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2.32.1 by Ben Goodrich, 6 months ago,

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Authors: Jonah Gabry [aut] , Imad Ali [ctb] , Sam Brilleman [ctb] , Jacqueline Buros Novik [ctb] (R/stan_jm.R) , AstraZeneca [ctb] (R/stan_jm.R) , Trustees of Columbia University [cph] , Simon Wood [cph] (R/stan_gamm4.R) , R Core Deveopment Team [cph] (R/stan_aov.R) , Douglas Bates [cph] (R/pp_data.R) , Martin Maechler [cph] (R/pp_data.R) , Ben Bolker [cph] (R/pp_data.R) , Steve Walker [cph] (R/pp_data.R) , Brian Ripley [cph] (R/stan_aov.R , R/stan_polr.R) , William Venables [cph] (R/stan_polr.R) , Paul-Christian Burkner [cph] (R/misc.R) , Ben Goodrich [cre, aut]

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GPL (>= 3) license

Imports bayesplot, ggplot2, lme4, loo, Matrix, nlme, posterior, rstan, rstantools, shinystan, stats, survival, RcppParallel, utils

Depends on Rcpp, methods

Suggests biglm, betareg, data.table, digest, gridExtra, HSAUR3, knitr, MASS, mgcv, rmarkdown, roxygen2, StanHeaders, testthat, gamm4, shiny, V8

Linking to StanHeaders, rstan, BH, Rcpp, RcppEigen, RcppParallel

System requirements: GNU make, pandoc (>= 1.12.3), pandoc-citeproc

Imported by BayesPostEst, IRexamples, bayesrules, eefAnalytics, jmBIG, tidyposterior, webSDM.

Depended on by evidence, fbst.

Suggested by INLAjoint, RBesT, SAMprior, afex, bayesMeanScale, bayesplot, bayestestR, bridgesampling, broom.helpers, broom.mixed, conformalbayes, correlation, datawizard, effectsize, embed, ggeffects, insight, loo, marginaleffects, merTools, modelbased, modelsummary, parameters, performance, projpred, report, see, shinybrms, shinystan, sjPlot, tidyAML, tidybayes.

Enhanced by emmeans, interactions, jtools.

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