Accelerating 'ggplot2'

The aim of 'ggplot2' is to aid in visual data investigations. This focus has led to a lack of facilities for composing specialised plots. 'ggforce' aims to be a collection of mainly new stats and geoms that fills this gap. All additional functionality is aimed to come through the official extension system so using 'ggforce' should be a stable experience.

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Accelerating ggplot2

ggforce is a package aimed at providing missing functionality to ggplot2 through the extension system introduced with ggplot2 v2.0.0. Broadly speaking ggplot2 has been aimed primarily at explorative data visualization in order to investigate the data at hand, and less at providing utilities for composing custom plots a la D3.js. ggforce is mainly an attempt to address these “shortcoming” (design choices might be a better description). The goal is to provide a repository of geoms, stats, etc. that are as well documented and implemented as the official ones found in ggplot2.


You can install the released version of ggforce from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


ggforce is by design a collection of features with the only commonality being their tie to the ggplot2 API. Because of this an overview of all features would get too long for a README. The package does contain a vignette where every feature is described and justified with examples and plots. There should be a plot in the README of a visualization package though, so without further ado:

#> Loading required package: ggplot2
ggplot(iris, aes(Petal.Length, Petal.Width, colour = Species)) +
  geom_point() +
  facet_zoom(x = Species == "versicolor")


ggforce 0.2.0

New features

  • linear_trans for composing linear transformation using rotate, stretch, shear, reflect, and translate
  • facet_stereo added for creating stereographic projections
  • geom_voronoi_[tile|segment], geom_delaunay_[tile|segment|segment2], and stat_delvor_summary has been added for tesselation and triangulation.
  • geom_spiro has been added for drawing spirographs
  • Add geom_ellipse for drawing regular and superellipses
  • Add geom_regon for drawing regular polygons
  • Add geom_diagonal, geom_diagonal_wide and geom_parallel_sets for drawing parallel sets diagrams and other visualizations based on diagonals.
  • Add geom_shape for drawing polygons with rounded corners and expanded/contracted sides. geom_shape replaces all geom_polygon internally.
  • Added geom_bspline_closed to draw polygons defined as b-splines
  • Add geom_mark_[rect|circle|ellipse|hull] to encircle a group of points and optionally add textual annotation to it
  • Add position_jitternormal to jitter points based on a normal distribution (@andrewheiss)


  • facet_[wrap|grid]_paginate will now try to make panels on the last page the same size as on full pages (#7)
  • facet_zoom now gains xlim and ylim arguments to control zoom range directly
  • facet_zoom now gains to control which data gets plotted in which panel
  • Slimmed down the dependencies for the package. plyr, lazyeval and dplyr has all been removed
  • Rewrite geom_sina to match geom_violin and allow for dodging
  • Add open/clamped option to `geom_bspline

Bug fixes

  • Fix interpolation of x and y values in geom_link2 (@thomasp85 and @lepennec)
  • stat_link no longer replicates the group column
  • arcs and links no longer rename aesthetics when only one aesthetic is present (drop = FALSE)
  • stat_bezier0 and stat_bezier2 now return data in the expected format
  • Fix bug with n_pages due to internal changes in ggplot2
  • Fix bug in facet_zoom in combination with secondary y-axis where the space for the y-axis would become huge
  • Correctly detect and error out when scales and coords does not work with facet_zoom
  • The *2 versions of line geoms no longer adds an NA to guides.

ggforce 0.1.1

New features

  • Zoom indicator styling can now be specified separetely for x and y zoom using zoom.x and zoom.y in theme (inherits from zoom that inherits from strip.background)

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug in facet_wrap_paginate that threw errors when using it with free scales (#19)
  • Fixes bug in facet_zoom where y-axis would be incorrectly displayed when zooming on both axes without splitting the view (#23)
  • Fixes bug in facet_zoom where scale expansion where not taken into account when drawing the indicator area (#22)
  • Fixes a bug in facet_zoom that would throw errors with layers not containing the column that is zoomed by (#21)

ggforce 0.1.0

Major changes

  • geom_edge_bundle has been renamed geom_bspline and lost the tension argument. True edge bundle functionality has been moved to ggraph

New features

  • geom_bezier for drawing quadratic and cubic beziers
  • geom_link for augmented segment/path drawing
  • geom_sina as an alternative to geom_violin and geom_beeswarm
  • scale_[x|y]_unit for using units vectors
  • facet_[wrap|grid]_paginate to split facetting into multiple pages
  • facet_zoom for contextual zooming

ggforce 0.0.1

Major changes

  • First commit

New features

  • geom_arc / stat_arc for drawing circle segments
  • geom_edge_bundle / stat_edge_bundle for drawing edge bundles based on control points
  • geom_arc_bar /stat_arc_bar / stat_pie for drawing arcs and wedges with fill
  • geom_circle / stat_circle for drawing circles with radius based on coordinate system scale
  • power_trans for creating power transformations
  • radial_trans for creating transformation between radial and cartesian coordinates
  • trans_reverser for reversing a trans object

Reference manual

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