Statistical Experiments on Batch Computing Clusters

Extends the BatchJobs package to run statistical experiments on batch computing clusters. For further details see the project web page.



  • Added support for read-only mode of registries. See ?loadRegistry for more information.
  • Compability with new versions of testthat, RSQLite and DBI.


  • Problem and algorithm ids may now contain the dot char (".").
  • Fixed a bug in summarizeExperiments where column "repl" was not correctly handled in the output
  • Added convenience function getExperimentParts()
  • findExperiments now optionally supports regular expression matching
  • reduceResultsExperiments can now apply a function on jobs with missing results if explicitly requested
  • fixed a minor bug in summarizeExperiments where a column was not named as documented
  • updated citation information


  • Updated to use RSQLite >=1.0.0
  • Argument 'progressbar' added to multiple functions to suppress displaying the progress bars.


  • Fixed a bad bug in reduceResultsExperiments: This bug was only triggered when argument impute.val was used. It could have lead to wrong 'id' column in result data.frame, no other data in the result as corrupted.
  • Support impute.val in reduceResultsExperimentsParallel.


  • Reduced disk i/o in chunks


  • New argument 'ids' (job ids) for getProblemIds and getAlgorithmIds
  • New argument 'impute.val' for reduceResultsExperiments
  • Support for sourcing of files and directories


  • fixed a bug regarding addExperiments and reordering of parameters
  • print method for designs now contains parameter storage informations


  • new helper: getJobInf, reduceResultsExperimentsParallel
  • fix for case-insensitive file systems
  • documentation fixes
  • various smaller fixes


  • added missing import for R versions < 2.15.1


  • reworked summarizeExperiments, the previous "details" options was basically unuseable
  • minor bug fixes


  • very minor bug fixes


  • First submit to CRAN.

Reference manual

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