A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (2nd Edition)

Functions, data sets, analyses and examples from the second edition of the book ''A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R'' (Brian S. Everitt and Torsten Hothorn, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2008). The first chapter of the book, which is entitled ''An Introduction to R'', is completely included in this package, for all other chapters, a vignette containing all data analyses is available. In addition, the package contains Sweave code for producing slides for selected chapters (see HSAUR2/inst/slides).


            Changes in version 1.1-17

o remove longtable.sty

            Changes in version 1.1-16

o use logrank_test instead of surv_test (for coin 1.2-0)

            Changes in version 1.1-15

o    remove tm

            Changes in version 1.1-14

o    update NAMESPACE

            Changes in version 1.1-13

o    remove defunct publisher URL

            Changes in version 1.1-12

o    don't ship Makefiles

            Changes in version 1.1-11

o    tools::delimMatch

            Changes in version 1.1-10

o    bodyfat moved from mboost to TH.data

            Changes in version 1.1-9

o    fix compilation problems in inst/slides

            Changes in version 1.1-8

o    make sure the search path is clean for each vignette

            Changes in version 1.1-7

o    ready for TH.data

            Changes in version 1.1-6

o    ensure backward compatibility with lme4 < 1.0-0

            Changes in version 1.1-5

o    documentation updates

o    make sure vignette runs with lme4 1.0-0

            Changes in version 1.1-4

o    mh_test required the scores argument to be a
     _named_ list (spotted by coin 1.1-0)

	Changes in version 1.1-3

o    .find.package() -> system.file()

o    play with wordcloud() a little

	Changes in version 1.1-2

o    add Sweave files for slides

	Changes in version 1.1-1

o    mark UTF-8 strings

	Changes in version 1.1-0

o    put vignettes in HSAUR2/vignettes together
     with *.Rout.save files. R CMD check is now
     ~50% faster.

	Changes in version 1.0-7

o    further size reductions

	Changes in version 1.0-6

o    reduce package size a bit

	Changes in version 1.0-5

o    package `partykit' is finally on CRAN

	Changes in version 1.0-4

o    fix install options for partykit

	Changes in version 1.0-3

o    fix typo in gardenflowers data set

	Changes in version 1.0-2

o    aspirin dataset contained typos which have been
     fixed. Spotted by Antony Unwin <[email protected]>

o    URL for CHFLS data set had changed.
     Spotted by Antony Unwin <[email protected]>

o    new doubledecker plot for BCG data, as suggested
     Antony Unwin <[email protected]>

o    workaround partykit still not being awailable from CRAN

Reference manual

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1.1-18 by Torsten Hothorn, a year ago

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/HSAUR2

Authors: Brian S. Everitt and Torsten Hothorn

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Depends on tools

Suggests lattice, MASS, scatterplot3d, ape, coin, flexmix, gee, lme4, mclust, party, randomForest, rmeta, vcd, survival, rpart, gamair, multcomp, sandwich, mboost, KernSmooth, Matrix, boot, mgcv, mvtnorm, partykit, wordcloud, TH.data

Depended on by MVA.

Suggested by HSAUR3.

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