Statistical Analysis and Data Display: Heiberger and Holland

Support software for Statistical Analysis and Data Display (Second Edition, Springer, ISBN 978-1-4939-2121-8, 2015) and (First Edition, Springer, ISBN 0-387-40270-5, 2004) by Richard M. Heiberger and Burt Holland. This contemporary presentation of statistical methods features extensive use of graphical displays for exploring data and for displaying the analysis. The second edition includes redesigned graphics and additional chapters. The authors emphasize how to construct and interpret graphs, discuss principles of graphical design, and show how accompanying traditional tabular results are used to confirm the visual impressions derived directly from the graphs. Many of the graphical formats are novel and appear here for the first time in print. All chapters have exercises. All functions introduced in the book are in the package. R code for all examples, both graphs and tables, in the book is included in the scripts directory of the package.


Version 3.1-35

  • 2018 Jun 02

  • change R/HH-Package.Rd to use Rd macro references

  • scripts/hh2/dsgn.R Revised new material following chunk 6 to use latex() from microplot_1.0-38

  • changed \link[package]{function} to \link[package:manfilename]{function} in .Rd files as needed for Windows installation.

Version 3.1-34

  • 2017 Jan 18

  • CITATION package="HH" reference switched to https

  • on CRAN 2017-01-18

Version 3.1-33

  • 2017 Jan 13

  • additional recommended packages listed in scripts/hh2/RApx.R chunk 2

  • new repos in scripts/hh2/RExcelApx.R chunk 2

  • plot.likert.formula now honors the reference.line.col argument and the border argument.

  • CIplot and shiny.CIplot added to illustrate the meaning of confidence levels.

  • put keyword shiny in all relevant Rd files and put all shiny apps into examples in those files and in HH.package.Rd

  • regr2.plot now returns the transformation constructed internally by persp

  • new demo regr2 on the geometry of regression coefficients, based on the revised regr2.plot

  • panel.bwplot.intermediate.hh now honors the lwd argument

  • NTplot added additional shiny font-size controls

  • NTplot now has a Black and White color scheme ntcolors="BW"

Version 3.1-32

  • 2016 May 23

  • repair rounding in wrong place in print.NormalAndTplot

  • use new microplot package for improved display of HH2 Figure 13.2 in file scripts/hh2/dsgn.R, chunk 6

  • on CRAN 2016-06-23

  • HH now suggests the microplot package

Version 3.1-31

  • 2016 Apr 10

  • remove sorted argument from objip to achieve backwards compatibility.

  • on CRAN 2016-04-11

Version 3.1-30

  • 2016 Apr 04

  • shiny apps AEdotplot and likert have even better behavior.

  • submit to CRAN 2016-04-05

Version 3.1-29

  • 2016 Apr 01

  • objip now takes mode and class arguments (sorted argument doesn't work in R < 3.2.0)

  • shiny apps AEdotplot and likert have better behavior.

  • private distribution 2016-04-01

Version 3.1-28

  • 2016 Mar 23

  • Imports: shiny (>= 0.13.1)

  • px.height as a UI input for these shiny apps: AEdotplot, likert, PopulationPyramid, NTplot

  • remove references to setInternet2

  • private distribution 2016-03-28

Version 3.1-27

  • 2016 Mar 22

  • New shiny app for likert.

  • private distribution 2016-03-22

Version 3.1-26

  • 2016 Mar 21

  • Depends: gridExtra (>= 2.0.0)

  • New subdirectory and file inst/shiny/NTplot/app.R, and added library() statements to the bivariateNormalScatterplot and bivariateNormal apps.

  • NTplot as a shiny app, NTplot(shiny=TRUE, px.height=575), now has a new pixel-height argument for short browsers.

  • AEdotplot: the Adverse Events can now be sorted by several variables in addition to Relative Risk.

  • New shiny app for AEdotplot.

  • private distribution 2016-03-21

Version 3.1-25

  • 2016 Feb 03

  • change getLikertDataLong to use value.var= instead of value= for dcast, to avoid unnecessary warning

  • add ability of mmcplot.glht to recognize non-NULL mmc$focus

  • add additional labeling control to mmcisomeans and panel.confintMMC

  • add additional control of par.strip.text for AEdotplot objects

  • On CRAN 2016-02-03

Version 3.1-24

  • 2015 Dec 15

  • NormalAndTplot.default: removed test for to avoid warning.

  • More script adjustments to match the production set of proofs for the Second Edition of Statistical Analysis and Data Display.

