Simple Imputation

Easy to use interfaces to a number of imputation methods that fit in the not-a-pipe operator of the 'magrittr' package.


version 0.2.2

  • new functions 'impute' and 'impute_' use pre-fit models to impute datasets.
  • new utility function 'foretell'. Replacement for 'predict' that always returns values of the predicted type.
  • bugfix: ... arguments were not passed correctly for linear models.

version 0.2.1

  • Added support for ridge/elasticnet/lasso regression (using 'glmnet')
  • Added support for missForest imputation (using 'missForest')
  • Added support for imputation using EM-estimated parameters (using 'norm')
  • 'impute_proxy' now supports transformations in the rhs of formula.
  • 'impute_median' gains 'type' argument to specify algorithm for median computation.
  • New functions 'simputation_capabilities' and 'simputation_suggests' detect which packages supporting imputation methods are available.
  • Renamed 'na.action' -> 'na_action' for consistency within simputation.
  • Default 'na_action' for 'impute_cart' is now 'na.rpart'
  • Default 'na_action' for 'impute_rf' is not 'na.roughfix'
  • Complete overhaul of function documentation. Now set up systematically with synopsis of methodology where relevant.
  • Dependencies on larger packages (randomForest, glmnet) moved to 'Suggests'
  • Fix in 'impute_rf': needed workaround for bug in randomForest 4.6.12 (formulas like Y ~ . - X not handled correctly by predict.randomForest)
  • Bugfix in 'impute_pmm': argument 'predictor' was ignored.
  • Bugfix in 'impute_rhd': attributes of 'dat' were not always preserved.

version 0.2.0

  • Added na.action option for model-based imputation (thanks to Soogeun Park)
  • impute_rhd, impute_shd, and impute_knn now have option 'backend="VIM"'
  • removed call to structure(NULL,*) to comply to changes in R-devel (thanks to Martin Maechler)

version 0.1.0

  • initial release

Reference manual

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