Tests in Linear Mixed Effects Models

Provides p-values in type I, II or III anova and summary tables for lmer model fits (cf. lme4) via Satterthwaite's degrees of freedom method. A Kenward-Roger method is also available via the pbkrtest package. Model selection methods include step, drop1 and anova-like tables for random effects (ranova). Methods for Least-Square means (LS-means) and tests of linear contrasts of fixed effects are also available.


lmerTest 3.1-0

  • Adding support for legacy model fits, i.e. merModLmerTest objects generated with lmerTest version < 3.0-0. This includes defining the merModLmerTest class and anova, summary, drop1, ls_means, lsmeansLT and difflsmeans methods. The usual lme4 methods also work with objects of class merModLmerTest.

lmerTest 3.0-1

  • over-sensitive tests (failing on Solaris) have reduced tolerance
  • sigma and sigma.merMod defined and exported for R <= 3.3.0
  • Warn if Kenward-Roger is used with R <= 3.3.0 since it may give incorrect results
  • Add lme4 (>= 1.1-10) and R (>= 3.2.5) to Depends (last available version where lmerTest checks out)
  • pbkrtest package loaded conditional on availability in tests

lmerTest 3.0-0

  • The new and completely re-written lmerTest package. Details of changes are available in pdf or html

lmerTest < 3.0-0

  • Signficant news and changes for the 2.0-xx release series is provided below.


  • included citation info for JSS


  • lsmeans and difflsmeans are now deprecated functions. Changed the names to lsmeansLT and dlsmeansLT
  • changed the maintainer field


  • changed the message of identifiability to the more appropriate one


  • removed lmerTestFunctions.R and restructured the package. added calcSatterth(model, L) for calculating Satterthwaite's approximation for a specified L matrix


  • envir.R failed with the newest version of lme4. Changed the code to pass the check. TODO: remove updating the model


  • changes in general summary function. callNextMethod changed to as(model, "lmerMod)


  • updated according to comments from CRAN

2.0-24 changes:

  • cleaned the code

2.0-23 changes:

  • hessian and grad changed to mygrad and myhess (deriv.R functions of Rune)
  • plots use ggplot2
  • look for previous changes in R-Forge

2.0-11 changes:

  • elimRandEffs deleted. now the rand table contains all the information

2.0-9 changes:

  • fixed.calc option is added to step function
  • elimRand effs changed: random effects that are 1 approx to 1e-6 are eliminated
  • las=2 in barplots: verical axis names contrast with the name "l" changed to "l.lmerTest.private.contrasts"

2.0-8 changes:

  • throws error for lsmeans, difflsmeans, rand and step functions if the model does not inherit lmerMod class

2.0-7 changes:

  • in utils calcSatterth changed: solve of 0 dim matrix now catches in tryCatch - example MAMex.R in tests is added to check the bug
  • messages are printed if some computational errors occurr in anova or summary and the ones from lme4 are returned (bugSummary.R for testing)

2.0.6 changes:

  • added a number of tests in the tests folder and inst/datasets for the testing data sets - will not be included in the R-forge nor CRAN (for a moment)
  • model is not updated automatically to REML (tests for random effects are ML!)
  • man functions updated

2.0.5 changes:

  • fixed bug from Ben - summary(model, "lme4") changed to summary(model, ddf="lme4")
  • fixed bug for summary from Cyrus
  • added in manual notes regarding random coefficient models simplification
  • Rune changed solve to chol2inv in lmerTestFunctions.R
  • changed updateModel function so that the bugs with the environmentgs are solved

2.0.4 new:

  • rewritten rand table elimination
  • added elimrand.R

Modifications in lmerTest 2.0.1

  • The elim.num column now has KEEP instead of 0
  • X'X deficiancy was fixed by Rune, lmerTest was fixed accordingly

Reference manual

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3.1-3 by Rune Haubo Bojesen Christensen, a year ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/runehaubo/lmerTestR/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/lmerTest

Authors: Alexandra Kuznetsova [aut] , Per Bruun Brockhoff [aut, ths] , Rune Haubo Bojesen Christensen [aut, cre] , Sofie PĆødenphant Jensen [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports numDeriv, MASS, ggplot2

Depends on lme4, stats, methods

Suggests pbkrtest, tools

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