Infrastructure for Ordering Objects Using Seriation

Infrastructure for ordering objects with an implementation of several seriation/sequencing/ordination techniques to reorder matrices, dissimilarity matrices, and dendrograms. Also provides (optimally) reordered heatmaps, color images and clustering visualizations like dissimilarity plots, and visual assessment of cluster tendency plots (VAT and iVAT). Hahsler et al (2008) .

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This package provides the infrastructure for seriation with an implementation of several seriation/sequencing techniques to reorder matrices, dissimilarity matrices, and dendrograms (see below for a full list). Also provides (optimally) reordered heatmaps, color images and clustering visualizations like dissimilarity plots, and visual assessment of cluster tendency plots (VAT and iVAT).


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Load library, read data and calculate distances. Then use default seriation.

x <- as.matrix(iris[-5])
x <- x[sample(1:nrow(x)),]
d <- dist(x)
order <- seriate(d)
object of class ‘ser_permutation’, ‘list’
contains permutation vectors for 1-mode data

  vector length seriation method
1           150             ARSA

Compare quality.

 random = criterion(d),
 reordered = criterion(d, order)
          AR_events AR_deviations       RGAR Gradient_raw Gradient_weighted Path_length
random       550620    948833.712 0.49938328          741         -1759.954   392.77766
reordered     54846      9426.094 0.04974243       992214       1772123.418    83.95758
            Inertia Least_squares       ME Moore_stress Neumann_stress     2SUM      LS
random    214602194      78852819 291618.0    927570.00     461133.357 29954845 5669489
reordered 356945979      76487641 402332.1     13593.32       5274.093 17810802 4486900

Available Seriation Methods

For dissimilarity data:

  • Branch-and-bound to minimize the unweighted/weighted column gradient
  • DendSer - Dendrogram seriation heuristic to optimize various criteria
  • GA - Genetic algorithm with warm start to optimize various criteria
  • HC - Hierarchical clustering (single link, avg. link, complete link)
  • GW - Hierarchical clustering reordered by Gruvaeus and Wainer heuristic
  • OLO - Hierarchical clustering with optimal leaf ordering
  • Identity permutation
  • MDS - Multidimensional scaling (metric, non-metric, angle)
  • ARSA - Simulated annealing (linear seriation)
  • TSP - Traveling sales person solver to minimize Hamiltonian path length
  • R2E - Rank-two ellipse seriation
  • Random permutation
  • Spectral seriation (unnormalized, normalized)
  • SPIN - Sorting points into neighborhoods (neighborhood algorithm, side-to-site algorithm)
  • VAT - Visual assessment of clustering tendency ordering
  • QAP - Quadratic assignment problem heuristic (2-SUM, linear seriation, inertia, banded anti-Robinson form)

For matrices:

  • BEA - Bond Energy Algorithm to maximize the measure of effectiveness (ME)
  • Identity permutation
  • PCA - First principal component or angle on the projection on the first two principal components
  • Random permutation
  • TSP - Traveling sales person solver to maximize ME



seriation 1.2-3 (02/x05/2018)


  • seriation method "BEA" is now not longer masked by "BEA_TSP". Also the FORTRAN calls now work.
  • SPIN: making the matrix doubly stochastic now checks all rows/columns (reported and fixed by cerebis)

seriation 1.2-2 (05/08/2017)

New features

  • Added new seriation method SA which provides simulated annealing for all criterion measures.
  • Added criterion Cor_R (ME for the moment ordering algorithm by Deutsch and Martin).
  • Added uniscale to produce a unidimensional scaling configuration given a distance matrix and a permutation.
  • Criterion gained parameter force_loss (default is FALSE). Merit measures are converted into loss values by multiplying with -1.
  • Added Supreme Court dataset.

