Data Analysis and Graphics Data and Functions

Various data sets used in examples and exercises in the book Maindonald, J.H. and Braun, W.J. (2003, 2007, 2010) "Data Analysis and Graphics Using R".


             Changes in DAAG version 1.21

NEW FEATURES o The dataset hurricNamed (deaths from Atlantic hurricanes, damage assessments, and other measures, from 1950 onwards) has been added. o The dataset cps3 (a subset of cps10 has been added o The help file CVlm.Rd has been amended to give the correct return value for CVlm() and cv.lm(). o An enhanced version of overlapDensity() (an alias is overlap.density()), as assumed by the code for Figure 13.3 on page 421 of the 3rd edition of "Data Analysis and Graphics using R", has replaced the former version.

             Changes in DAAG version 1.19

NEW FEATURES o The function align2D() has been added. This finds the linear transformation which, applied to one set of points in the (x, y) plane, gives the best match in a least squares sense to a second set of points. o A bug in the function plotSimDiags() has been fixed.

BUG FIXES o The code for lmdiags() has been tidied.

              Changes in DAAG version 1.18

NEW FEATURES o The functionality of lmdiags(), called from plotSimDiags(), has been slightly improved.

              Changes in DAAG version 1.17

NEW FEATURES o There are improvements to the way that dependencies are handled. o The file simulate-reg.pdf has been replaced by two knitr vignettes -- 'Functions for Assessing the Sampling Properties of plot.lm() Regression Diagnostics', and '{Functions that Demonstrate the Sampling Properties of Variable Selection'.

             Changes in DAAG version 1.16


o The function plotSimScat was added.  This plots either residuals
  or y-variable simulated values, against the x-variable from a
  straight line regression.
o The datasets tomato and bomregions2013 were added.
o A pdf file simulate-reg.pdf has been placed in the subdirectory
  inst/doc.  This demonstrates the use of the functions
  plotSimDiags, plotSimScat and bsnVaryNvar.


o The NAMESPACE file has been edited to ensure that the function
  layer, used in plotSimDiags and plotSimScat, is taken from the
  latticeExtra package.

              Changes in DAAG version 1.15


o The function plotSimDiags was added.  This returns diagnostics
  for multiple sets of simulated data.

              Changes in DAAG version 1.14


o The function CVlm (alias cv.lm) has been modified to allow
  multiple explanatory variables.  Predicted values can be
  subtracted off from the points that are shown.  If there is
  more than one explanatory variable, the lines that are shown
  for individual folds are approximations to the small points
  that show the fitted values for the respective fold.
  Arguments main (main title) and legend.pos have been added.

              Changes in DAAG version 1.13


o the function bsnOpt has been added - this finds the regression
  model that is optimal according to the stated criteria

o the functions bestsetNoise, bestset.noise, bsnCV, bsnOpt, and
  bsnVaryNvar all allow the optional logical argument intercept.
  Except for bsnVaryNvar, the user now has the option to supply
  arguments X and y.

o the function lmdiags and the generic function plotSimDiags with
  a method for lm models have been added.  The function takes as
  argument a model object, then returning a lattice graphics object
  or objects that show regression diagnostics for simulated data


o In the dataset possumsites, the first two column names have been
  corrected to "Longitude" and "Latitude".  The code under 'Examples'
  has been changed accordingly, so that the map that appears is
  the same as before.

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