Make Interactive 'ggplot2'. Extension to 'ggplot2' and 'ggiraph'

Collection of functions to enhance 'ggplot2' and 'ggiraph'. Provides functions for exploratory plots. All plot can be a 'static' plot or an 'interactive' plot using 'ggiraph'.

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Package ggiraphExtra contains many useful functions for exploratoty plots. These functions are made by both 'ggplot2' and 'ggiraph' packages. You can make a static ggplot or an interactive ggplot by setting the parameter interactive=TRUE.

You can install package ggiraphExtra from CRAN with the following command.


You can install the latest version of ggiraphExtra from github.


Full version of this vignette

You can find the full version of this vignette at

Shiny app for interactive plot

You can find the shiny app for interactive plot using the ggiraphExtra package at:


ggiraphExtra 0.2.9

==================== (2018-7-6)

  • ggSpine function support xreverse and yreverse arguments

ggiraphExtra 0.2.8

==================== (2018-6-10)

  • ggSpine function support facet argument

ggiraphExtra 0.2.7

==================== (2018-5-24)

  • compatible with both released and developmental version of ggplot2

ggiraphExtra 0.2.6

==================== (2018-5-6)

  • ggDonut function support palette and explode arguments

ggiraphExtra 0.2.5

===================== (2017-12-14)

  • Remove function "ggPredict3d"

  • bug-fixed

ggiraphExtra 0.2.4

==================== (2017-6-15)

  • new function "ggPredict3d" added

ggiraphExtra 0.2.2

==================== (2017-6-8)

  • bug-fixed

  • new function "ggPredict" added

ggiraphExtra 0.2.0

===================== (2017-3-12)

  • bug-fixed

  • ggiraphExtra can handle labelled data

ggiraphExtra 0.1.7

==================== (2017-3-5)

  • bug fixed

  • ggBar and ggSpine can handle labelled data

ggiraphExtra 0.1.6

==================== (2017-3-1)

  • bug fixed

  • ggCor can show partial and semi-partial correlation

ggiraphExtra 0.1.5

===================== (2017-2-1)

  • bug fixed

ggiraphExtra 0.1.4

==================== (2017-1-27)

  • bug fixed

  • new function "ggViolin" added

ggiraphExtra 0.1.3

==================== (2017-1-23)

  • bug fixed

  • new function "ggCor", "ggArea" added

ggiraphExtra 0.1.2

==================== (2016-12-11)

  • bug fixed

  • new function "ggDensity", "ggPie" added

ggiraphExtra 0.1.1

==================== (2016-12-10)

  • bug fixed

  • new function "palette2colors" added

ggiraphExtra 0.1.0

==================== (2016-12-1)

  • new function "ggAncova","ggBar","ggBoxplot","ggCatepillar", "ggChoropleth","ggCLE","ggDot","ggEffect","ggErrorBar","ggHeatmap","ggHSD","ggPair", "ggPieDonut","ggPoints","ggRadar","ggRose","ggSpine","summarySE" added

  • new data "browsers", "rose", "taco" added

Reference manual

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0.3.0 by Keon-Woong Moon, a year ago

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Authors: Keon-Woong Moon [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-3 license

Imports ggplot2, ggiraph, scales, reshape2, plyr, mycor, ppcor, grid, mgcv, sjlabelled, sjmisc, stringr, tidyr, purrr, dplyr, magrittr, RColorBrewer

Suggests, ggforce, webshot, ztable, moonBook, maps, gcookbook, knitr, rmarkdown, testthat

Imported by EIX, predict3d.

Suggested by eq5d, sageR.

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