Changes and bugfixes

  • Default for seriate (dist) and dissplot is now "Spectal" since it gives a better tradeoff between quality and speed.
  • Seriaiton method ARSA's control argument nreps is now for consistency called reps.
  • Criterion: dist objects are now automatically converted into a similarity matrix for ME, Moore_stress and Neumann_stress.
  • pimage now suppresses the color key for logical matrices and checks for all NAs and infinite entries.
  • Correction: ARSA minimizes the linear seriation criterion (man page and vignette).

seriation 1.2-1 (08/06/2016)

New features

  • Added new distance measure called absolute pairwise rank differences.

Changes and bugfixes

  • The default setting for ser_dist and ser_cor is now reverse is TRUE.
  • pimage does now work with matrices containing only a single value.
  • control parameters for method TSP are now correctly passed on (reported by David Aliyev).

seriation 1.2-0 (2/22/2016)

New features

  • RGAR gained parameter pct to specify the window as a percentage.
  • Added the lazy path length criterion.
  • Added the banded anti-Robinson form (BAR) criterion.
  • Added QAP_Inertia and QAP_BAR solver.
  • Added DendSer using register_DendSer().
  • Added GA using register_GA().

Changes and bugfixes

  • Fixed RGAR (w needs to be in [2,n-1]).
  • Registry now warns and modifies entries with the same name.
  • Registry now lists methods in alphabetical order.
  • Seriation method alias Chen was removed. Use R2E.

seriation 1.1-3 (12/18/2015)

  • Added is.robinson to recognize (pre) Robinson matrices.
  • Added random.robinson to create random Robinson matrices.
  • Added seriation methods "QAP_LS" and "QAP_2SUM" (QAP-based seriation).
  • Added criteria "LS" and "2SUM" from QAP-based seriation.
  • Fixed Spectral_norm seriation.
  • hmap now honors zlim also in dendrogram-based maps.
  • hmap gained option sym for seriation based maps. showdist can now be one of "none" (default), "row", "column", or "both".
  • ser_cor and ser_dist gained parameter y. ser_cor gained parameter test to perform tests for association.
  • Added permute method for hclust and dendrogram objects.

seriation 1.1-2 (8/23/2015)

  • Argument (control and ...) check warns now instead of throwing an error.
  • seriation_dist, seriation_cor and seriation_align are now shortened to ser_dist, ser_cor and ser_align.
  • Method "ppc" is now faster and also available in ser_cor.
  • Fixed ser_cor for "spearman" and "Kendall" (uses now rank correctly).
  • ser_cor and ser_dist gained parameter reverse to indicate that permuations are also tried in reverse and the best value is reported.

seriation 1.1-1 (7/1/2015)

  • get_permutation_matrix added.
  • seriation_dist measure "ppc" (positional proximity coefficient) added.
  • Fixed bug with permute and ser_permutation_vectors.
  • Identity permutations (NA) give now an error for get_order and get_permutation_matrix.
  • Fixed imports for non-base R packages.

seriation 1.1-0 (06/09/2015)

  • Seriation method 'Identity' added.
  • Seriation method 'Random' added.
  • Seriation method 'VAT' added.
  • Seriation methods 'Spectral' and 'Spectral_norm' added.
  • Seriation methods 'PCA_angle' and 'MDS_angle' added.
  • Seriation methods 'SPIN_NH' and 'SPIN_STS' added.
  • Several aliases for seriation methods added.
  • Criterion 'RWGAR' added.
  • permutation_matrix2vector and permutation_vector2matrix added.
  • Identity permutation (value NA) added.
  • ser_permutation and ser_permutation_vector can now be used interchangably,
  • get_rank for permutation vectors added.
  • seriation_dist and seriation_alignment to calculate dissimilarities between seriation orders added.
  • Wood data set added.
  • # Chameleon data sets added.
  • create_lines_data, create_ordered_data added.
  • pimage, hmap and dissplot: Simplified and made interfaces more consistent (all use now zlim, consistent default color palettes).
  • pimage gained axes and prop; NA in matrix now works.
  • seriation checks now control arguments consistently.
  • We use now package registry to manage methods.
  • reorder for hclust added.
  • iVAT with path distance added.
  • color palettes (bluered, greenred, greys) added.
  • Improved speed of C code.
  • Fixed problem with testthat filenames fixed.
  • bburg.f/bbwrg.f: memory access problem fixed.

