Interactive Viewing of Spatial Data in R

Quickly and conveniently create interactive visualisations of spatial data with or without background maps. Attributes of displayed features are fully queryable via pop-up windows. Additional functionality includes methods to visualise true- and false-color raster images and bounding boxes.

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Interactive viewing of spatial data in R

mapview provides functions to very quickly and conveniently create interactive visualisations of spatial data. It was created to fill the gap of quick (not presentation grade) interactive plotting to examine and visually investigate both aspects of spatial data, the geometries and their attributes.

The main user relevant functions are:

  • mapview - view (multiple) spatial objects on a set of background maps
  • viewExtent - view extent / bounding box of spatial objects
  • viewRGB - view RGB true- or false-color images of raster objects
  • mapshot - easily save maps (including leaflet maps) as html and/or png (or other image formats)

Functions that have been deprecated/deleted recently:

  • addHomeButton - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addLogo - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addFeatures - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addMouseCoordinates - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addExtent - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addImageQuery - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • latticeView & sync - deprecated, use package leafsync instead
  • slideView - deprecated, use package slideview instead
  • cubeView - deprecated, use package cubeview instead
  • plainview - deprecated, use package plainview instead
  • popupTable, popupGraph & popupImage - deprecated, use package leafpop instead
  • addLargeFeatures - use leafgl::addGL* functions instead - currently not on CRAN!

Objects of the following spatial classes are supported:

  • sf
  • raster (Layer, Stack, Brick and SpatialPixels* / SpatialGridDataFrame)
  • stars
  • sp (Points, Polygons, Lines and their DataFrame version)
  • satellite


For CRAN release version of mapview use


To install the development version install the devtools package.

devtools::install_github("r-spatial/[email protected]")


The most basic call


will produce a web map visualisation of the breweries data with the following components:


Please file bug reports and feature requests at

In case of Pull Requests, please make sure to submit them to the develop branch of this repository.


mapview 2.7.0


  • addMouseCoordinates now also displays native coordinates for leaflet maps. #205 - now moved to package leafem.
  • deprecated slideview, cubeview, latticeview & sync, plainview, popup* functions.
  • deprecated addFeatures, garnishMap, addHomeButton, addImageQuery, addLogo, addMouseCoordinates.


  • mapview would return NULL if zcol was of type logic. #200

mapview 2.6.3


  • argument popup now also accepts FALSE in addition to NULL to suppress popups.
  • plainview argument legend now accepts a list describing the colorkey (see ?lattice::levelplot for details). #187
  • mapview popup css now has white background (for better leaflet integration).
  • NAMESPACE now registers S3method (knitr::knit_print) conditionally as requested by KH.

mapview 2.6.0

new features:

  • mapview has gained argument viewer.suppress to enable rendering in the browser.
  • popupTable has gained argument to choose whether to show or hide 'Feature ID' column. #182


  • isFALSE (caused errors on R < 3.5) is now handled properly.
  • mapshot does not unintentionally delete url anymore if saving to png with same name.
  • mapshot now properly deletes temporary url when saving to png (or png and html).
  • internal function mapview:::nrings now calculates number of polygon rings correctly. #181

mapview 2.5.0

new features:

  • addMouseCoordinates now displays basic info by default. Detailed info can be accessed by holding Ctrl keyboard button which also copies lon, lat and zoom info to the clipboard when Ctrl + clicking on the map. #113
  • npts has gained argument by_feature to count the number of vertices for each feature individually. #155
  • canvas now auto-detected based on feature complexity.
  • is now cut at 50 characters which used to be especially problematic for dplyr chains inside a mapview call. Fixes #159
  • added '+' method for RHS class NULL.
  • popupImage has gained argument embed to specify whether local images should be embeded as base64 in the popup html. #168
  • stars methods re-enabled since now on CRAN.
  • added viewRGB method for stars images.


  • leaflet::addScalebar would prevent Raster* method from rendering correctly for multiple layers.
  • cex was not respected when burst = TRUE. #149
  • popupTable no longer causes a stack overflow with large point data. #154
  • popupGraph no longer relies on png files on disk but embeds graphs via base64. #156
  • in mapshot, remove temporary url files only if remove_url = TRUE. #157
  • removeMouseCoordinates should work properly now (also exported). #145
  • home button for single point now zooms to maximum zoom 18.


