Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP)

Basic infrastructure and some algorithms for the traveling salesperson problem (also traveling salesman problem; TSP). The package provides some simple algorithms and an interface to the Concorde TSP solver and its implementation of the Chained-Lin-Kernighan heuristic. The code for Concorde itself is not included in the package and has to be obtained separately. Hahsler and Hornik (2007) .

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This package provides the basic infrastructure and some algorithms for the traveling salesman problems (symmetric, asymmetric and Euclidean TSPs). The package provides some simple algorithms and an interface to the Concorde TSP solver and its implementation of the Chained-Lin-Kernighan heuristic.


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Load a data set with 312 cities (USA and Canada) and create a TSP object.

R> library("TSP")
R> data("USCA312")
R> tsp <- TSP(USCA312)
R> tsp
object of class 'TSP'
312 cities (distance   'euclidean')

Find a tour using the default heuristic.

tour <- solve_TSP(tsp)
object of class 'TOUR' 
result of method 'arbitrary_insertion+two_opt' for 312 cities
tour length: 40621

An online example application of TSP can be found on shinyapps.



TSP 1.1-6 (04/29/2018)


  • Start for insertion algorithms is now coerced to integer.
  • Fixed problem with TSP with 1 city on Win 32 on R 3.5.0.

TSP 1.1-5 (02/21/2017)

  • fixed TSP labels.
  • fixed tour_length for ETSP and added tests.

TSP 1.1-4 (2/21/2016)

  • fixed bug in arbitrary insertion for TSPs with two or less cities (bug report by Shrinidhee Shevade).
  • concorde and linkern help: exe argument was removed. The exe control argument for both methods in solve_TSP is now deprecated. Use concorde_path(path) instead.
  • concorde and linkern gained a control argument verbose to suppress the output.

TSP 1.1-3 (9/2/2015)

  • two-opt now works correctly with asymmetric TSPs (bug report by Luis Martinez).

TSP 1.1-2 (7/30/2015)

  • Fixed imports for non-base packages.

TSP 1.1-1 (5/15/2015)

  • improved speed of C code.
  • compatibility with new release of testthat

TSP 1.1-0 (3/14/2015)

  • default method is now arbitrary_insertion with two_opt refinement.
  • we use foreach (use doParallel) to compute repetitions in parallel
  • ETSP (Euclidean TSP) added.
  • generic and arguments for tour_lengh have # Changed (fist argument is now a tour).
  • method "2-opt" was renamed to "two_opt" so it can also be used as a proper variable name.
  • solve_TSP gained methods "identity" and "random".
  • solve_TSP gained options "repetition" and "two_opt".

TSP 1.0-10 (2/3/2015)

  • added check for argument cut in cut_tour
  • Finding concord and linkern is now case insensitive (Reported by Mark Otto)

TSP 1.0-9 (7/16/2014)

  • Check for NAs in distances.
  • +INF and -INF are now handled in solve_TSP.
  • fixed single quotes in vignette.

TSP 1.0-8 (9/6/2013)

  • service release.

TSP 1.0-7 (8/22/2012)

  • Added PACKAGE argument to C calls.

TSP 1.0-6 (11/29/2011)

  • Fixed bug in read_TSPLIB.

TSP 1.0-5 (11/10/2011)

  • Changed constructor for TOUR to allow for method and tour_length.
  • Bugfix: labels in creator ATSP() (reported by Tiffany Chen)

TSP 1.0-4 (8/31/2011)

  • Fixed bug with missing row/column labels in as.ATSP() (reported by Ian Deters)

TSP 1.0-3 (5/26/2011)

  • Service release

TSP 1.0-2 (1/14/2011)

  • Fixed Windows/R bug with temp files.
  • Fixed the code for SpatialLines thanks to Roger Bivand.

TSP 0.1-2 (9/18/2006)

  • Initial release.

Reference manual

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1.1-11 by Michael Hahsler, 15 days ago

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Authors: Michael Hahsler [aut, cre, cph] , Kurt Hornik [aut, cph]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Optimization and Mathematical Programming

GPL-3 license

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Suggests sp, maps, maptools, testthat

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