  • Make HH dependent on Rmpfr_0.6-0 which now includes formatBin and formatHex. Therefore remove the older versions of formatBin and formatHex from HH.

  • On CRAN 2015-12-15

Version 3.1-23

  • 2015 Nov 08

  • lmplot gains the ylim argument

  • print.latticeresids now has position, panel.width, and which arguments

  • tightened up. The resulting trellis object now has class "" in addition to "trellis". Noteworthy cases are now automatically displayed with their own print method on the Console as well as on the graph.

  • remove defunct inst/shiny/NormalAndTplot/. It's function is now handled by NTplot(shiny=TRUE)

  • copy scripts/hh2/*.R from the manuscript after correcting page proofs

  • on CRAN 2015-11-08

Version 3.1-22

  • 2015 Oct 21

  • extend ntcolors argument to vector of colornames in NTplot

  • ancovaplot argument col.line is recycled to the number of panels in the plot

  • update HH2 scripts to match changes made while reading page proofs of HH2

  • repair HH version formatBin to get padding digits right and formatDec to honor nsmall

  • give lmplot a main= argument, and force layout=c(2,1) on diagplot5new

  • distributed to class 8121.f15 on 2015-10-21

Version 3.1-21

  • 2015 Aug 23

  • add to DESCRIPTION and NAMESPACE for stats, grDevices

  • on CRAN 2015-08-23

Version 3.1-20

  • 2015 Aug 18

  • revise print.NTplot to match revised grid.table in gridExtra_2.0-0

  • redesign showBin and showHex to use Rmpfr::getPrec() for precision, add showDec

  • add wrapper functions formatDec formatHex formatBin to use Rmpfr::format* functions if they exist and to use HH::show* functions otherwise.

  • add line to DESCRIPTION: Depends: graphics

  • add line to NAMESPACE: import(graphics)

  • repair pch bug in ancova

Version 3.1-19

  • 2015 Jun 10

  • rename functions to showBin and showHex, instead of as.bin and as.hex

  • on CRAN 2015 Jun 12

Version 3.1-18

  • 2015 Jun 05

  • demo(book.plots) removed.

  • add optional ylab argument to F.setup and chisq.setup.

  • minor fixes to make all book examples work smoothly

  • repair pch in ancova() function

Version 3.1-17

  • 2015 May 25

  • simplify help("interaction2wt") to pure R by removing S-Plus options.

  • Add new as.hex and as.bin and related functions. These build on mpfr.

  • NTplot didn't always work when mean1=NA. Now repaired.

  • posted development version to my website because it is ok with R-3.1.2 but not with R-3.2.0 or later.

Version 3.1-16

  • 2015 March 23

  • Add noop versions of hhpng and hhlatex (needed for HH2 script files)

  • panel.bwplot.intermediate.hh: make pch a vector if it isn't, on.exit() instead of manual recovery of trellis.par parameters.

  • adjust residual.plots.lattice scaling.

  • hovBF and hovplotBF: add argument na.rm=TRUE

  • post on my website for use by invitation

Version 3.1-15

  • 2015 February 12

  • prettier y-axes for NTplot(power=TRUE, beta=TRUE, ...)

  • change shiny n-slider for NTplot to new max=150

  • put main label for NTplot(shiny=TRUE) under program control

  • change pixel height of shiny plot from 800px to 600px in NTplot

  • rearrange shiny controls in NTplot

  • revise ?MMC to remove all references to S-Plus

  • improve error message in mmcplot when lmat is missing.

  • adjust behind-the-scenes parameters in NTplot methods

  • new function reorder.trellis

  • redesign rbind.trellis, cbind.trellis, transpose.trellis to cover more cases.

  • add new right.text.cex argument to panel.confintMMC

  • add runApp(system.file(package="HH", "shiny/PopulationPyramid"))

  • changes to panel.intxplot and panel.interaction2wt so they now honor the lattice argument type.

  • adjust CITATION, it no longer needs packageDescription

  • remove HH:::t.trellis and HH:::units.ts. These were needed for S-Plus compatibility only.

  • remove no-longer valid URL from \url{}. keep it as text.

  • register as.numeric.positioned as S3 method

  • add and emphasize mmc(focus="A") example to ?mmc

  • Published on CRAN 2015 February 16

Version 3.1-14

  • 2015 January 8

  • fix typos

  • check with today's R-devel

  • published on CRAN 2015-01-09

Version 3.1-13

  • 2015 January 7

  • change many radioButtons to checkboxGroupInput in NTplot(shiny=TRUE, ...)