  • dropped gdalUtils from Imports. gdalinfo and gdal_translate now used via sf.
  • addMapPane has been migrated to leaflet.
  • legend now TRUE by default as all legends are now linked to layers.
  • better error messages in some cases (e.g. missing zcol, empty objects).
  • package now depends on leaflet >= 1.0.0
  • highlight now also accepts FALSE in addition to NULL to stop highlighting.

mapview 2.4.0

new features:

  • addImageQuery has gained argument prefix to modify the layerId prefix.
  • mapview methods for raster data have gained arguments label, query.type, query.digits, query.position and query.prefix to modify raster value query settings.
  • popupTable now right aligns values.
  • Thanks to Pierre Roudier quantile strectching in viewRGB can now be turned off by simply setting to NULL. #127
  • mapshot has gained argument remove_controls to remove map junk when saving to image file format.
  • mapview method for data.frame has gained argument crs to enable rendering on a basemap #138
  • updated to work with leaflet 2.0.0 #129 (incl. deprecation of previously used large methods)
  • new function addMapPane to enable control over layer order.
  • mapview has gained argument pane as it now uses addMapPane to ensure points overlay lines overlay polygons.
  • mapview has gained argument canvas to enable canvas rendering.


  • viewRGB failed because of missing method argument. #125
  • combineExtent didn't check properly for crs and failed for raster images.

mapview 2.3.0

new features:

  • popupTable has gained argument row.numbers to disable row numbers. #109
  • new function addStarsImage to visualise stars images.
  • new function addImageQuery to provide raster/stars value query on mouseover/click.
  • mapview has gained new argument method to specify the method used for resampling of raster data. #123


  • raster method with = TRUE did throw an error on windows. #111
  • SpatialPixelsDataFrame and SpatialGridDataFrame failed because of missing map argument.
  • example for multiple popupImages was broken. #118
  • SpatialPixelsDataFrame failed when zcol was supplied. #124


  • added more details in description field as per request of Uwe Ligges.
  • moved leaflet from Depends to Imports.

mapview 2.2.0

new features:

  • if supported by the installed leaflet version, legends are now automatically linked to layers.
  • simple features with XYZ, XYM or XYZM geometries are now supported.
  • added function addExtent to add rectangles showing bbox/extent/outline of sf/sp/raster objects.
  • more concise internal recursive method dispatch.
  • if multiple layers are plotted (via "+") initial zoom is now on global extent and a "Zoom full" button is added to the map at the bottom left of the map to re-zoom to this global extent.
  • we now have mapview method for class 'data.frame' which enables interactive scatter plots.
  • we now have mapview method for class 'numeric' which enables interactive plots of a numeric variable.
  • updated slideView to accommodate more than one incident in a flexdashboard #95
  • if supplied data has only one attribute/field column mapview will now colour the plot automatically according to that attribute/field.
  • new mapview method for class 'bbox' -> mapview(st_bbox(x)) is equivalent to viewExtent(x)
  • plainview now provides mouse coordinates


  • added testthat suite of functions.
  • increased performance when using "+"-method (about 10x faster now).


  • manifold bug fixes - addressing issues with list layers, alpha channel and many more.

mapview 2.1.4

new features:

  • popupImage now accepts more than one file name (list or vector) in argument img.


  • na.alpha caused list/burst methods to fail.
  • legend did not work when zcol only had one unique value. This was actually a delibarate choice as for a single map it doesn't really make sense to have a legend for only one color. However, for latticeView/sync this does actually make sense, hence re-enabled.

mapview 2.1.0

new features:

  • plainview/cubeview now respects/has gained argument na.color.
  • mapview now supports st_GEOMETRY with truely mixed feature types (e.g. LINESTRING and POLYGON) - fixes #85
  • addFeatures: one function to add them all. Type agnostic version of leaflet::add* functions for simple features objects.
  • mapview (for vector data only) has gained argument na.alpha to control opacity of missing values.


  • deleted obsolete data.table import.
  • fixed #79: colnames of popupTables are now converted to utf-8.
  • fixed #78: respect explicit setting of '' argument.
  • included NEWS file as R-help doesn't render
  • highlight now respects alpha/alpha.regions = 0

mapview 2.0.1

new features:

  • addMouseCoordinates has gained argument 'style' to specify whether to show 'basic' (lat, lon, zoom) or 'detailed' (x, y, epsg, proj4, lat, lon, zoom) information. Factory-fresh default is 'detailed'.

  • addLogo has gained argument 'alpha' to set the opacity of the image.

  • Someone draws quickest...

  • added new method for list of objects so that we can do mapview(list(x, y, z)) which is great for computational outputs such as lapply.

  • slideView has gained arguments 'label1' and 'label2' to supply slider names for the respective images, img1 and img2.

  • new popup layout (making more use of the space available).

  • added new function addLargeFeatures to render large datasets of up to ~100k features which is used automatically. To lower/elevate the threshold use maxpoints = ... (See ?mapview for details).

  • mapview methods for all basic sf classes (XY/sfg, sfc, sf)

  • added support for sf to "+"

  • we can now render features/objects with arbitrary CRS (without map background) by setting ' = TRUE'.

