in Suggests

tidybayes 1.0.0

Major changes:

  • First CRAN release.
  • Various function, argument, and column name changes towards unification with the Stan ecosystem. See help("tidybayes-deprecated") for more information.

Reference manual

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