Open Machine Learning and Open Data Platform

We provide an R interface to '' which is an online machine learning platform where researchers can access open data, download and upload data sets, share their machine learning tasks and experiments and organize them online to work and collaborate with other researchers. The R interface allows to query for data sets with specific properties, and allows the downloading and uploading of data sets, tasks, flows and runs. See <> for more information.


OpenML 1.8 (Release date: 2018-XX-XX):

  • Fixed bug in listOMLSetup.
  • Update to curl 3.1 which fixes the error 'transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining' for large files.
  • New function extractOMLStudyIds added, which directly extracts ids of data sets, tasks, flows and runs.

OpenML 1.7 (Release date: 2017-10-17):

  • listOMLTask, listOMLFlow, listOMLRuns do not return the tag field anymore.
  • New function listOMLSetup added, which enables extracting hyperparameter configurations of specific setups/flows.
  • New function chunkOMLlist added in order to automatically do chunked listing requests.

OpenML 1.6 (Release date: 2017-08-14):

  • Fixes some config issues.

OpenML 1.5 (Release date: 2017-08-11):

  • New functions to list and get all information w.r.t. studies: getOMLStudy, listOMLStudies.
  • API key not needed anymore for getOML* and listOML* functions.

OpenML 1.4 (Release date: 2017-06-20):

  • Bugfix: Error message "Start tag expected, '<' not found" for getOMLTask and getOMLDataSet was fixed.
  • methods for OMLRunParList, OMLDataSet and OMLTasks objects were added.
  • listOMLRunEvaluations now allows to get results w.r.t. a single evaluation measure ('evaluation.measure' arg) which speeds up the request.
  • listOMLRuns and listOMLRunEvaluations now also supports a vector of ids for, and
  • getOMLRun(, only.xml = TRUE) can now be used to get the run without the predictions arff file (which is faster, especially when you are only interested in, e.g. getting the hyperparameters of a run).

OpenML 1.3 (Release date: 2017-04-01):

  • Bugfixes.
  • Updated citation.
  • Add html vignette and update its content.
  • listOMLTasks and listOMLDataSets now additionally show a message when the limit of results is reached.
  • listOML* functions return an empty data frame when no results are available.
  • listOMLRunEvaluations now returns additional columns for the flow (flow version, flow source and learner name).
  • runTask now allows to set the 'models' option to FALSE so that resulting objects will be smaller.

OpenML 1.2 (Release date: 2017-02-07):

  • Add support for multilabel datasets and tasks.
  • Replace download.file with httr::GET.
  • Add mlr 2.10 dependency (we internally use mlr::mergeBenchmarkResults and mlr::makePrediction now).

OpenML 1.1 (Release date: 2016-11-22):

  • Setting default cache directory on package loading (fixes winbuilder).
  • Replace internal regexps with stringi functions.

OpenML1.0 (Release date: 2016-11-12):

  • First submission to CRAN.

Reference manual

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