Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich

Useful utilities ['goodies'] from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich, some of which were ported from S-plus in the 1990s. For graphics, have pretty (Log-scale) axes, an enhanced Tukey-Anscombe plot, combining histogram and boxplot, 2d-residual plots, a 'tachoPlot()', pretty arrows, etc. For robustness, have a robust F test and robust range(). For system support, notably on Linux, provides 'Sys.*()' functions with more access to system and CPU information. Finally, miscellaneous utilities such as simple efficient prime numbers, integer codes, Duplicated(), toLatex.numeric() and is.whole().

The R package sfsmisc has finally made it into a revision control system, and the fad of the day being git & github, so be it!

sfsmisc has been on CRAN for a very long time, and containing R code that is up to 17.5 years old. (See on how I got this into github, including parts of the long history.)

It is a collection of "goodies" as we used to call these nice utility functions. Whereas the package has been written and maintained by Martin Maechler, really there are quite a few more members of the SfS (Seminar fuer Statistik at ETH Zurich) who have authored some of the functions or contributed to them.


Useful utilities 'goodies' from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich, quite a few related to graphics; many ported from S-plus times.


Reference manual

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1.1-12 by Martin Maechler, 4 months ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/mmaechler/sfsmisc/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/sfsmisc

Authors: Martin Maechler [aut, cre] , Werner Stahel [ctb] (Functions: compresid2way() , f.robftest() , last() , p.scales() , p.dnorm()) , Andreas Ruckstuhl [ctb] (Functions: p.arrows() , p.profileTraces() , p.res.2x()) , Christian Keller [ctb] (Functions: histBxp() , p.tachoPlot()) , Kjetil Halvorsen [ctb] (Functions: KSd() , ecdf.ksCI()) , Alain Hauser [ctb] (Functions: cairoSwd() , is.whole() , toLatex.numeric()*) , Christoph Buser [ctb] (to function Duplicated()) , Lorenz Gygax [ctb] (to function p.res.2fact()) , Bill Venables [ctb] (Functions: empty.dimnames() , primes()) , Tony Plate [ctb] (to inv.seq()) , Isabelle Flückiger [ctb] , Marcel Wolbers [ctb] , Markus Keller [ctb] , Sandrine Dudoit [ctb] , Jane Fridlyand [ctb] , Greg Snow [ctb] (to loessDemo()) , Henrik Aa. Nielsen [ctb] (to loessDemo()) , Vincent Carey [ctb] , Ben Bolker [ctb] , Philippe Grosjean [ctb] , Frédéric Ibanez [ctb] , Caterina Savi [ctb] , Charles Geyer [ctb] , Jens Oehlschlägel [ctb]

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