Tools for Developing R Packages Interfacing with 'Stan'

Provides various tools for developers of R packages interfacing with 'Stan' <>, including functions to set up the required package structure, S3 generics and default methods to unify function naming across 'Stan'-based R packages, and vignettes with recommendations for developers.


rstantools 1.5.1

(Github issue/PR numbers in parentheses)

  • Fix issue related to changes in the usethis package by removing the fields argument to rstan_package_skeleton() and setting it internally instead.
  • New generic nsamples() (#35)

rstantools 1.5.0

(Github issue/PR numbers in parentheses)

  • New vignette walking through the package creation process. (#9) (thanks to Stefan Siegert)

  • rstan_package_skeleton() now calls usethis::create_package() instead of utils::package.skeleton(). (#28)

  • Update rstan_package_skeleton() for latest build process (#19)

  • rstan_package_skeleton() now does a bit more work for the user to make sure the the NAMESPACE file is correct.

  • Simplify instructions in Read-and-delete-me (related to #19).

rstantools 1.4.0

(Github issue/PR numbers in parentheses)

  • Update rstan_package_skeleton() to correspond to rstanarm 2.17.2.

rstantools 1.3.0

(Github issue/PR numbers in parentheses)

  • Add bayes_R2() generic and default method. (#8)

rstantools 1.2.1

(Github issue/PR numbers in parentheses)

  • Add init_cpp() function for generating src/init.cpp in order to pass R CMD check in R 3.4.x. rstan_package_skeleton() calls init_cpp() internally. (#6)

rstantools 1.2.0

(Github issue/PR numbers in parentheses)

  • Minor fixes to rstan_package_skeleton() for better Windows compatibility. (#1, #2)

  • Fix some typos in the developer guidelines vignette. (#3, #4)

  • Add loo_predict(), loo_linpred(), and loo_predictive_interval() generics in preparation for adding methods to the rstanarm package. (#5)

rstantools 1.1.0

Changes to rstan_package_skeleton:

  • Add comment in Read-and-delete-me about importing all of Rcpp and methods packages.

  • Include methods in Depends field of DESCRIPTION file.

  • Also download rstanarm's file.

rstantools 1.0.0

  • Initial CRAN release

Reference manual

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2.1.1 by Jonah Gabry, 9 months ago,

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Authors: Jonah Gabry [aut, cre] , Ben Goodrich [aut] , Martin Lysy [aut] , Stefan Siegert [ctb] , Trustees of Columbia University [cph]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 3) license

Imports desc, stats, utils, Rcpp, RcppParallel

Suggests rstan, usethis, testthat, knitr, pkgbuild, pkgload, roxygen2, rmarkdown, rstudioapi

System requirements: pandoc, C++14

Imported by CNVRG, CausalQueries, DCPO, DeLorean, FlexReg, LMMELSM, MIRES, MetaStan, OncoBayes2, PoolTestR, YPBP, YPPE, baggr, bayes4psy, bayesGAM, bayesbr, bayesdfa, bayesforecast, beanz, bellreg, blavaan, bmgarch, bmggum, bpcs, breathteststan, brms, bsem, cbq, conStruct, glmmfields, hsstan, metaBMA, mrbayes, multinma, projpred, prophet, publipha, rater, rmdcev, rmsb, rstanarm, rstanemax, rstap, spsurv, ssMousetrack, thurstonianIRT, trialr, ubms, walker.

Depended on by PandemicLP, Rlgt.

Suggested by EpiNow2, RBesT, bayesplot, effectsize, gastempt, ggeffects, insight, loo, performance, rstan.

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