seriation 1.0-14 (12/02/2014)

  • arsa.f: removed 0 flag in rand() so it compiles under AIX (reported by Lei Zhang)
  • arsa.f/bburg.f/bbwrg.f: calls now R RNG to be compatible with certain compilers (e.g., Intel FORTRAN) (reported by Rohan Shah)

seriation 1.0-13 (3/11/2014)

  • Fixed dependence on MASS

seriation 1.0-12 (2/18/2014)

  • ser_permutation_vectors can now be reversed with rev
  • get_order: removed the weird labels.
  • we use now testthat
  • fixed bug with intra-cluster ordering using silhouette width (reported by Bettina Gruen)
  • Cleaned up dependencies: TSP, grid, cluster, gclus and colorspace are now imports instead of dependencies.

seriation 1.0-11 (9/6/2013)

  • service release.

seriation 1.0-10 (2/15/2013)

  • pimage has now a colorkey and a range argument
  • fixed bug in ARSA when the distance matrix contains all 0s
  • added PACKAGE argument to .Fortran calls

seriation 1.0-8 and 1.0-9 (11/6/2012)

  • get_order: labels are now in the correct order (Bug report by Crt Ahlin)
  • Replaced Fortran I/O with R I/O for verb=TRUE
  • Fixed pop/newpage bug in pimage.dist (reported by Bettina Gruen)

seriation 1.0-7 (9/25/2012)

  • Fixed out-of-bounds bug in arsa.f (reported by Rohan Shah)
  • Fixed out-of-bounds bug in bburcg.f

seriation 1.0-6 (10/19/2011)

  • removed deprecated parameter gamma for dissplot()

seriation 1.0-5 (9/2/2011)

  • bertinplot(): fixed representation for 0, neg. values and highlight. (Bug report by G. Sawitzki).
  • bertinplot(): added panel.blocks and option for shading
  • bertinplot(): added bertin_cut_line()

seriation 1.0-4 (6/28/2011)

  • pimage() now uses grid.raster.
  • dissplot() now uses grid.raster.

seriation 1.0-3 (1/14/2011)

  • improved validity check for permutations and added check for dist with neg. entries to seriate.dist.

seriation 1.0-2 (3/13/2010)

  • service release

seriation 1.0-1 (8/25/2009)

  • added drop=FALSE in permute for matrix.
  • fixed reordering for labels.
  • added permute for character.
  • added different methods to calculate between cluster dissimilarities (min, max, avg, Hausdorff).
  • dissplot has now additional options hue, power, gamma, flip and changed behavior for averages. dissplot depends now on colorspace.

Version 1.0-0 (3/24/2009)

  • many changes and first stable release.

Version 0.1-1 (9/1/2007)

  • Initial beta release.

Reference manual

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1.3.1 by Michael Hahsler, 3 days ago

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Authors: Michael Hahsler [aut, cre, cph] , Christian Buchta [aut, cph] , Kurt Hornik [aut, cph] , Fionn Murtagh [ctb, cph] , Michael Brusco [ctb, cph] , Stephanie Stahl [ctb, cph] , Hans-Friedrich Koehn [ctb, cph]

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Task views: Cluster Analysis & Finite Mixture Models, Graphic Displays & Dynamic Graphics & Graphic Devices & Visualization, Multivariate Statistics

GPL-3 license

Imports stats, grDevices, grid, TSP, qap, cluster, gclus, colorspace, MASS, registry

Suggests DendSer, GA, Rtsne, dbscan, umap, testthat, dendextend, ggplot2, scales

Imported by DeLorean, MEDseq, RMaCzek, arulesViz, corrr, heatmaply, matie, pergola, treeheatr.

Depended on by ClusteredMutations, DendSer, adepro, elaborator.

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