  • mapview will now decide which default base map to use based on average luminence of rendered colors.

  • mapview now provides subtle highlighting of polygons (changing opacity slightly) and lines (changing thickness).

  • plainView, slideView and cubeView have gained argument legend. default is TRUE. Legends only available for non-RGB methods!

  • new data sets:

    • 'franconia' (administrative district boundaries of Franconia)
    • 'breweries' (extended version of the 'breweries91' data)
    • 'trails' (selected hiking trails in franconia to connect the breweries)
  • data sets 'breweries91', 'gadmCHE' and 'atlStorms2005' have been deleted and moved to leaflet.


  • sync, addMouseCoordinates and addLogo did not work anymore. Now fixed thanks to @timelyportfolio


  • MAJOR internal change: All vector data are now processed as sf objects internally. This also means that objects returned in slot @object will be of class sf (regardless of input class).
  • polygons and points now have a darkish gray line frame (unless add*LargeFeatures is used - where the overhead of passing two sets of colors would be too high).
  • updated examples (in line with new data).
  • github repository moved from to

mapview 1.2.0

new features:

  • garnishMap: function to add multiple decoration elements, such as leaflet::addLayersControl or addHomeButton to a map (mainly for internal use).
  • addHomeButton: add a zoom-to-layer button to a map.
  • addLogo: add an image to a map.
  • plainview now shows CRS and dimension info.


  • na.color was not respected for Raster* and SpatialPiXelsDF.
  • removed lat and lon entries in popupTable for polygons as we now have mousecoordinates.
  • for raster objects the legend did not respect the intervals specified by 'at'.
  • mapview working again for objects with no projection (NA).
  • mapview for SPoints* with only one point did through an error #36.

mapview 1.1.0

new features:

  • addMouseCoordinates: add cursor position information to mapview or leaflet map. (thanks to Kent Russell).
  • if available from leaflet version, a scalebar is added to the map.
  • latticeView: view mapview or leaflet maps as small multiples and sync some, all or none (thanks to Kent Russell).
  • sync: synchronise two or more leaflet maps (thanks to Kenton Russell).
  • mapshot: to save maps as html page or static image or both.
  • knitr integration (i.e. no need to call the @map slot anymore to render in knitr).
  • cubeView: view raster bricks or stacks hovmoeller style, use keys up & down, left & right, page up & page down to navigate through y, x, z dimensions, respectively.
  • labels: if zcol is set, mouseover will now show the repesctive values of zcol, if zcol is not set moseover shows feature ID. Only available if suitable leaflet package version is installed.
  • new popup functions popupTable, popupGraph and popupImage.
  • functions to turn coordinates into spatial lines or spatial polygons.
  • mapview objects now work natively on shiny applications (i.e. renderMapview and mapviewOutput now available).
  • "zcol = Var" in combination with burst = TRUE now plots one layer for each unique value of the variable supplied to zcol.


  • spplot method has been removed.
  • colors: viridis based colors now default if viridisLite package is available.
  • basemaps: new default basemap is "CartoDB.Positron" as colors of features are better visible on the grey background.
  • layer names now include the name of the object they originate from (e.g. "meuse lead" instead of "lead").


  • if attribute was of class "character" mapview did through an error if passed to zcol.
  • user provided layer names were not respected when zcol was set. See also note on changes in default layer names.

mapview 1.0.0

  • Initial release

Reference manual

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2.10.0 by Tim Appelhans, 5 months ago

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Authors: Tim Appelhans [cre, aut] , Florian Detsch [aut] , Christoph Reudenbach [aut] , Stefan Woellauer [aut] , Spaska Forteva [ctb] , Thomas Nauss [ctb] , Edzer Pebesma [ctb] , Kenton Russell [ctb] , Michael Sumner [ctb] , Jochen Darley [ctb] , Pierre Roudier [ctb] , Patrick Schratz [ctb] , Environmental Informatics Marburg [ctb] , Lorenzo Busetto [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Analysis of Spatial Data

GPL (>= 3) | file LICENSE license

Imports base64enc, htmltools, htmlwidgets, lattice, leafem, leaflet, leafpop, png, raster, satellite, scales, servr, sf, sp, webshot

Depends on methods

Suggests covr, knitr, later, leaflet.extras2, leafsync, lwgeom, mapdeck, plainview, poorman, rmarkdown, rstudioapi, s2, stars, tinytest

System requirements: GNU make

Imported by GeodesiCL, RGISTools, SDALGCP, SPARTAAS, covid19sf, crsuggest, mapedit, mapping, oceanis, osmgeosample, sta.

Suggested by CAST, aopdata, basemaps, disdat, geobr, geonetwork, geosed, gtfsrouter, hereR, lidR, moveVis, r5r, rgdal, sf, soilDB, stlcsb, uavRmp.

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