  • NTplot(power=TRUE, beta=TRUE, ...) ## improved syntax for power and beta curves

  • more items in demo(NTplot)

  • post on my website for use by invitation

Version 3.1-12

  • 2015 January 4

  • add new right.text.cex argument to likert.formula

  • rename the generic to NTplot from NormalAndT

  • add not-yet functioning NTplot method for power.prop.test and for normalApproxBinomial with two samples.

  • post on my website for use by invitation

Version 3.1-11

  • 2014 December 29

  • additional tuning arguments to internal functions in NormalAndT

  • added normal approximation to binomial to the NormalAndT functions, including shiny app

  • post on my website for use by invitation

Version 3.1-10

  • 2014 December 23

  • change argument name in NormalAndTplot from sd to stderr.

  • document NormalAndT

  • post on my website for use by invitation

Version 3.1-9

  • 2014 December 22

  • Construct a generic function shiny.NormalAndTplot for shiny calls to NormalAndTplot, and then write a newer wrapper NormalAndT with argument shiny=FALSE for standard graphics device and shiny=TRUE for shiny interaction. Methods include htest, NormalAndTplot, power.htest, and default (a list of values).

Version 3.1-8

  • 2014 December 14

  • rename normal.and.t to NormalAndTplot

  • improve shiny ui to NormalAndTplot by placing input controls into tabs

  • posted on CRAN 2014-12-17

Version 3.1-7

  • 2014 December 07

  • add power or beta curve to normal.and.t

  • add normal.and.t.htest

Version 3.1-6

  • 2014 November 28

  • put Confidence Intervals into normal.and.t

  • shiny apps for normal.and.t and for bivariateNormal Density and bivariateNormalScatterplot

  • Add normal.and.t as a lattice-based replacement for normal.and.t.dist

  • add normal.and.t.table to the normal.and.t

  • add bivariateNormalnormal.and.t

  • Add Second edition HH to CITATION

  • repair bug in panel.ancova.superpose

  • adjust hh2 code for proofreading figures in draft copy of Second Edition of book.

  • add lwd and lty arguments to ci.plot

  • interaction2wt: change legend cex always and add separate legend for points when simple=TRUE

  • update scripts/hh2/* to match revision of draft manuscript

  • add display=TRUE argument to WindowsPath

  • add chapternumbers=NULL default argument to HHscriptnames

  • change seqplot.default arguments to: new arg: col.line="gray60", new default: col=trellis.par.get("superpose.symbol")$col, new default: lwd=1

  • remove all if.R() statements from scripts/hh2/tser.R

  • optional strip.left for acf.pacf.plot

  • position control for print.tsacfplots. default to previous settings.

  • change single-item pch from "." to 16

  • remove all references to rts class (not in R, only in S-Plus)

Version 3.1-5

  • 2014 September 12

  • added grid to imports and made other changes needed by R-3.2.0 development version.

  • On CRAN 2014 September 13

Version 3.1-4

  • 2014 September 11

  • New function interval.glm for confidence and prediction intervals for glm objects.

  • add odds and antiodds functions

  • new useOuterStripsT2L1 function, based on latticeExtra::useOuterStrips

  • \tabular{}{} in ancovaplot.Rd

  • add between= argument to ancovaplot

  • change mmc.Rd and other mmc help files to use mmcplot in the examples instead of the older HH:::plot.mmc.multicomp

  • HHscriptnames now takes an edition argument

Version 3.1-3

  • 2014 July 18

  • move First Edition scripts from scripts/xxxx.R to scripts/hh1/xxxx.r in parallel with scripts/hh2/xxxx.R for Second Edition scripts.

  • fix naming bug of reshape2::melt arguments in likert.formula

  • Limited release to colleague

Version 3.1-2

  • 2014 July 15

  • repair sequencing of ar:p,ma:q for two-digit p or q in tsdiagplot.

  • Limited release to colleague

Version 3.1-1

  • 2014 July 09

  • mmc.explain moved to an unexported function

  • Include mmcplot and related functions (lattice replacement for plot.mmc.multicomp and plot.multicomp).

  • unrecommend plot.mmc.multicomp() and plot.multicomp() in favor of mmcplot(). I am not deprecating them now.

  • new hov and OneWayVarPlot

  • new ancovaplot and related functions.

  • unrecommend ancova() in favor of aov() and ancovaplot(). I am not deprecating it now.

