Agricultural Datasets

Datasets from books, papers, and websites related to agriculture. Example graphics and analyses are included. Data come from small-plot trials, multi-environment trials, uniformity trials, yield monitors, and more.

The purpose of agridat is to provide a single R package which collects datasets from agricultural experiments.


News for 'agridat'

Version 1.12 (Jun 2015)

  • New data: cochran.beets, cochran.lattice,, jansen.carrot

  • Other Fix bug with desplot( , show.key=FALSE) Remove url links to Jstor, leave as plain text.

Version 1.11 (Mar 2015)

  • New data: besag.beans, besag.triticale, burgeuno.alpha, burgueno.rowcol, burgueno.unreplicated, steptoe.morex.pheno

  • Other Now includes 'nipals' function for principal components with missing data. Removed non-CRAN package pcaMethods from Imports. Removed (after adding) asreml from Suggests (due to CRAN check problems).

  • Wish list: JAGS code for lee.potatoblight JAGS code for theobald.barley JAGS code for besag.elbatan.

Version 1.10 (Nov 2014)

  • New data: beaven.barley, perry.springwheat, ridout.appleshoots

  • Other: Move packages from Depends to Imports. JAGS example added to welch.bermudagrass. Moved 'vc' function to the 'lucid' package.

Version 1.9 (Jul 2014)

  • New data: beall.webworms, besag.endive, brandt.switchback, butron.maize, carlson.germination, cochran.factorial, connolly.potato, cornelius.maize, cullis.earlygen, fisher.latin, foulley.calving, fox.wheat, gomez.splitplot.subsample, goulden.latin, gumpertz.pepper, harrison.priors, hazell.vegetables, heady.fertilizer, holland.arthropods, hunter.corn, jansen.strawberry, kalamkar.potato.uniformity, kang.maize, kang.peanut, karcher.turfgrass, keen.potatodamage, lasrosas.corn, lee.potatoblight, lonnquist.maize, lucas.switchback, maindonald.barley, mead.cauliflower, mercer.mangold.uniformity, patterson.switchback, piepho.cocksfoot, sinclair.clover, snijders.fusarium, stirret.borers, theobald.barley, turner.herbicide, vargas.txe, vold.longterm, wallace.iowaland, walsh.cottonprice, wassom.brome1.uniformity, welch.bermudagrass, weiss.incblock, weiss.lattice, yang.barley

  • New functions: vc: to extract variance component estimates from mixed models. gge: to fit and plot GGE biplots.

  • Other: Use if(require(lme4)) in examples. Ripley request. hayman.diallel is now hayman.tobacco besag.met now includes missing values (to form complete rectangles). All data (almost) now have an example graphic.

Version 1.8 (Sep 2013)

  • New data: brandle.rape, salmon.bunt

Version 1.7 (Sep 2013)

  • New data: baker.barley.uniformity, bliss.borers, bond.diallel, harris.wateruse, hayman.diallel, holshouser.splitstrip,, waynick.soil

Version 1.6 (June 2013)

  • New data: crossa.wheat, garber.multi.uniformity, gomez.nitrogen, harris.multi.uniformity, li.millet.uniformity, odland.soybean.uniformity, odland.soyhay.uniformity, ratkowsky.onions, stephens.sorghum.uniformity

  • All uniformity trials now include 'uniformity' in the data name.

Version 1.5 (Apr 2013)

  • New data: adugna.sorghum, ars.earlywhitecorn96, besag.bayesian, box.cork, broadbalk.wheat,, caribbean.maize, carmer.density, cate.potassium, cleveland.soil, cochran.eelworms, cochran.wireworms, fan.stability, gomez.seedrate, gotway.hessianfly, goulden.barley.uniformity, henderson.milkfat, hernandez.nitrogen, hessling.argentina, immer.sugarbeet.uniformity, ivins.herbs, jenkyn.mildew, johnson.blight, lambert.soiltemp, lavoranti.eucalyptus, lyon.potato.uniformity, lyons.wheat, mead.cowpeamaize, mead.germination,, minnesota.barley.yield, nebraska.farmincome, nass.barley, nass.corn, nass.cotton, nass.hay, nass.rice, nass.sorghum, nass.soybean, nass.wheat, ortiz.tomato, pacheco.soybean, senshu.rice, snedecor.asparagus, streibig.competition, zuidhof.broiler

  • Other Removed rgl and rjags from 'Suggests' to facilitate cross-platform checking

Version 1.4 (Mar 2012)

  • New data:, blackman.wheat, cochran.crd, cochran.latin, darwin.maize, denis.ryegrass, digby.jointregression, engelstad.nitro, federer.diagcheck, gilmour.slatehall, john.alpha, ilra.sheep, kempton.slatehall, ryder.groundnut, steel.soybean, vsn.lupin3

Version 1.3 (Sep 2011)

  • New data: bridges.cucumber, cox.stripsplit, diggle.cow, eden.potato,, graybill.heteroskedastic, hanks.sprinkler, mcconway.turnip, pearl.kernels, williams.barley.uniformity, williams.cotton.uniformity

Version 1.2 (Jun 2011)

  • New data: aastveit,, kempton.competition, wedderburn.barley

Version 1.0 (Apr 2011)

  • First release to CRAN.

Version 0.0 (Oct 2010)

  • Development begins.

Reference manual

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