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4.1.23 by Beth Atkinson, 6 months ago,

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Authors: Terry Therneau [aut] , Beth Atkinson [aut, cre] , Brian Ripley [trl] (producer of the initial R port , maintainer 1999-2017)

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GPL-2 | GPL-3 license

Depends on graphics, stats, grDevices

Suggests survival

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Depended on by AntAngioCOOL, DidacticBoost, GENEAclassify, GPLTR, LearnPCA, LongCART, MTPS, MplusTrees, PSAgraphics, REEMtree, ada, adabag, chemometrics, gamlss.add, iBST, jlctree, longRPart2, maptree, metacart, quint, regclass, rpart.LAD, rpart.plot, rpartScore, spatstat.model, splinetree, stima, treeClust.

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