Arrange 'Grobs' in Tables

Tools to make it easier to work with "tables" of 'grobs'. The 'gtable' package defines a 'gtable' grob class that specifies a grid along with a list of grobs and their placement in the grid. Further the package makes it easy to manipulate and combine 'gtable' objects so that complex compositions can be build up sequentially.

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gtable provides internal tools used to draw ggplot2 graphics.


gtable 0.2.0

  • Switch from preDrawDetails() and postDrawDetails() methods to makeContent() and makeContext() methods (@pmur002, #50). This is a better approach facilitiated by changes in grid. Learn more at

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

  • Partial argument matches have been fixed.

  • Import grid instead of depending on it.

gtable 0.1.2

  • print.gtable now prints the z order of the grobs, and it no longer sort the names by z order. Previously, the layout names were sorted by z order, but the grobs weren't. This resulted in a mismatch between the names and the grobs. It's better to not sort by z by default, since that doesn't match how indexing works. The zsort option allows the output to be sorted by z.

Reference manual

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