Interface to the 'Handsontable.js' Library

An R interface to the 'Handsontable' JavaScript library, which is a minimalist Excel-like data grid editor. See <> for details.


rhandsontable 0.3.7

  • Updated to handsontable 6.1.1; fixed language support

  • Modified the select callback to return all indices of multi-row/col selections (#257)

rhandsontable 0.3.6

  • Adjust JavaScript to support RStudio viewer

  • Updated numeric formatting to support handsontable changes (#213)

  • Fix sync issue in shiny when table first loads (#216)

  • Added readOnly option for rows and cells (#214)

rhandsontable 0.3.5

  • Improved data.table and tibble handing (#115, #186)

  • Improved NA handling (#189, thanks to marciz for submitting)

  • Added search functionality to Shiny (#203, thanks to Ger Inburg for submitting)

  • Updated csvString to support additional file formats (#209, thanks to camold for submitting)

  • Made some changes to prevent double table loading in shiny (#188, #137, thanks to marciz for suggesting)

  • Added encoding to DESCRIPTION and updated LICENSE files

  • Updated to handsontable 0.35.0, numbro 1.10.1, chroma 1.3.3 and jquery 3.2.1 (see

  • Fixed an issue with copying data into the table (#124)

  • Fixed and issues with shiny updates when new row are added (#125, #160)

  • Updated documentation to refer to Numbro.js and fixed renderer examples

  • Changed NA behavior to null (#153, thanks to @marciz for submitting)

  • Add support for empty tables (#171, thanks to Tim Jones for submitting)

  • Fixed a bug when not specifying headers on a read-only table (#174)

  • Fixed comment callback index for sorted tables (#183, thanks to Ryan Kennedy for submitting)

rhandsontable 0.3.4

  • Added the ability to pass custom parameters to the table. A good example of their use can be found in the row Custom Renderer Using an R Parameter example ( and rhandsontable_highlight shiny app.

  • Updated to handsontable 0.28.4 (see

  • Fixed an issue with the auto column width (#109)

  • Fixed an issues with row.names (#112)

  • Fixed an issue with update event order (#111, #113)

  • Fixed an issue with the rhandsontable_datafile example (#117)

rhandsontable 0.3.3

  • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: Updated shiny logic to fire an afterChange event when the table is first populated. This should not initialize the table input when first loaded and simplify shiny logic.

  • Updated to handsontable 0.26.1 (see Note the the number formatting library has switched to numbro.js (, and the format for the language parameter has changed slightly (e.g. en-US, de-DE, ja-JP, etc.)

  • Updated toR parser to support data.table.

  • Fixed bug with toR when table column names differ from data column names (#100)

rhandsontable 0.3.2

  • Updates to handsontable 0.25.1 (see

  • Added Edit a Data Frame addin for RStudio

  • Added a language parameter to hot_col that supports changing the column formatting locale

  • Added rowHeaderWidth to hot_table to allow specifying the rowHeader column width

  • Added digits to rhandsontable, which is passed to jsonlite::toJSON

  • Fixed shiny bug with mixed numeric and character column names (#77)

rhandsontable 0.3.1

rhandsontable 0.3

  • Updated to handsontable 0.20.1 (see Row and column grouping no longer supported in open source version.

  • Fixed a bug that didn't return the changed column and row index when the table is sorted (#56)

  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow column formatting when the column headers were NULL (#57)

rhandsontable 0.2.2

  • Added support in shiny for default column values when new row added (#33)

  • Fixed bug that jumbled columns when some column names were numeric (#47, #52)

  • Fixed a bug in the validation logic that was preventing the call background from changing to red for invalid entries when allowInvalid = TRUE (#48)

rhandsontable 0.2.1

  • Added a new function, hot_context_menu, to better control right-click menu. The option to export to csv has been removed for now, but a new context_menu example has been added that shows how to enable the option. The example also shows how to enable the table search functionality (#38, #41).

  • Added a new comments parameter to rhandsontable to allow bulk comment specification.

  • Added a new shiny _comment callback to track changes to table comments. See the new rhandsontable_comment example for more details.

  • Added dateFormat to hot_col and allow passing additional column parameters. Future updates should hopefully allow more control over date formatting.

  • Fixed a table resize bug (#26)

  • Fixed hot_to_r to preserve original data classes when useTypes = FALSE (#39). See the rhandsontable_output example for more details.

  • Fixed shiny select callback to use 1-based indices (instead of JavaScripts 0-based indices).

rhandsontable 0.2

  • Added a project page at

  • Upgraded to handsontable 0.16.1

  • Improved mapping between R classes and handsontable column types. Numeric columns in R are now mapped to numeric columns in the table, and factors are now mapped as dropdown columns (#30).

  • Numeric columns are now formatted as '0' for integers and '0.00' for all other numeric columns. See http:// for more details on formatting options.

  • Sparkline charts ( can now be added to the table. See the project page for examples, and thanks to the sparkline package and Ramnath Vaidyanathan for inspiration. The sparkline chart width will be set to fit within the specified column width. The feature is still evolving, so please pass along feedback.

  • Display NA values as blank cells in the table. This requires changing colums with NA values to character when displaying in handsontable and may require special handling for Date and factor columns. See the examples on the project page for more details. Thanks to Melanie Bacou for the suggestion.

  • Added stretchH parameter to hot_table.

  • Fixed a bug where the table was not updated when resized.

  • Fixed a bug with row indices when sorting rows (#34)

  • Set overflow: auto and specified a default height = 400 in shiny (#21).

rhandsontable 0.1

  • Initial version.

Reference manual

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0.3.8 by Jonathan Owen, 8 months ago

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Authors: Jonathan Owen [aut, cre, cph] , Jeff Allen [ctb] , Yihui Xie [ctb] , Enzo Martoglio [ctb] , Inberg Ger [ctb] , Warpechowski Marcin [ctb, cph] (Handsontable.js library) , Handsoncode sp. z o.o. [ctb, cph] (Handsontable.js library) , Aisch Gregor [ctb, cph] (Chroma.js library) , Företagsplatsen [ctb, cph] (Numbro.js library) , Draper Adam [ctb, cph] (Numeral.js library) , Wood Tim [ctb, cph] (Moment.js library) , Chernev Iskren [ctb, cph] (Moment.js library) , Moment.js contributors [ctb, cph] (Moment.js library) , Bushell David [ctb, cph] (Pikaday.js library) , jQuery Foundation [ctb, cph] (jQuery.js library) , Splunk Inc [ctb, cph] (Sparkline.js library) , Russell Kent [ctb, cph] (Sparkline.js library) , Rohan Jon [ctb, cph] (ZeroClipboard library) , Greene James [ctb, cph] (ZeroClipboard library) , Hammill Dillon [ctb]

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MIT + file LICENSE license

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