  • replace demo("ancova") based on the ancova() with newer version based on ancovaplot().

  • add new demo("appleAncova") with a response, covariate, treatment factor, and blocking factor.

  • merge matrixTrellis functions

  • merge regressionDiagnostics functions

  • merge dicreteUniform functions

  • copy HH second edition files to scripts/hh2

  • Limited release to colleague

Version 3.1-0

  • 2014 July 01

  • Start merging small packages written for the HH second edition into the HH package

  • Include noop versions of hhpdf hhcapture hhcode (needed for HH2 script files)

  • Modify mmc.default to include result$none$glht$focus and result$lmat$glht$focus

  • freeze on 2014-07-03

Version 3.0-5

  • 2014 June 28

  • Adjust ylim in demo(ancova)

  • mmc (multicomp.reverse) warning() changed to cat(). This is informative and does not require user action. It should appear at the place where the function is called.

  • data(R282.y) now used in HH2 instead of data(R282). For the second edition of HH, the dummy variables previously stored in R282 are now generated in the code.

  • demo(betaWeightedAverage) added.

  • added RcmdrPlugin.HH to Suggests:

  • corrected abline in plot.summaryHH.regsubsets

  • repair as.multicomp.glht to force height to be a vector.

  • repair mmc.default to allow estimate.sign to be honored by lmat, and order.contrasts to be honored by lmat and none.

  • give as.multicomp.glht default values for focus and height arguments

  • ancova "main" argument handles label correctly now.

  • new argument "name.prefix" to functions ladder.f and ladder.fstar.

  • repair abind call in plotOddsRatio.base for R. R requires the a= argument, S-Plus acted as if the default was a=0.

  • new plotOddsRatio function based on lattice. New function returns a lattice object. Old plotOddsRatio.base function returns OddsRatio(x, alpha[1]).

  • resave crime.rda with names(dimnames())

  • add jury.rda and oral.rda to data directory

  • new example to objip: {search(); objip()[2:3]}

  • freeze on 2014-07-01

Version 3.0-4

  • 2014 March 10

  • in likert, arguments xlimEqualLeftRight xTickLabelsPositive are now ignored when both at and labels are explicitly specified.

  • the likert paper has been published in the Journal of Statistical Software. See ?likert for the reference.

  • published on CRAN 2014-03-11

Version 3.0-3

  • 2014 February 5

  • correct typo in plot.likert.formula

  • document formula restriction in man/likert.Rd

  • document placing x-axis labels on the top axis for horizontal likert plots

  • make changes to allow y-axis labels on the right axis for vertical likert plots and document it.

  • restore old par.settings at the completion of panel.bwplot.intermediate.hh, remove S-Plus features.

  • new argument width.cutoff in print.mmc.multicomp

  • AElogrelrisk previously depended on the dataset being sorted order(PREF, RAND), but it wasn't documented. logrelrisk had the same dependence and it was documented, but not enforced by the function. Now both AElogrelrisk and logrelrisk do the ordering. The user no longer needs to worry about sort order.

  • revised three demo files for better appearance of the plots.

  • new function panel.bwplot.superpose

  • published on CRAN 16-Feb-2014

Version 3.0-2

  • 2014 January 6

  • add position() to factors in cc176 dataset

  • remove data files in text form and in S-Plus form

  • fix typos in plot.multicomp.Rd mmc.Rd

Still needed

  • Still needed: stop requiring dimnames in as.MatrixList.array (?).

  • MMC rewritten in lattice: mmcplot, mmcmatch, mmcboth. Currently in separate mmcplot package

  • HH2writing: hhpdf,, hhcapture need to be moved to HH as no-ops. Stangle.HH not needed in HH. Currently in separate HH2writing package

  • new panel.bwplot.intermediate

  • verify all scripts from First Edition

Version 3.0-1

  • 2014 January 6

  • direct copy of the unreleased HH_2.3-43

  • The HH package is now at version 3.x-y to support the Second Edition of the HH book, Statistical Analysis and Data Display. All examples from the CRAN HH_2.3-42, and scripts supporting the First Edition, continue to work. New features are added. The package is now supported only for R. Not all S-Plus specific contructions have been removed.

  • ladder: no longer uses panel.cartesian.R and grid.axis.hh.R

  • likert.formula: changes in rightAxis to rowSums are now correct in each panel.

  • Fix up lots of .Rd files where the lines were too long, but not detected by R CMD check.

  • Switch IMPORTS from reshape package to reshape2 package.

Reference manual

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